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"We didn't come this far from the War to just give it up now. Let's just get out of here and look for this guy. We have to stand together...divided we fall.


— Aang in Chapter Six
Aang at Jasmine Dragon
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Air Nomads

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Southern Air Temple


Southern Water Tribe

  • 14 (Biologically)
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12 BG

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Black (Typically shaven)

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Team Avatar, Past Avatars, Pokai, Algaion


The Meteorologists

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Current Avatar


Team Avatar, Air Nomads


Aang, one of the main characters in The Weatherbenders, is the current Avatar and thus is the only person capable of using all the bending arts, and also able to use all the Weatherbending forms. After saving the world, Aang tries to settle down, but a new threat arrives, forcing him back into action.


Before the War

Aang was born to two unknown parents in the Southern Air Temple. Unbeknownst to him, he revealed himself to be the next Avatar when he chose the four Avatar relics out of thousands of toys.

Due to Fire Lord Sozin threatening war, the Council of Elders informed Aang that he was the Avatar at the age of twelve, earlier than the standard age of sixteen. When he found out he would be separated from his guardian, Gyatso, Aang fled with his sky bison, Appa. He got caught in a storm and fell into the ocean. He triggered the Avatar State to encase himself in ice.

To his devastation, Aang later found out that Sozin followed through on his threats, wiping out all the Air Nomads. This made Aang the last existing Airbender.

The War

One hundred years later, Aang was discovered at the Southern Water Tribe by Katara and Sokka, the children of Southern Chief Hakoda. The three set out on a journey, over the way gaining allies and seeing the entire world, while eventually bringing down the Fire Nation and ending the War.

For more, see the canon Aang article.

After the War

When the War ended, Aang began a romantic relationship with Katara. All the meanwhile, he continued to monitor world happenings and meeting with world leaders. Him and Fire Lord Zuko worked together to squash an uprising that occurred in the Fire Nation six months after the War.

The Weatherbenders continuity

Discovering the art

Four months later, Aang agreed to settle down and move to the Southern Water Tribe with Katara. They settled down to their new life, while remaining involved in the peace efforts, and the South's reconstruction. Later, word spread of strange weather patterns occurring through the world, especially in the Fire Nation. After an unsuccessful meeting with Zuko to try and figure out who was responsible, Aang went to the Spirit World. There, he met with Avatar Roku. Roku explained to him that a formerly lost art of bending, entitled Weatherbending, had returned to the world.

He invited Katara, Sokka and Toph to the Fire Nation, in an effort to organize a strategy. At the request of Roku, he brought Katara and Zuko to the Spirit World on his next trip. There, they met the original Weatherbenders: Waterbender Pokai, Airbender Algaion, and Avatar Zentai, who had lived three thousand years before the War. The four explained Weatherbending's history to them. Afterwards, they were all enlightened with the knowledge of their bending art's form of Weatherbending.


They encountered The Meteorologists in chapter five. Aang and Zuko teamed up to take on Zorro, but Zuko was defeated quickly, and Mai took his place. The two made a good team, especially after Ezan jumped in after defeating Toph. But, after Ty Lee was killed, Ezan and Zorro overwhelmed the whole team with heat manipulation.

Aang recovered at the Southern Water Tribe with the rest of the team, but was shaken by Ty Lee's death, like the rest of the team.

Post - mortem

Afterwards, while there, he and Suki found Katara in her home, in tears. The two combined to comfort her. After this, when finding out that the Fire Nation had fallen, he helped encourage the team to move past it and prepare to find their Weatherbending master.

Meeting and trusting Reeaki

Aang and the remainder of Team Avatar left the South Pole, seeking whoever their master be. They met Reeaki in the southern Earth Kingdom, who had been following them on a small boat. Sokka initially did not trust him, but when Aang recalled prophecies that he received form the spirits that related to Reeaki, he and others urged Sokka to trust him, as they suggested he was to be Team Avatar's Weatherbending instructor. Reeaki told his backstory and Aang, along with the rest of the team, accepted him into the group.


Aang, Katara and Zuko trained with Reeaki from 28 August onward. Aang caught onto the art fast, mastering it as if he were a natural. Further, on his first training session, him and Zuko successfully learned and performed lightning generation. All the meanwhile, Aang successfully tackled all Weatherbending forms within the three elements that produced it.

Into the Earth Kingdom

Team Avatar traveled to Ba Sing Se and got important information from Iroh, the legendary Dragon of the West. After this, Aang met Sho for the second time, she being the young girl whom he had met on a Fire Nation train two years ago while disguised in the Fire Nation.

After a meeting with the Council of Five, stating that there was a likely hood of a battle amongst the nations, the team elected to go through the Earth Kingdom to General Fong's base. Before this, however, Aang and his fellow Weatherbenders received a warning from Zentai, Pokai and Algaion that if they didn't stop Zorro soon, severe affects on the weather would take place.

Conflict and resolution

The events of chapter twelve created a conflict that Aang got mixed in, after a verbal altercation escalated into a physical fight between Katara and Mai. After Mai shoved Katara, Aang joined Sokka in defense of Katara, while Zuko got up in defense of Mai. Aang and Sokka then fought Zuko for a short time before Toph broke the fight up using Earthbending. The Avatar and Sokka then apologized to Zuko and Mai.


After the conflict, Aang and the rest of the team made plans to split up to fight in the Tri-National. After some deliberation, he agreed to join Zuko in fighting for the Rebellion Against the New Reign. The team then flew off to rendezvous with Earth Kingdom forces at General Fong's base. Zuko and Aang left at midnight on 14 September to head to the Fire Nation. However, before this, they learned a Weatherbending move from Reeaki. The move was to combine Firebending and Weatherbending into a devastating but risky attack, which their instructor described as only to be used as a last resort.

Fighting for the Rebels

By request of the commanding generals of the Fire Nation Rebel Army, Aang and Zuko sat out the first day. However, on day two, they each joined the fight and gave the Rebels a surge of momentum. They charged through the Fire Nation Capital and up to the Caldera City, where they fought Zorro and Ezan in a harsh duel.

In this duel, the sides went back and forth for hours deep into the afternoon. Late in the fight, they were each sent on the run and found themselves surrendered by several domestic soldiers along with Zorro and Ezan. They then went to the devastating move, which wiped out their opposition easily, even killing Zorro. Aang, naturally, felt regret over what was done, but he did manage to get over himself.


After the fight was over, the two returned to the Earth Kingdom, where Aang shared a tearful reunion with Katara. Following the reunion, the team, without Reeaki, whom had left them to return to his home, got honors at Fong's base. There, Aang thanked all the soldiers who fought to save the world again and promised the new road towards peace.

He later joined Katara at Ty Lee's grave on Kyoshi Island, two weeks after the conflict ended. He placed a "goodwill" flower on the grave, which Aang explained as meant to be placed when someone died with others in mind.


Aang's carefree personality from the War still exists, albeit in a compromised state, as he continues to work to retain the peaceful state. Nevertheless, he still tries to have fun.

However, Aang has a significant serious side to him, making sure that everything stays where they are at. He attends numerous peace meetings throughout the world, and contributes to reconstruction where needed. Those efforts are currently mostly at the Southern Water Tribe, where he lives for the most part with his girlfriend, Katara.

Aang still believes mostly in peace, and that violence and killing is not the answer. This was exemplified when he refused to kill Ozai, and it remains a significant part of his character.


As the Avatar, Aang is the only one capable of performing all four bending arts. Throughout the War, working with various instructors, he mastered Waterbending, while obtaining proficency in Earthbending and Firebending. After the War, Aang completed his mastery of these elements.

Aang is the first known Avatar to have mastered Energybending; having been enlightened by a Lion Turtle late in the War, prior to battling Fire Lord Ozai. He only used this art to strip Ozai of his Firebending, and has not used it since.

Later, Aang learned he was capable of Weatherbending, and all of its moves.

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