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Aang at Jasmine Dragon
Biographical information

113 (biologically 13) (101 AG)
124 (biologically 24) (112 AG)
127 (biologically 27) (115 AG)

Physical description


Hair color

black (typically shaven)

Personal information
Fighting style(s)

Airbending, Waterbending, Earthbending, Firebending, Energybending, Lightbending


Katara, Sokka, Toph, Zuko, Suki, Appa, Momo, Mai, Ai, Bo, Ling, Rong, Feng, Yukio, Miki, Ning, Iroh, Jin, The past and future Avatars, The Order of the White Lotus, more...


Jun, Bai Lung, Azula, Hong Wu, Kato, Mongke, Banhen, Zhao, Chao, Long Feng, Chong, Yakone, Lin Hui, Kela the Screamer, Zhi Jing, Yazdalia, Qian

Chronological and political information

Team Avatar, Air Nomads

First appearance

The Rise of Jun

Last appearance

Our Brightest Hour

Voiced by

Zach Tyler Eisen (TAoTA)
D. B. Sweeney (Into the Light)


After the War, Aang along with his friends stayed in Ba Sing Se, living in their house. Aang's romantic relationship with Katara grew during the seven-month period of time between the War and the Rise of Jun and the two became very close.

The Adventures of Team Avatar

One day, Aang and his friends decided to go to the Jasmine Dragon to cheer up his friend Zuko. While there, he witnessed something horrible: the Royal Palace burning.

He then rushed with the rest of Team Avatar to the Royal Palace and found the body of the severely injured Kuei. Shortly afterwards, Aang was summoned into the Spirit World by the Lion Turtle who taught him Energybending and was informed of the identify of Jun and his intentions to kill him and his friends.

Aang then encountered Fire Nation Princess Azula who had been freed from her mental institute and after a brief confrontation, watched her flee. It was then that he and his friends decided that they needed to track Jun and Azula down before they could do any more harm and set off on their quest.

Several hours later, Aang and the rest of Team Avatar arrived in the Si Wong Desert to find information on the whereabouts of Jun and Azula. After a long time of searching, Aang and the others found Fung who informed them of the Order of the White Lotus' progress. Before they could leave, Team Avatar was attacked by the Rough Rhinos. Aang along with Zuko battled Mongke and Ogodei. With Ogodei killed by Zuko, he and Aang prepared to finish Mongke. It was a fierce duel but Aang and Zuko failed to so much as wound Mongke, allowing him to retreat.

After Team Avatar left the Si Wong Desert, Aang and his friends flew to the Fire Nation Royal Palace and stayed there for several days to discuss tactics and relax. He and the others received a letter from Iroh revealing the location of Jun in the Foggy Swamp. Aang and the others also noticed the letter was not finished and realized that Iroh had probably run out of ink. Aang decided that they should leave immediately and that is what they did. Once there, Team Avatar split up into three groups and searched for Jun and his underlings. Aang, Katara, and Momo went as one group. While searching, Aang was knocked unconscious by Hong Wu, Jun's right-hand who proceeded to kidnap Katara and Momo.

Aang came to a little while later and after he noticed that Katara had been kidnapped, entered the Avatar State with much rage. However, he was able to calm himself down. After hearing advice from Roku as well as two of his future lives: Korra and Brek, Aang went to find his friends. Eventually he found them, not knowing he had walked right into Jun's trap. He was burned severely by the evil Firebender and almost had the energy bended right out of him. It was then that he was teleported to the Spirit World by Koh.

While in the Spirit World, Aang fled Koh as well as Admiral Zhao who had teamed up with Koh. He later met Roku who took him to the Realm of the Avatars where there were statues of every Avatar who ever existed (except the first one who no one bothered to make one of). Roku informed him that he could not leave without killing Koh to which Aang was hesitant. Kuruk then volunteered to help Aang and kill Koh himself. They battled shortly before Koh was betrayed by Zhao and died. Aang managed to defeat Zhao and after being healed of his burns, returned to the real world to fight Jun.

After returing to the mortal world, Aang fought Jun and briefly in the Avatar State. Once He exited the Avatar State, Aang continued his battle with Jun and simultaneously battled Hong Wu and Mongke. Realizing he was outmatched by Aang, his friends and the Foggy Swamp Benders, Jun and his cohorts retreated; forcing Team Avatar to take action and search for them. After searching for several hours, Aang and Katara were the only two people still awake. They were nearly killed by a lightning strike from Azula but Aang managed to defeat Jun and Azula swiftly and then proceeded to capture them. Aang then set a course for Ba Sing Se so that he and his friends could return to their peaceful lives and bring Jun and Azula to justice but were interrupted by the city burning down.

Aang and his friends searched for Zuko's uncle, Iroh at the Jasmine Dragon but instead found several Firebenders who attacked them. After escaping the tea shop, Aang and the others listened to Zuko explain that the Firebender were members of a group known as the Rebels and that they were most likely responsible for Ba Sing Se's demise. Aang became angered at this; blaming Zuko for not telling him about the Rebels sooner but after being yelled at by Mai, Aang calmed down and apologized. He and the others then discovered the Ba Sing Se Resistance consisting of Omar, Ai, Iroh, and others. Aang familiarized himself with a few of the Resistance members and then accompanied everyone present into the Royal Palace in an attempt to free it from the Rebel leader's control. Unfortunately, Aang was captured along with the others and brought before the Rebel leader, Joo Dee. Joo Dee attempted to do away with Aang and his friends but Aang entered the Avatar State and forced Joo Dee to explain what was going on. After doing so, she was killed by Jun who then tried to kill Team Avatar with the help of Azula.

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The Adventures of Team Avatar

Suki's Story

Avatar: Into the Light

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