By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe continuity.
Adar Flam
Adar Flam
Biographical information

The Flame Bird

Birth place

Hidden Lands

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60 feet



Skin color


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Chronological and political information

Colossi (banished)

First appearance

Left Out

Adar Flam is a large flightless bird colossi that Zuko ends up coming across. Unlike any colossi before, poor Adar Flam was banished by Yveltal for his poor performance as a guardian, similar to Zuko's banishment. In his rage and despair, he turned his once lush forest into ash, leaving just burnt stalks of trees and a deep lake. He isn't able to do anything involving fire but his wings illuminate a red fiery like material. This banishment made things worse since Yveltal didn't bother to name him.

He first appears right behind Zuko as he was passing through. He almost immediately challenges Zuko to a fight, thinking, like Zuko thought of fighting Aang, would restore Adar Flam's honor as a good guardian. The fight went on for a while, him actually gaining strength by Zuko's flames. He at one point thought he had ended Zuko by knocking him into the lake. He was about to go when Zuko suddenly knocks him over somehow, making him now pinned. He got very scared for his own life. But when he was let go he still felt despair for failing again. However he felt a lot better when Zuko decides to name him himself, giving him the name Adar Flam. As a thank you, he gives him a chakra orb and allows him to pass through.

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