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Aang Goes Home
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The Bos

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December 11, 2009

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Aang Goes Home is the eighteenth chapter of Avatar: Guardian.


Aang stops the group at the Southern Air Temple after losing Mitros' trail. Mitros elaborates on his plans for heading south.


The team was on Appa for the third day in a row. Aang knew that they needed to follow Mitros, and he was heading south. Katara asks, "Why is Mitros heading out of the Fire Nation?"

Zuko replies swiftly "I don't know, I don't really care, as long as he stays out. I'm tired of fighting the Firefighters every day."

Sokka stares into the horizon and recognizes their area. "We're getting near home! Aang, did we overshoot Mitros?"

"No, Sokka. We've only seen Mitros a few times, and he's always been going in this direction. Plus Appa's getting tired, so they must be too. We need to rest, and I know the place." As the words exited his mouth, the Patola Mountain Range gave Sokka and Katara an idea about what Aang was mentioning, only Zuko said it first.

"We're going to the Southern Air Temple? Why there?"

Aang turned to Zuko, "When did you go to the Southern Air Temple?"

"I was hunting you for 2 years before you were released from the iceberg, I had a lot of time to travel and it seemed like a logical choice to hide, since the Fire Nation wouldn't look there."

"Oh. That makes sense. Well, now you'll get the Airbender tour!" Aang turned back towards Appa and snapped the reigns. "Yip Yip!"

Appa flies through the mountain and arrives at the summit of the Temple. "Wow. That was a lot faster than my way to the temple." Zuko noted.

"How did you get up?" Aang asked Zuko.

"Never mind... I never noticed, this place is amazing if you take the time to look at it."

Toph hops off of Appa. "Feels just like any other dirt to me."

Aang turns to look at the group "So, who wants to play Airball with me?" After a few seconds of no response, Aang decided against it. "Anyway, on with the tour!" After showing Zuko the whole temple, the group stopped by the statue of Monk Gyatso. Aang, at the front of the group walked forward and bowed in respect. "Hello, master. I completed my mission, like you would have wanted."

Zuko walks forward "Who is that?"

Aang rises and adds his input into the situation. "The greatest and wisest Airbender to ever live."

The Plan

Many miles away, on a Water Tribe ship, Mitros was staring at the same horizon that Sokka did just hours before. Mitros was still mad from his loss just days before. He thought about how he could defeat the Avatar.

The ship's captain arrived in his room. "Master, the Southern Water Tribe is just a few days away. We will arrive on schedule."

For once, Mitros was pleased by the news that was brought to his room, turning towards the captain to show his gratitude. "Good. We need more people in our group; the Avatar and Fire Lord will not go down easily. I will not underestimate them again."

"What did you say our mission was?"

"If you must know, captain, we are arriving in the Southern Water Tribe to recruit more support for our army. The Avatar and Fire Lord have captured many of our brothers and our numbers are no where near what I want them to be. We will ask Chief Hakoda for more. I have heard word that his wife was killed in a raid by Firebenders, I'm sure he'll oblige."

"I have heard that he is jointly pursuing a peace agreement with the Fire Nation along with Chief Arnook."

"I have taken that into account. I will gain his support." Mitros turned back to stare at the horizon. "One way, or another."


  • The title is taken from the original title of that episode
  • Zuko being to the Southern Air Temple is taken from his lines while at the Western Air Temple

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