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The Warped Unknown


Book 1: Bugs



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The Portal

Talking: Aang and Katara

Aang slowly opened his eyes to find Katara staring over him.


"It's okay Aang, you're safe now."

"Wha... What happened?"

"I found you passed out in the middle of the market, everything around you was destroyed."

"There were aliens..."


"Aliens... big ones too."

"They had these huge blaster pistols..."

"That explains why you have that huge wound on your shoulder."

"Yeah... they hit me pretty hard."

"Alright, that means you should get some rest."


Katara left the room, and headed to get paper and a quill. Once she had them she sat down and wrote urgent letters to Sokka, Toph, and Zuko explaining Aang's plight, and how he was injured. She requested their presence as soon as possible, for she feared the malevolent creatures would return and attempt to wreak havoc on Ba Sing Se. Later that day, she mailed them off.

Speaking: Bristaljos

"Sir, all five sentry life signals are offline. Should we check the Tar Pits for their bodies?"

"No, checking the Tar Pits is a waste of time, I want every engineer we have on that portal NOW!"

"Yes sir."

"All available units, please report to the portal room to be briefed."

Speaking: Katara, Toph, Sokka, Zuko

"Sokka Great to see you!"

"You too!"

"Still looking sharp Toph!"


"How are things Zuko?"

"Doing great."

They all sat down at the table and Katara started the conversation.

"As you all know, I have brought you here because Aang was roughed up by what he claims were aliens."

Sokka: "You sure those "aliens" didn't hit him on the head?"

Toph and Sokka laughed as Katara glared at them. Once the laughter died down, Katara continued.

Zuko: "I agree with Sokka, aliens? Really? It seems kind of absurd to me."

Katara: "Even if they weren't aliens, Aang is seriously injured and can't get out of bed, which is why you're here."

Toph: "So we get to be like his protectors?"

Katara: "Not exactly, you're here to take Aang's place as peacekeepers while I heal him."

Zuko: "How long will Aang be out injured?"

Katara: "Depends really, but with my healing abilities, he should heal clean in two days."

Sokka: "What happens if these "aliens" come back?"

Katara: "Then God help us."

Speaking: Bristaljos

"Sir, we have increased the portals maximum payload and its size."

"Give it to me in size."

"About 10 heavy armor troops and a light infantry vehicle."

"Excellent. Prepare the next strike force, and continue upgrading the portal."

"Yes sir."

"This world will soon fall..."

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