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Advanced elements are elements that are created by the basic elements. Some elements are exclusively created by the Avatar, because these are combinations of basic elements.


  • Heatbending: Heatbending was created by Avatar Lineok. He uses it only in Avatar State because it is very hard to control. It consists in controlling the body internal heat, making an effect similar to Bloodbending. Avatar Lineok used it to control the heat of one arm and force it to move. The victim will have insupportable pain. Avatar Lineok only uses it when he is angered or he is in danger of death. Users of this Technique: Avatar State Lineok.
  • Suicide bomb: Avatar Lineok created a powerful suicide technique, powerful enough to make the effect similar to disintegration. Users of this Technique: Avatar Lineok.


  • Sodiumbending: Consists in controlling the body internal sodium to collide with water. This can only be done by an Avatar with an advanced knowledge of metalbending. This produces the instantly internal burning of the victim. This was created by Avatar Potum, who had travelled to the ancient Wan Shi Tong's Library and discovered the existence of sodium and what happens when you collide it with water. Users of This Technique: Avatar Potum and Avatar State Lineok
  • Self-Bloodbending: Consists in controlling your own body with bloodbending. A very hard technique, this was created by Avatar Potum in his moment previous to his death. In his final battle, his spinal column broke, causing him to create this technique to defeating his enemy. The injury lead the way to his death because internal hemorrhaging. Users of This Technique: Avatar Potum, Avatar State Lineok.


  • Highly Purified Metal-Bending: This was created by Avatar Calapis. The only way to do this is to have an extremely advanced knowledge of metalbending and the Avatar State. Users of This Technique: Avatar Calapis, and Avatar State Lineok.


  • Aetherbending: This is the hardest and most advanced sub-bending that an Avatar could be created. It is the combination of all basic elements and Energybending. Aether is pure energy, a powerful energy that exist in all the basic elements. The control of it means the full control of Air (Avatar Ultima could perfectly fly in the air), water, earth, and fire. Avatar Ultima used it to bloodbend a full army while in the Avatar State, to fully control air to the point he could fly, to fully control earth to the point of controlling Fully Purified Metal, and enough power to force a Firebender to make a Suicide Bomb. Aetherbending can be used to absorb others life energy. Avatar Ultima lived 540 years because of this. He died because he's base life energy was disappearing and his Aetherbending just vanished. Users of this Bending: Avatar Ultima, And Avatar State Lineok.

Mixed Bendings

  • Bending Mastery: The requeriment for the most mixed bendings, To use it you need to control al basic elements with a par element, For example, Control water with airbending(Water contains Oxygen), control Earth with Firebending(Earth contains Heat, Heat can also be bended). Users of this Technique: Avatar Ultima And Avatar Lineok.
  • Bending Disintegration: When an Avatar get Bending Mastery, The Avatar understand that all elements are made of other elements, Based on that information, The Avatar can easily destroy any Water/Air/Fire/Earth attack. Users of this technique: Avatar Ultima And Avatar Lineok
  • Gravitybending: One of the most vastly powerful advanced bending styles. Gravity control is used by Avatar Lineok, Gravity is just an electromagnetical force, maded of Purified Lightning. Users of this Technique: Avatar Lineok.

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