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Kumaro, Aang, Katara, Juna, Kato, Iroh, Wei, Toph, Saif, Aknur, Pallav, Kun, Ila, Hari, Haruka, Lo Gan, Rin, Kavi


Bharato, Sho, Phoenix Estates

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Chapter II:The Northern Air Temple

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Aditi was the 14 year old daughter of Aang and Katara. She lived at the Northern Air Temple. When Kumaro came to the Northern Air Temple, she quickly became good friends with him. She saved Kumaro's life when he accidentally destroyed his glider and almost got himself killed.

She then started to travel the world with Kumaro to investigate the Phoenix Estates. She made it her duty to alert the world of the Phoenix Estates plans for war. She Traveled to the Western Air Temple along with Kumaro, where they discovered that the Air Nomads were secretly alive. Later, she fought along with Kumaro against Bharato, and helped destroy a Phoenix Estates airship.

She then traveled with Kumaro to Ba Sing Se, where she met Kumaro's great uncle, Iroh, and his employee, Wei. When there, she and Kumaro told the Earth King about the Phoenix Estates. She then fought with Kumaro and the rest of the Earth Kingdom to retake the Northern Mountains in the Battle for the Northern Mountains. Later, she fought in the Battle for the Seedy Pier by fighting in the street and pushing to the shore. Later she and Kumaro comforted Bharato, and she was shot with lightning. Luckily, her staff absorbed most of the attack.

Later, after healing, she traveled to the North Pole with Kumaro, Wei, Hari, and Haruka. After a battle resulted in Kumaro's capture, she attempted to rescue him with her friends. Later, she stayed at the Northern Water Tribe for some time to rebuild after it took damage in the Battle over the North. She briefly argued with Kumaro about whether to stay to rebuild, or to go to the Fire Nation. She eventually agreed to what Kumaro had to say, and then went to get Wei, Hari and Haruka, while Kumaro continued to pack. She first found Wei, and a while later, Hari and Haruka. Later, she found out that Lo Gan and Rin were coming with them to aid in the war effort.

When the group rested at the Northern Air Temple, she discovered her mother was pregnant. Later, she told her father about her near death experience, and how it had changed her. The group then went to Ember Island, where they met up with the fleeing forces of the Fire Nation. Later, after taking part in a mission to rescue a Fire Nation governess, she had to travel east to avoid the Phoenix Estates like the rest of her allies. While on an island further east, she trained several glider pilots along with Kumaro. Later, she saved Kumaro from Bharato in the Battle for the Fire Nation, by preventing Bharato from hitting his glider. Later, she helped the Fire Nation retake Ember Island. Afterwards, she fought in the landing in the South, and took part in the charge on the beaches. She also went to Obas to assist in the fighting there. She later went into a Fire Nation town the Phoenix Estates had conquered, and when Kumaro was captured, she broke him out. She also fought in an attack on a Phoenix Estates fort, and later lead several gliders to the aid of her friends when they were attacked by the Rough Rhinos.

She was also in the group of people who scouted ahead into the Fire Nation jungle. There, she and he companions encountered a tribe that had been living in fear of a giant snake. She was also one of the benders who had chased Bharato out of Nov Sol. After the Battle for Aggni, she travelled to Ba Sing Se. On the way, she returned to the Western Air Temple, where she and Kumaro saw their friend Kato again. Once inBa Sing Se, she fought alongside Kumaro against Mainyu, and because of her, Mainyu was defeated, but not killed.


Aditi is much more aggressive, and willing to fight then most Airbenders, a trait her father doesn't like. However, that changed when Bharato shot her with lightning, and she realized the pain she put others through when she harmed them.

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