By Gingalover Part of the Book Six: Shadow continuity.
Crystal Catacombs
Ruins of Accuro
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Earth Kingdom

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Ep.9: Symbiotic Relations

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Map of Earth
The Ruins of Accuro is an underground city located within the Earth Kingdom, abandoned for thousands of years. The area was once populated by a race of presumably extinct humans and guarded by the Voronon Katayt and Koyot.


Many years before the Avatar, Accuro was once a thriving city populated by a race of humans that once existed many years ago. However, it soon became an emergency civilization while the race was being wiped out by the other four nations and soon became Katayt and Koyot's place for suspended animation. When the race became fully extinct, Accuro was forgotten about in Earth's history, left to rot.

It remained unknown to the world until Korra and Ziyou both were assigned to go after Katayt and Koyot within the ruins. The battle took place within the city's plaza, which was nearly the resting place for the current Avatar when Korra and Ziyou were trapped within the ruins, until Korra's team came in, and rescued her and Ziyou. Katayt and Koyot's souls passed on within the city soon afterwards.

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