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Advice from the Fallen
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Advice from the Fallen is the first chapter of Book 2 and the twenty-first chapter of the fanon series, Kyoshi Revolts.


After discovering he is the Avatar, Chen re-awakes to his friends, all of whom try to help Chen recover from his shock. Chen refuses to listen to them, or accept who he is. That night, however, he receives a dream involving some very unlikely people, who tell him of a shocking and terrible upcoming event. Meanwhile, Mitsuki and her armada return to the Capital, and she and her mother contemplate their next move after their loss in the battle. Eventually, Azula decides that she must swallow her pride and do something out of her nature.


The chapter opens with Chen twisting and turning in his bed, his sweat dripping down on to the luxurious pillow supplied by the servants at Kambi's palace. Suddenly, in his dream, Chen sees a beautiful girl with luscious tan skin and long eyelashes. She starts to move up to him, but suddenly she is pushed to the ground by another girl. Chen wakes up, and sees Ray by his bedside, with Momo on her shoulder. Chen sits up, still feeling dizzy. Ray helps him up, and in an instant, Chen remembers all that has happened. Chen asks Ray if the other rebels are safe, to which she tells him to follow her outside. As they walk, they see rebel bodies being carried away on stretchers. Chen asks if he did this, and Ray tells him that because of what he did, the people are alive. Then, Mina, Kaila, Giu, and Kambi all spot Chen and Ray. Mina and Kaila run up to Chen, and hug him tightly, causing Kaila to slightly blush.

Airships take flight

The last of Mitsuki's massive airship armada lands in the Capital

Meanwhile, Mitsuki walks down the ramp from her Royal Jet. Tam Mee and Quanlee quickly squeeze through the crowds of soldiers, and enter Mitsuki's circle, protected by bodyguards. Tam Mee asks Mitsuki if her mother will be mad at her, and Mitsuki merely shrugs it off, and says her mother is far from a blathering idiot who doesn't understand strategy like her grandfather was. Suddenly, all the soldiers bow, as Azula is carried over to Mitsuki via palanquin. Mitsuki quickly bows to her mother, and Azula simply tells her to rise and follow her into the palace, and to bring Tam Mee and Quanlee with her as well. Mitsuki obliges, and the soldiers continue bowing until the four ladies are out of sight, in which they then continue running around and searching for their families.

Back in the Rebel City, Chen sits down with his friends. Mina tries to joke around, telling Chen that ironically, he was the Earthbender, though Chen is not humored at all. Kaila tries to comfort him, though he momentarily swats her away. Chen then tells his friends that he is too overwhelmed, and that he doesn't want to live the life of an Avatar. Giu responds by telling him life is merely a game, though Chen screams at him that "millions of lives aren't parts of a game!" Ray asks him if he would like her to heal his wounds, as she did with Mina and Kaila, though Chen bitterly tells her he doesn't care. Momo tries to lick him, but Chen pushes him away. Kaila grabs Momo and snuggles him, while Mina wraps a blanket around Chen. She asks him if he'd like some hot tea, but he replies with a blunt "No." Kaila, a bit annoyed, tells Chen if he doesn't face his stress, it'll kill him inside. Chen then growls and runs away.

In the palace, Azula, Mitsuki, Mai, Ty Lee, Tam Mee, Quanlee, and Z.Z. all gather for an emergency meeting. Azula displays her anger at the loss of the battle. Mitsuki apologizes, but Azula tells her it's not her fault, that the procedure she took was very wise, and that she (Azula) was very impressed with how she (Mitsuki) was able to combat Chen while in the Avatar Sate. Mitsuki smirks, and thanks her mother. Azula then asks Z.Z. the cost of the damage, in which Z.Z. replies they lost 1.2 million gold coins in damage, and Mai bluntly says that "That sucks". Tam Mee then happily says that Mitsuki has a back-up plan, in which Ty Lee also happily tells Azula that as she said, "everything is going to be super!" Azula then asks her advisers to give her and Mitsuki some time to talk alone, in which they all get up, with Quanlee remarking how stiff the seats were. Azula asks Mitsuki what her back-up plan is, and Mitsuki then states there are two plans (the scene then ends).

Back in the palace, with Chen in his room (as far as they know), Kambi tells the team that he worries about Chen. Mina asks why, and Kambi tells them that even in the Avatar State, he still has limited power. Kaila asks why that is, and Kambi states that Chen's connection to his past lives have really dampened. Giu asks how he can fix that, and Kambi says he must contact his past lives. Ray asks how he'll do that, and Kambi shrugs, saying he has no idea. Mina also adds in that Chen is still pretty weak. Kaila says that there is no rush, as he doesn't have to beat Sozin's Comet in time, like Avatar Aang had to. Kambi says he's not sure about that, as he senses something terrible is on the horizon. Chen, who was eavesdropping on the whole conversation, retreats to his room. He locks the door, and plops onto his bed, smashing his pillow into the wall. He then sees a knife in the corner. Without thinking, Chen walks over, picks up the knife, and brings it to his throat.

Suddenly, Chen realizes what he is doing, and drops the knife, terrified of what he nearly did. He then climbs slowly into his bed, and falls into a deep sleep. In his dream, he finds himself in the sky, on a cloud. Then in a burst of light, Chen sees someone that brings the life right back into his heart: his father, Yin Lee. Chen goes over to hug his father, but his arms go right through him. Yin Lee grabs Chen's shoulders, and tells him he is happy to see Chen again. Chen asks what's going on, and Yin Lee tells him that someone needs to talk to him. In the distance, Chen sees a flying bison flying toward him. Without warning, Yin Lee disappears, and is replaced by a bison carrying six people. Meanwhile, Azula walks into the Fire Nation Capital prison. The guards let her in, and Azula walks over to her uncle's old cell, now the cell of General Yi. Yi walks over to the bars, and asks Azula what she is doing here. Azula simply responds with "Plan 1".

Lightning deteriorates

The figures of the members of Team Avatar begin to form

In the skies, Chen identifies the six people, the members of Team Avatar. Avatar Aang jumps from the bison, and walks up to Chen. Chen is at first lost for words, and can only bow to the ground instantly. Avatar Aang laughs, and lifts him up. Chen studders, and finally, he asks them what they are doing here. Katara tells him they need to talk to him. Back in the Capital prison, Azula tells Yi that she has a proposition for him: If he captures and kills the kids, she'll reinstate him. Yi at first says that he will not do it unless she reinstates him, and walks away. Azula is at first infuriated, but then smirks, and tells him that she'll just be going on her way then, and starts walking away. Tricked by the charade, Yi begs her to return, and says he'll take up her offer. Azula then smiles evilly. Back in the sky, Chen is greeted by each member of the team, and is as well licked by Appa's transparent tongue.

Chen asks Aang what he must know, and Aang tells him that as the Avatar, it is his and his friends' jobs to finish what they (Team Avatar) weren't able to. Chen asks them what he can do, other than help protect the Rebel City. Aang tells him that he is to free the entire world. Chen is baffled by this, and says he just can't. Aang tells him that he knows Chen can do it. Chen asks Aang what there is to save, and Aang tells him million of lives. Chen asks how that's possible, and Aang tells him that Azula is planning to do the unthinkable: create a gate to the Spirit World, and conquer it. Chen's eyes widen. Aang then tells him it is his destiny to learn the elements and defeat the Fire Nation government. Chen asks how he'll learn Airbending, and Aang tells him that that will be covered in another visit. Aang then wishes Chen good luck, and says goodbye. Suddenly Chen wakes up to all his friends. By his bedside. Chen then smiles, and asks Ray when she can teach him Waterbending, leaving Mina, Kaila, Ray, Giu, and Kambi gleaming happily.


  • The chapter was originally called "Advice from the Dead", though Waterkai wanted the name changed due to the title reminding him of a horror movie title.
  • Having Mitsuki say that Ozai is a blathering idiot is a humorous pun to the fact that throughout his reign, Azula was always the one who had the good ideas, while Ozai didn't really think much things through, and basically fed off of his daughter's intelligence.

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