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Aang at Jasmine Dragon
Aang (tRR)
Biographical information

Air Nomad

Birth place

The Southern Air Temple


The Southern Air Temple


112 (biologically 12)


12 BG

Physical description


Hair color

Black (shaven)

Personal information
Weapon of choice
  • The Elements
  • Glider Staff
Bending style(s)
  • Airbending
  • Waterbending
  • Earthbending
  • Firebending
  • Energybending

Hokai, Jinju, Gyatso, Tashi, Sokka, Katara, Zuko,Toph, Air Nomad Club, Air Nomads, Iroh, Kuei


The Fire Nation (formerly), Long Feng, The Dai Li, Admiral Shinzou, Isho, Red Revolt members, Koh, Azula

Chronological and political information
  • Avatar
  • Monk
  • Airbending Instructor
  • Airbending Master
  • Air Nomad culture teacher
  • The Air Nomads
  • Team Avatar
  • Monk Gyatso
  • Toph
  • Katara


Avatar Aang was an Air Nomad from the Southern Air Temple and the current Avatar. He is mostly known for being the Avatar, that ended the Hundred Year War and brought peace to the World again.


Aang was born to two unnamed Air Nomads in 12 BG and was given to the Monks in the Southern Air Temple. Due to the fact that war was getting closer, Aang was informed about his Avatar status at the age of twelve, four years earlier than usual.

He lived the first twelve years of his life at the idyllic surroundings of the Southern Air Temple. When he overheard a conversation between Monk Tashi and Monk Gyatso, his guardian, that they wanted to send him to the Eastern Air Temple, where he could finish his training, he ran away with his flying bison, Appa. Shortly after running away, Aang and Appa got caught in a storm, crashing into the water. Aang saved himself and Appa by entering the Avatar State, freezing the two in a sphere of ice, a combination of Airbending and Waterbending.

Aang and Appa awoke a hundred years later, when they were freed from the iceberg by Katara and Sokka, two siblings from the Southern Water Tribe. Aang learned that he'd been gone for a hundred years and that the Fire Nation waged war on the other nations, wreaking havoc upon the world. Aang later learned that he had to learn all four bending styles before summers end, when he would have to face the Fire Lord, Ozai.

Aang, Katara, Sokka and Appa embarked on a journey to help Aang master the Three elements he hadn't mastered yet. Eventually Katara became Aang's Waterbending Master. During their adventures the trio met several friends, including Aang's new Masters. Toph Beifong, Aang's Earthbending master and Prince Zuko, Aang's Firebending Master.

After a year of travel and training Aang finally confronted the Fire Lord at the Wulong forest, where he defeated him, using Energybending to strip Ozai of his Firebending thereby ending the war.

After the War Aang, Katara and Sokka travelled to Ba Sing Se, where they lived a life of luxury. But only after a week of rest and relaxation the Gaang got a letter from the new Fire Lord, Zuko, that there is trouble in the Fire Nation. They went to see Zuko, who told them about the Red Revolt, a conspiracy of Fire Nation Army Generals against him. They were interrupted my a messenger, who told them that Fire Nation ships are being destroyed in a harbour. The Gaang raced to the harbour, where they found, that the person responsible for the destruction of the ships was Aang's old friend from the Souther Air Temple, Hokai.

After that the new Gaang travelled to Was Na Si, where they confronted the Red Revolt army, and defeated in the battle known as the Siege of Was Na Si. There was little time for joy, as Aang got an urgent letter, saying that the Earth King is dead and that Ba Sing Se has fallen to the Dai Li. The Gaang raced towards Ba Sing Se, meeting Toph along the way. They found out that the Earth King wasn't dead, but was just hiding. Together with the Earth King, the Gaang defeated Long Feng and brought an end to the Dai Li.

After the victory at Ba Sing Se, Aang and the rest of the Gaang went on a search of a lost table, an Air Nomad artifact that could say whether a person is an Airbender or not. After several weeks of searching they found the tablet. With the power of the tablet Aang found another Airbender that was still alive, Sokka. Together the Gaang travelled to the Eastern Air Temple, where Sokka would start his Airbending training.

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