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Air Nomads emblem By The Bos Part of the Avatar: Guardian continuity.
"I want to help it on its way as fast as possible"
— Aang to Zuko in Tensions
Aang in monk robes
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Air Nomads


12 BG

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5 ft. 6 in.

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Airbending, Waterbending, Earthbending, Firebending, Energybending

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Air Nomads, Water Tribe, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation


Gyatso, Katara, Pakku, Toph, Zuko, Jeong Jeong, Roku


Teo, Boreas

Aang is the current Avatar and is trying to put the world back in order after the War. He is the leader of the newly recreated Air Nomads and is no longer the last Airbender.

Before Guardian

Aang, Katara, and Sokka have spent much of their time since the end of the war traveling the world to promote peace and to help victims of the war and natural disasters. First he took Katara, Sokka and Hakoda back to the Southern Water Tribe and assisted in rebuilding the tribe with the help of the Avatar State. He has used Energybending on many of the residents of the Northern Air Temple, creating a new race of Airbenders. Aang gave them terms on the lives they would need to lead if they decided to become Airbenders. Many agreed and became Airbenders, although some, including the Mechanist, decided against it due to the humble life needed.


Meeting with the Fire Lord

After helping solve another natural disaster with Katara and Toph, Aang decides that recent events have been too suspicious. He turns Appa away from the Earth Kingdom and flies into the heart of the Fire Nation to talk to Zuko. Soon after he arrives, an explosion is heard from outside the city. The few members of Team Avatar fly out of the city to deal with this emergency.

Battle at the Prison

When they arrive at the prison where Ozai was, they discover he is missing. When the exit the prison, they find a battle going on. The team battles the invaders and manage to capture a few before the invaders retreat. Aang suggests that they get on Appa to try and find them but there is no sign of them.


The next day, while interrogating an invader, the Dai Li ambush the team. Unfortunately for the Dai Li, who had expected only Zuko, the full team managed to drive them away. Aang suggests they gather the old team so they can make a choice on their actions.

Picking up Sokka

While on a trip to pick up Sokka in Shu Jing, Aang goes to the weapons store to get a sword hilt to make a wind sword. While he is leaving, he hears a fight and goes to break it up. He meets with Firefighters, who begin to attack him and Fire Nation civilians. After a long battle, the Firefighters retreat and finally gets to see Sokka again.

Making a plan

Aang is snuggling with Katara as Toph brings up the question of what they are going to do about their multiple enemies. Aang wonders along with the whole team, and throws out the idea of following the Avatar Cycle. Everyone agrees, and they begin to have a good time, like the old days.

Rescuing a village

Aang and the rest of the team enter a village to find something to eat, when a teenager asks them to help rescue his village from a group of Waterbenders. Aang goes along with the team and helps liberate his village. While there, Aang fights against numerous waterbenders, but leaves that part of the battle to fight against Karno, a powerful waterbender left in charge of the island. It was his arrival that allowed for Toph and Zuko to gain victory over Karno. After Zhentu arrives and kills Karno for the death of his parents, Aang blames himself and is seen to have nightmares, which seem to be eased away by meditation.

Being Ambushed

Aang is training with Toph, saying that he wants to master the elements without as little reliance on his past lives as possible, at Sokka's asking. He is woken by Toph raising an earth column to prevent the group from being flooded by the Aqua Assaulters. Aang deflects massive amounts of water with Katara's help, and uses Airbending to assist her attacks before fleeing with the rest of the group. Aang's peace is short lived: the Aqua Assaulters followed Appa and ambushed the group again. After entering the Avatar State to repel the massive amount of numbers, Aang decides the needs time to think and flees to a nearby hill.

Aang rests for about half an hour before two men reveal themselves to Aang, Katas and his leader, Mitros. After a rant on why he hates Aang, Mitros attacks, forcing Aang on the defensive. Katas begins attacking as well, and eventually, Aang is overwhelmed. He retreats back to the rest of the team. After a short time of rest, the duo reveals themselves again. The entire team battles against the duo, and eventually when Mitros is wounded, Mitros orders a retreat.

Battle of Xian Village

After finally getting rest, Aang suggests they go to the nearest village to get supplies. They leave Appa in the forest and go to Xian Village. As they enter, they call for any one as the village appears deserted. They are then attacked by the Firefighters, who had conquered the town. Mitros emerges and attacks the team, but is repelled again.

Going Home

After tracking Mitros for a long time and loosing his trail, Aang takes the team for a diversion to the Southern Air Temple. He introduces Zuko and Toph to the statue of Monk Gyatso, and tells him that he completed the mission he was assigned to do.

Battle at the Southern Water Tribe

Aang arrives at the Southern Water Tribe after the Firefighters arrive, in the middle of the battle. He battles his way through many Firefighters, but eventually realizes that they just keep coming. He sees Zuko and the two perform the Dancing Dragon, defeating many Firefighters and attracting the attention of Katas. Aang and Zuko fight against Katas for a long period, until Zuko finally kills Katas with a lightning bolt to the chest. Aang also helps finish defeating the Firefighters and eventually rebuilds the wall of the Southern Water Tribe

Starting the Hunt

After the battle at the South Pole the Team receives a letter, asking them to take out the Dai Li. The Team begins to head to the Earth Kingdom as they reminisce on old memories of the travels they had.

Firebending training

Aang and the Team arrive in the Earth Kingdom and Zuko and Aang practice Firebending. They practice basics until Zuko teaches Aang how to do the fire jets that Azula and Ozai used. Aang does the move and Zuko declares him a Firebending master. They decide to go to the closest village, Torung, to ask about the Dai Li.

Torung Village

They arrive in Torung Village only to be attacked by Long Feng and the Dai Li. The gang fights them off until they retreat, but during the battle they took the mayor.

Aang and the rest of Team Avatar search for the mayor, eventually finding an underground bunker that the Dai Li had taken over. The team fights their way through the bunker and rescues the mayor, and he tells them about his time in captivity. He explains what a nomad did for their village, and Aang realizes that it was the Earth King. Aang also discovers that the Earth King was headed for Omashu and wondered why he was worrying, since he was being watched by Bumi.

Journey to Omashu

On the way to Omashu, the Earth Kingdom soldiers on the base near Omashu begin attacking Appa. The team thinks that the Phoenix Warriors may have attacked, and that the soldiers may thing that Appa is an airship. Upon descending, the rocks continue to come up. Aang descends to the ground and battles soldiers that begin attacking him. He asks the captain why they are attacking, and the captain eventually replies that the orders came from the sergeant at the command center. Team Avatar goes to the base, and is attacked more. After clearing out the guards, they arrive in the sergeant's office. They find him bound with chains in the corner of the room. He tells them that he never gave any orders to attack, that he was captured and someone else forged the documents. Aang concludes that it was Long Feng, since he had knowledge of seals. The sergeant says that Long Feng told him that Omashu would fall, and asks that Aang prevent it.

Battle of Omashu

Aang battles against Dai Li agents, originally flying to the top tier of Omashu to find agents. He locates some, and battles several at once. They confront him with their perspective: that they simply want control of Ba Sing Se again, but Aang says fighting them "must all be worth it." After another brief scuffle, the agents retreat. Aang eventually hears a loud crashing sound, and finds Long Feng destroying the Omashu palace. Long Feng begins using the Omashu palace as projectiles to attack Aang, who blocks the attacks. Aang almost throws Long Feng out of the palace, but he is surrounded by the rest of Team Avatar. After a battle, Long Feng escapes, and Aang searches for him on his glider. He returns, unable to find him. Katara cheers him up before Ursa reveals herself. When the Team follows Ursa to Iroh's tea shop, he thanks her for her influence on Zuko. When a Dai Li agent arrives, Aang springs to defend Ursa, but Zuko seems to do more to protect Ursa than he does. The following day, Aang reminds Zuko that they need to leave Omashu, leading Zuko to reluctantly leave. They search for the Dai Li from the air, but cannot find them.

Distractions from the search

Aang summons a spirit

Aang consults Roku

After landing, Aang asks Zuko to teach him to generate lightning. Zuko agrees, and the whole team follows the two into a large clearing. Zuko explains the philosophy of lightning generation, and gives Aang a demonstration. Aang decides to try, but repeatedly fails to generate lightning correctly. Zuko is baffled, as Aang is doing nothing wrong and has no emotional turmoil. The group decides to call it a night, and Aang begins his daily meditation. He eventually ends up on the thought of lightning, and decides to ask Roku. Roku tells him that since he didn't master Airbending, he is not at balance within himself, and so he cannot generate lightning. Aang then learns the final level of Airbending from Roku, and manages to generate lightning.

The search Continues

Team Avatar is town hopping looking for signs of the Earth King. The village they were in didn't provide any help, so they moved on to the next village. They landed outside the next one, and hear screaming in the woods. The team follows Toph, who sensed the location of the struggle. They find a man with a lone Dai Li agent, who flees upon seeing Team Avatar. They find out that the man was captured by the Dai Li, and that they were heading to a certain village due to a tip. Team Avatar arrives in Gaoling after following Lei's advice. Aang helps convince Toph to get off and follow them. When they arrive in the village, Aang, Zuko and Sokka go together, while Katara and Toph go together. Aang is stopped by a soldier, who tells him that the Avatar isn't welcome in Gaoling. Aang defeats the soldier, and Zuko finds a boy who knows what rich family doesn't like the Avatar. The guys go and find Katara and Toph, and leave to go find that family. Aang and Katara manage to convince Toph that she should enter her parent's house and meet them again, so they continue into their property. Aang battles the guards, and eventually is invited into their house. After Toph's reunion with her parents, Team Avatar rushes outside to intercept the Dai Li's attack. Aang saves Katara from being sucked underground, and battles the Dai Li agents. Eventually, Team Avatar realizes that they need to leave, and so Toph says goodbye to her parents for now.

The search ends

After loosing track of the Dai Li again, Aang tells Team Avatar about the new Air Nomads he created at the Northern Air Temple. Afterwards, he is reminded that he needs to meditate, and leaves the group to find a secluded location. He thinks about the older Nomads, and Roku appears to him. Roku tells him that someone from his past wants to talk to him, and Aang slips into the Avatar State and sees Monk Gyatso. Gyatso talks to Aang about his last days, and tells Aang not to regret running away. Gyatso tells Aang that his friends are more important than his past, and that they need him now. Aang exits the Avatar State, and finds Team Avatar, who are being attacked by the Dai Li. Aang manages to capture one, and tells him to live a life of peace. The agent agrees to Aang's condition, and is freed. The Team then finds the Earth King, and needs to take him to Ba Sing Se.

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