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Republic City Noir

Written by



Iluvcinderella/Ardiane Redj Facundo (Real Name)

Release date

12 December, 2013


It was cold in Republic City. Snow was falling. Normally, snow is fun for a Waterbender. But not for me. Not today, at least. I shivered and pulled the hood of my red cape up over my head. My work, my disgusting 'work', was finished. Just keep walking, SuJin, I said to myself.

At one in the morning, I was walking to my house. It was a little cottage, close to the Republic City Memorial Hospital, where my husband was a top doctor. You'd think it would be in a good neighborhood, being near a hospital and all, but it was surrounded by shady figures. They eyed me curiously tonight, but I didn't care.

I was quiet as I turned the door knob. I didn't know if anyone was even home. I desperately hoped that my kids weren't home. They didn't need to see me after my walk of shame. Drat, I thought. I was locked out. Again. It seemed like just last week I had a new key made. They just kept disappearing.

I picked up a handful of snow and let it melt in the heat of my palms. I used the little puddle of water to make a water blade and sliced the lock from the door. So much for quiet, I thought. I pushed the door open and stepped inside. I was momentarily blinded when I turned on the light. It left me disoriented. I fumbled around the house, trying unsuccessfully to grasp onto something. Slow down, SuJin, I thought, Stand still. Things will start making sense again when you aren't dizzy.

The room became clear in little spurts. First, I saw a single scrap of carpet. Then, a window. Then, the heater became clear. Then, I realized that the room was completely empty. No tables or chairs or couches or bookcases. Nothing. No wonder I couldn't clutch onto anything.

"Cal?" a woman's voice called from the doorway. "You're not supposed to be here! You have to go back!" "Who's Cal?" I asked. My voice sounded creaky. Like I was aged rather than my twenties.

"Cal! Stop it! You're being crazy again! You said you were going to stop! I have to take you back!"

"Who are you?" I asked.

"Cal? Wait. Who are you?"

"My name is SuJin. I'm a Waterbender from the Southern Water Tribe. I'm twenty six years old. Why does my voice sound weird?" I asked the obviously delusional woman.

"You aren't a bender. You're Fire Nation. You were born in Caldera City. You're seventy eight. Your name is Acala."

"Not true. I just used Waterbending to cut the doorknob off. A club from the SuJin Swordshop down the street."

"Cal, you used a club. You dropped it outside in the snow." The woman said stepping into the building.

"This isn't necessary, Amara. We'll take care of your grandmother," a man said from the entrance.

"I can take care of her," the woman insisted. The man snorted. "This is the third time she's done this in the past month. She needs to come with us to the mental ward."

"You police officers are just bullies. You want to take her away from me. Is it because I'm poor? Because I am ill? Is it because I don't have a fancy job?" She asked.

"No, Amara. It is because you are not a bender."


I wanna thank Steph32597s for sending to me your wonderful entry. You're a great help in filling up my collection of noir fan fictions. :)

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