Fang (Spirit) By Gingalover Part of the Four Arrow Adventures continuity.
Aang holding a sword
Aang the Fifth
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Gyatso (as Air Nation King)

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Aang the Fifth is his world's royal prince, next in line to rule the Air Nation after his father. His appearance isn't too different from Aang. His hair is long, stretching to the center of his back, resembling more the hairdo of those of Fire Nation, or Earth Kingdom female royals, with his hair flowing down, mixed with a bun at the center.


Being of royal blood, Aang used to have a standard view of the world around him: looking down at his servants and only fully getting to know those equal to him. However, after his time outside royalty, he began to give them a bit more credit and treat everyone more equally. He is a bit of a charmer, a womanizer even, many girls in his world are charmed by his words. He is strong with rules and is the last to try to break any laws that are given out.


Aang was born to the royal family of the Air Nation. Being an only child, he was next in line to the throne, something he figured out when he turned four. Throughout his younger years, he lived in luxury and didn't bother with anyone apart from other royal figures outside his own family. Because of this, he didn't have much interaction with kids his own age until he became about nine years old, when he had more freedom to go around his kingdom. During these, the people of his kingdom would try to see him, hoping they would get to know him a bit more, yet during the time, he still didn't see himself at their level, or see them equal to him. During one of these walks, he was found by a hired assassin and was nearly killed by an arrow shot. This incident was informed right away, and Aang was to remain in the castle until the culprit had been apprehended. Ironically, he ended up in even more trouble when a group of thieves kidnapped him.

He was taken away from the Air Nation and ended up isolated, the thieves sending a note to his parents demanding a large amount of gold for his return. However, Aang wasn't aware of this and just managed to escape days before his family could find him. While traveling back, his status of royalty wasn't as established as back home, and he was treated as just "a fancy traveling kid". Aang remained missing for nearly a month before he found his way home, but the trip taught him a few things, and he insisted on getting a teacher to train him to protect himself. After some choice, he met swords master Piandao and got himself in the style of swordsmanship.

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