By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe II continuity.
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Ch.10: Tennessee Kid PT2

Adjula is a mutated canine that was escorted and brought into the S.C.P. At first, he appears to be just a normal green dog, but he's anything but normal. He used to be though back in his own world until Plague came in and tested his many viruses on it, thus making Adjula not only change color but also given him a horrifying second "Mouth" that splits his neck and head when open. He oddly looks over to Plague as master, despite it being Plague's fault that he became this way in the first place.

Avatar: New Universe II

Arc 1

Adjula first appears with Smile Dog and Ghost when they go to Tennessee's time and confront Toothpick to find Toph. He tries to keep calm but cowers a bit when he saw Toothpick ready to shoot at them. He got even more freaked when Toothpick got into a shooting frenzy, yet when Toph and Tennessee fall in, he thanks Toothpick, grabs Toph, and runs out before things go wrong.

Right before they can send her off, Pyramid Head shows up and ruins everything. He quickly bolts off back to the foundation before he can do anything to him.

Arc 3

Adjula shows up again with Feral, Glaze, Smile Dog and Ghost for the first tests.

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