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"Disobey me, or anyone else better than you brats for that matter.......I won't kill you. Instead I'll do something to you children so horrible not even the Supreme Fire Lord would do, something that will kill you inside, permanently!"
— Adgul making an ambiguous, but frightening, threat to his prisoners.
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The Supreme Realm

Adgul is the Warden of the Fire Nation's best detention facility. He's a cruel, cold, uncaring man who only cares about money and power. His many physiological problems are evident to anyone who meets him, though it is the problems that, in essence, gave him all the power he currently has.



At a young age, Adgul was diagnosed with mild schizophrenia. The only thing that prevented his life from crumbling apart was a very loving, caring mother, the only person Adgul ever was said to have cared about. After her sudden death, Adgul grew deeply depressed. To forget about his troubles, he threw himself into a life of just work and service, burying himself in his law and political studies, destroying his social life. This inevitably sprouted as an advantage, as Adgul's work earned him a position as Captain of the Fire Nation's airborne army, where he was successful in ceasing many rebellions by capturing the other men's wives and holding them hostage, causing the men to surrender. This earned him the attention of Supreme Fire Lord Azula, who became impressed with his precise and tyrannic ability to lead.

Appointment to Warden

After Princess Mitsuki suggested a detention facility be built to decrease the rebellions made by younger citizens of the Fire Nation, Azula promoted Adgul to be the facility's warden. Adgul did not seem to care over the position, but when asked if he didn't want to do it, he screamed, yelled, and threatened the man who asked him, saying, "I love kids!!! You should know that!!". On the first day the facility was opened, Adgul gave a creepy, dark speech to the facility's "students". The speech, though ambiguous, frightened the people greatly. Throughout all his time as warden, Adgul kept the facility in order, as not a soul would try to even do something behind his back. He made the prisoners do cruel and unusual tasks, such as cleaning the facility's floors with their hair.

Meeting Mina

Though seen briefly, Adgul played a big part in Mina's time at the facility. He enjoyed berating Mina and Kaila, knowing they were helpless, though Kaila finally decided she stand up to Adgul. Just before she could, however, two guards transported Mina and Kaila out of the prison, as they had been freed due to their age. It is unknown what would have happened to Kaila if she had stood up to Adgul in such a way.


A complex man at best, Adgul has been described by some as insane, frightening, and inhumane. His feelings vary each day, as to an extent where doctors have suggested that Adgul may suffer from bipolar syndrome, though Adgul's stubborn, charismatic nature will not let him accept that he has such a disorder. He, however, has been confirmed to have mild schizophrenia, as he would regularly tell his mother that his stuffed animals, "would 'dance' at him". After his mother died, Adgul sheltered himself from society, hurting any bit of human qualities he had left.

His bizarre military tactics caught the attention of Azula, as she was fascinated by Adgul's shattered, yet somehow manageable, psyche. After being appointed Warden of the Detention Facility, Adgul's lackeys described him as having no expression, just an empty face. Adgul did accept, however, saying he "loved children". This claim was disproven however, as he treated the children terribly, threatening them with ambiguous, yet horrifying threats that could straighten up the worst rebels.

Adgul has been shown to have lost any soft side he once had when his mother was alive, and perhaps the nicest things he's done was letting Kaila and Mina leave the facility alive.

Behind the Scenes

Adgul is very much based on many of the genius sociopaths in history who suffer from certain disorders, mainly psychological disorders, as the writer is fascinated by such complexities.

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