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Angry Aang in desert
Biographical information

Air Nomads

Birth place

Southern Air Temple


Southern Air Temple


113 (Biologically)

Physical description






Hair color

Brown (Shaved)

Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice





Katara, Sokka, Toph, Suki, Zuko


Lord Ozai, Princess Azula, Jun, Long Feng, General Zhao

Chronological and political information



The Rebellion


Toph, Pakku, Zuko, Gyatso

First appearance

The Legend of Aang

Birth and Early Life

Aang was born as the seven hundred and twenty at the Southern Air Temple. Soon after his birth, his parents submitted him to the elders, where he was given to the elder Gyatso for training.

Aang spent most of his early life under Gyatso's uplifting and wise tutelage, and the two grew close in a father-son relationship. Aang showed signs of being the Avatar very early on. He took great interest in international studies, reveling in stories of the pasts and old fables of other nations. On top of that, his skills developed at an unprecedented pace, and he achieved the rank of master at the age of ten, surpassing Avatar Savi's previous achievement at sixteen. Aang was also very outgoing and social. He found friends in almost every child at the temple, and enjoyed games of all kinds.

While Aang was kept from news of the war for most of his early life, at the age of eleven he was forced to be told the truth. After being informed that he was the Avatar, he was taken into apprenticeship under the elders Atanna, Tashi, and Gyatso for training. The period was two years.

Aang and Gyatso kiting

Aang and Gyatso

Since his training facilitated isolation most of the time, the next two years proved to be quite emotionally draining for him. On the day of the Presentation Ceremony, Gyatso confronted the rest of the council to convince them to let up on Aang's training. However, both were shocked to discover that Aang was to be sent to the Eastern Air Temple under Pathik. Because of stress and emotional turmoil, Aang abandoned the ceremony and quickly left the temple on his own.

Two nights after he left, he and his bison Appa were caught in a ferocious thunderstorm and forced under the ocean. Aang's Avatar State quickly kicked in and he and Appa were frozen in a block of ice, evading the Fire Nation inquisition that took place at the temple soon after.


Almost a century later, two youth of the Southern Water Tribe, Katara and Sokka, discovered Aang accidentally underneath the hulk of a Fire Nation warship. Their first encounter was not a pleasant one, with Sokka knocking out Aang almost instantaneously out of fear. On the insistence of Katara, they took him back to the village to heal.

However, soon after his arrival, the tribe was invaded by Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation, who quickly took him as prisoner. Aang was soon interrogated by Iroh, who attempted to win over Aang with kindness, but was soon interrupted by an impatient Zuko.

Saved during an escape attempt, the Water Tribe youth joined him as he flew back to the Southern Air Temple. However, once they arrived, Aang was devastated to discover that his home had been turned to a mausoleum for his former friends. Briefly triggering his Spirit State, he was talked down by Katara, who pledged allegiance to him.

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