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In a nutshell, Adaptive Bending is the learned ability to adapt to any bending technique. In doing so, you can easily deflect or absorb an enemy attack using your own bending abilities.

Common techniques of training

The most common technique is for a young bender to train in the martial arts of other benders, such as a Waterbender training in Earthbending martial arts to learn how to ground themself similar to an Earthbender and vice versa.

In this manner, benders can develop the strength and power of an Earthbender while being fluid and dynamic like a Waterbender, become as hot tempered as a Firebender while being light and fast like an Airbender.

Masters in Adaptive Bending are extremely powerful in their own bending and try mimic the visible appearance of another bending arts to strengthen and refine their own bending.

Known Adaptive Benders:

General Iroh: He observed Waterbending techniques to develop a technique to redirect lightning.

Zuko: He studied his uncle's technique to learn to redirect lightning.

Aang: Being the Avatar, Aang developed a truly eclectic combat style combining the basic elements of air, water, earth, and fire into one system.

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