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Bolin realizes
Juji's fine. He comes back to life in the end when the doomsday device shifts the polarity of the Earth. Oops. Spoiler. Sorry.

Warning! This page contains spoilers for Xiaons: First War.

Xiaoicon Airbending emblem Waterbending emblem Firebending emblem Earthbending emblem
Maxnascie By Len Poles Part of the Xiaons continuity.
Biographical information



January 1, 2013

Physical description


Personal information
Weapon of choice

rifle, pistol, lightsaber, Bending

Bending style(s)

Waterbending, Airbending, Firebending, Earthbending, Lightbending, Metalbending


Alexandra, Pierre


Jake, Adam, Jeremy, Daria, Chris, Rzeczpospolita, Xiaons, more...


Ulrich, Fearden, Xerath, Kazelians, Kazelia, more...

Chronological and political information

2nd Avatar
Xiao Major


Xiao Army, Rzeczpospolita


Jakub Toporski

Aang and Katara

It's not Aang from Xiaons

Aang Scheaffer - is protagonist of "Xiaons", Second Avatar, native Waterbender, Xiao Major.



All of this character's history is currently unknown. It will be released at a later date.

First Xiaons War

His mission was to teach Jake Bending. Before the First War began Xiaons Jake learned Waterbending. Later taught him Firebending.


Although it is often serious joking with Jake. He takes the most difficult tasks if he knows that he is able to do it. Jake is his best friend. Although this is an acute teacher. Once tried to beat the Jake to trigger aggression in him that could be the source of the call Firebending. He ordered to carry heavy things to Jake who was an Earthbender.


He speaks Polish, English and some Latin. Although it is a Frenchman does not know its national language. It is an excellent swordsman. Defeated Ulrich, who tried to kill him. He can build a lightsaber. Well proves their Kompania Bugaj and later Kupricz Battalion. In any Bending has the fifth level (not counting Firebending, where the fourth level). It has a weak target shooting with firearms.


  • Alexandra Scheaffer (sister)
  • Pierre Scheaffer (father)


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