Patola Mountains
Adventure Is Out There
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Darksome Knights


Book 1: After the Battle, Before the War



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October 7, 2011

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Emerald Tears

Adventure Is Out There is the fifth chapter of the Darksome Knights: Resurrection and the fifth chapter of "Book 1: After the Battle, Before the War".


The icy wind bit into his skin as he dangled from the side of the mountain. His gloved hands gripped his pickax, his lifeline to the mountain. He grabbed onto a ledge and pulled himself up. Panting, he rolled onto his stomach and stared at the open mouth of a cave.

What's in here? he asked himself. He pulled out his wand and whispered "Lumos!" He wandered further into the cave.

The icy tunnel had deep gashes in the walls. Newt's mind started to wander toward local myths about the vicious creatures that lived in caves like these. Shivering from the cold, or maybe his own fear, he paused for a few seconds.

Pull yourself together, Newt. He slapped himself once in the face. Okay, bad idea.

A frigid gust of wind blew through. Newt lifted his arm to shield him from the blast. As he lowered it, he heard a small tinkling sound. He turned and carefully walked to the back of the cave.

Hanging from a small outcropping in the ice was a thin black cord. Dangling from it was a simple metal charm. It was shaped like three pale blue spirals swirling in onto each other.

What an interesting trinket this is. Newt thought to himself. Another rush of cold wind blew into the tunnel. He shoved the necklace into his pocket and grabbed his pickax. The sun was starting to set.

He wanted off this accursed mountain by nightfall.

The Village

As Newt wlked into the small village of Bingmo, his partner, Leo, ran up to him.

"About time, you showed up." Leo said, sullenly.

"Good to see you too." Newt replied, smiling.

"Did you find what you were looking for?" Leo asked.


"So this whole thing was a complete waste of-"

"But I did find this." Newt held out the charm. Leo took it and examined it. Newt saw a small light appear in his eyes.

"Didn't we see something like this in Ireland?" Leo asked.

Newt took it and put it back in his pocket. "I don't think so."

"Whatever." Leo started to walk away. "Let's just head back home."

"Why are you so keen to head back to England?"

Leo looked back. "I've had enough adventure to last multiple lifetimes." He continued to walk away. "I'm done."

As soon as Leo was out of his view, Newt threw the charm to the beaten earth and stomped off in the opposite direction. Later, Leo passed by the same spot and picked up the charm.

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