By Faith124 Part of the Phoenix Empire continuity.
Aang meditates
Biographical information

Air Nomads

Physical description


Hair color

Black (usually bald)

Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice
  • Air
  • Water
  • Earth
Bending style(s)


Aang was killed by Azula in the beginning of the series. He now resides in the Spirit Realm, meditating. Upon becoming enlightened, the young boy is faced with a difficult decision. Will he go against every thing he believes in to save the ones he loves, or will he sacrifice the outcome to save the lives of those few prospects?


Throughout the series, Aang will become more and more tangled in a web of decisions and consequences. The pros and cons of each option will require hefty thought, and he is in no mood to weigh them. Confused and disoriented, Aang finds himself losing his playful, childish self. Through his experiences he will become aged, and more like 112 than 12.


Aang is able to airbend, waterbend and earthbend at the start of the series. When he does become enlightened, energybending is added to the list.


The Avatar's love for Katara remains strong, despite their separation. The other members of Team Avatar also remain dear to his heart, thought not nearly as prominent as Katara.

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