By IHeartAvatars Part of the Adventures of Li Hua continuity.

This page contains all the major and some minor characters in the fanon series, Adventures of Li Hua, written by IHeartAvatars.

Li Hua Fuyu Chae

Li Hua is 16 year old girl who is brave, outgoing, and stubborn. Also, she is a waterbender who loves to show off. She is a rabid thinker and always thinking to herself.


She has dark blue eyes, a light skin tone, rosey lips, and she is 5'4. Her hairstyle is full on bangs with low pigtails.


Jiha is a 15 year old girl who is Li Hua's best friend. They have been best friends since they were young. They are learning waterbending together.


She has long flowing medium brown hair. Light, almond shaped blue eyes with long eyelashes. Smooth cherry blossom pink lips and a beautiful heart shaped face.


Jiro is one of Li Hua's love interests.


Resembles Jet from ATLA.


Akako is the leader of the Beautiful A's.


Ame is a follower of Akako (Member of the Beautiful A's).


Anka is a follower of Akako (Member of the Beautiful A's).


Binh likes Jiha. He is an Air Nomad and knows Airbending.

Cheung Shiga

Cheung is one of Li Hua's love interests. He is a charmer and is very sweet. He also have a lot of confidence. Cheung is a part of Earth Kingdom.


He has piecey brown hair, light green, and toned body. 5'10 in height. His clothes are a traditional earthbender outfit.


Jiha's escort at the beginning. He later falls for her and they begin dating. (Jiha's love interest).


Cheungs father. He is an earthbender. His father is a waterbender. He seeks power and will do what it takes to get it.


Kwan is one of the popular jocks and the cutest at Dryden High. He's rich and does what he pleases. He's faithful in relationships but keeps secrets. He's biggest worry is that someone would find out the secret he's been holding.

Appearance Edit

He has short-like dark brown hair that's spiked to perfection. He has slight dimples, ice blue eyes, and a perfect white smile. He is also very masculine with modelesque features.

Minor characters

Miss Lee

She is the teacher of Jiha and Li Hua. She teaches at Dryden High

Mrs. Haya Mao

She is the office secretary and helps the students a lot on campus.

Mr. Pho

He's the handsome teacher that works at Dryden High. He's undoubtedly into art and gets flirted with commonly by female teachers at the school. He's really laid back and often is found lounging around his class room. He is also extremely understanding, making him a smash hit with the students.

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