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Acacia is a phsycic airbender. She is the one of the main characters of the Fanon Trilogy Born This Way by ExplosionsHurtPeople

Preview: She is not the same... She does not see the way others see... She has no family. Meet Acacia, the definition of outcast. At age 14 her story begins, in the Southern Air Temple where she is the only female to get accepted into an ALL MALE monastery. She has a difficult past and feels that airbending is the only way to forget it.


Controlling the element of Air.

Sensing death days before it happens.

Sensing negative energy in the body.

Predicting future events.

Communicating with the deceased.

Singing traditional music of the Air Nomads.


She is strikingly beautiful. She always honors the dress code of the monastery, girls are expected to wear all white. Her hair is always tidy and combed to the left and when airbending it is tied in a tight bun. She has no arrow tattoo so she has no need to shave her forehead yet. She is rather small and has wide green-gray eyes.


.She has a deep passion for her religion.

She is always very polite to others and loves to laugh, however she has trouble finding things to laugh about.

She is not afraid to stand up for her beliefs.

She has a habit of getting into sticky situations, a major one defies the Monk's teaching. (foreshadowing)

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