By AvatarfanSLO Part of the Avatar: The Legend of Aang: The Red Revolt continuity.
Commander Zhao
Admiral Shinzou (tRR)
Biographical information

Fire Nation

Birth place

Southern Fire Nation

  • Was Na Si (formerly)
  • Currently unknown



55 AG

Physical description


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Bending style(s)



Former Fire Lord Ozai, Red Revolt members, Isho, Long Feng, Azula


Avatar Aang, Hokai, Katara, Sokka, Fire Lord Zuko, Iroh, Kuei

Chronological and political information
  • Fire Nation Admiral
  • Politician
  • Red Revolt Leader
  • Fire Nation Royal Navy
  • Red Revolt
Admiral Shinzou was a former Fire Nation Admiral and the Leader of the Red Revolt, an organization of Fire Nation Generals and Admirals against the new Fire Lord, Zuko.


Admiral Shinzou was born in the Southern Fire Nation in 55 AG. At a young age he showed signs of being capable of Firebending. Not much time passed and he became a Firebending prodigy. He was interested in military so he joined the Fire Nation Royal Navy, where he met the son of the Fire Lord, Ozai. He became a great admirer of the Fire Lord's son, showing his loyalty in every way possible.

After finishing his training he was put aboard a Fire Nation Cruiser as a lower ranking officer. Ge quickly got the rank of Captain for his bravery in battle and the rank of Commander at the age of 30. After serving on a ship he became a member of the Fire Nation Navy High Staff. After several years of service he was promoted to the rank of Admiral.

When Ozai became Fire Lord, Admiral Shinzou became an even greater admirer of him. To show his loyalty to the new Fire Lord he ordered several genocides of Earthbenders in the colonies and occupied territories, assuring countless victories for the Fire Nation.

When the war ended Admiral Shinzou was stationed in the Fire Nation Colonies. When he found out about the deposal of the Fire Lord, Ozai, and the coronation of his son, Zuko, he became angry and frustrated and wanted revenge. He brought together several Fire Nation Generals and Admirals, that were still loyal to Ozai and started a revolt. The loyalty to Ozai changed when they found out that he lost his Bending powers, when Avatar Aang took them from him. He and the other Generals decided, that they would form a dictatorship, with Admiral Shinzou in charge.

Admiral Shinzou resided in Was Na Si until the battle with Fire Nation forces, when the town was liberated from Red Revolt rule. He managed to escape with the help of Isho, a traitor to the Fire Nation.

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