Adenah (Avatar Adenah, Book 1)
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21 June, 2012

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Prologue: Adenah

Hall of the Avatars

In the Southern Air Temple stands the hall of the Avatars.
Avatars past stand immortalized in stone, looking out over the sombre stone cavern, eyes staring straight ahead unseeing.
  One of the more recent statues is of a woman, clad in firenation robes, hands clasped loosely in front, hair brushed back from a face which, though made of stone, seems alive.  A smile plays round a pair of small yet full lips and a pair of eyes seem to dance with laughter.
  On the pedestal on which the statue stands is engraved in flowing script: Avatar Adenah, Firenation.
    All the Avatar's lives have stories to tell but this is her story.  This is the story of Avatar Adenah.

An Avatar is Born

       It was winter.  A cold, sharp wind flew across the ground tossing flurries of snow into the air before letting it fall once more.  Few people were out, most sticking to the shelter of their houses, safe from the icy hand of a winter night.  One of the few people out braving the freezing weather was a man who was wisely wrapped up tightly in several layers of clothing, a large hat hiding most of his face.
    He was bent down against the wind, walking quickly, practically running, as he staggered through the deep snow.  The man suddenly turned and hurried up several ice-covered steps which led to the door of a house, almost slipping back down onto the road.  The man urgently pounded on the door, his thick gloves muffling most of the sound.
  There was a moment's relative silence then the door was yanked open, spilling light out onto the forlorn, dark street.  The man darted in through the door, pulling off his coat, gloves and hat and kicking off his wet leather shoes.  He automatically muttered a thank-you as one of his servants helped him to take off his outer garments before he twisted around on the spot and made for the stairs.
  Now that the man had taken off his hat it could be seen that he had close-cropped black hair and intense brown eyes set off by a pair of dark eyebrows.  He had a strong-jaw line that gave him a rather stern look when he wasn't smiling and a slightly over-sized nose but despite that, he was quite handsome and had a proud, confident bearing that suggested someone who knew how to handle himself.  He was the most wealthy person in the town, and before that, one of the commanders in the Fire Lord's army; he had worked hard to get to where he was now.
  The broad-shouldered man hurried along the upper hallway until he reached a door, located at the end of the corridor; soft, yellow light filtered out comfortingly from the gaps around it, a marked contrast to the bitter cold outside.
  Slowing, the man gently opened the door then stopped as it swung noiselessly open the whole away, a smile slowly spreading across his face.   The room was fairly simple but clearly belonged to someone who was well-off, several pictures adorned the walls of various landscapes in spring and summer, there were two tables located on either side of the room, two women were currently stood at one washing their hands in a steaming bowl of water and whispering to one another in hushed tones.  In the centre, against the wall was stood a bed; in the bed lay another woman; though she was smiling she looked exhausted and pale but two bright spots of colour where visible on her cheeks despite that.
  As the man slowly walked over to her and sank down next to her on the bed she displayed a bundle, clasped between her arms which, as she moved, wriggled and whimpered.  The man leaned forward and his smile widened as a wrinkled, screwed-up and bright red face peered out at him from within the folds of cloth.
  'Another girl,' said his wife softly, gently running a finger through the baby's still-damp black hair, her tone of voice proud.
   'She's lovely,' said the man, taking his daughter into his arms and rocking her gently.
  He twisted around slightly as the door leading into the room slowly opened again.  Two children were stood there, blinking in the sudden light of the room and looking a little sheepish.
    'Shouldn't you be in bed?' asked their mother sinking back against her pillows and smiling slightly at her two other children, but her tone of voice and expression told the two children she wasn't annoyed.  She gestured for them both to come forward, 'Come and meet your new sister.'
  Both children hurried over to their father and peered at the bundle with obvious fascination, 'Why's she so red?' asked the eldest, a pretty girl of five with a head of curly black hair.
  The father sighed and explained, 'All babies are like that when they are first born.'
  The girl wrinkled up her nose a little, 'Even me?'
  'Even you,' he grinned.
  The boy, a young toddler of only one, scrambled awkwardly up onto the bed as only children of that age can before crawling over to his father's knee and examining his new sister with interest.
  'So what do you think of her then?' asked his father angling the baby so his son could see better.
  The toddler frowned with concentration before replying, 'Boring,' in a firm, decisive tone.
  'Trust me,' said his mother looking amused, 'You won't be saying that in a few months.'
  'What's her name?' asked the girl belligerently, breaking into the conversation.
  Husband and wife exchanged a long glance before the former turned his eyes back to the baby, 'Her name,' began the father gazing at the newborn baby, 'is Adenah.'
  As he held her in his arms that night he wondered what her future would hold, and what she would become.

Author's Note

This is my first Avatar fanon, and I hope it'll be "okayish" at least, please leave a review and tell me what you think.

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