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"For every tear that falls, misery grows...but for each one you keep, misery fades away"
— What Aang saids after finding out of his bison's death
Aang at Jasmine Dragon
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Air Nomad

Birth place

Southern Air Temple

Physical description


Hair color

black (from fire arc -

Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice



Katara (wife)


Weed, Katara, Sokka, Ty Lee, GB, more...


Blue, Azula, Zuko, Alam, more...

Chronological and political information

Master Pakku

Ginga Densetsu Avatar

Book 1:Water

South pole

Aang is a young Air Nomad from the Southern Air Temple. He and his pet, Weed, were driven out of their home by an invasion of a dog pack, including Blue. Blue chased Aang and Weed until their only option was to fly off. Aang and Weed fled to the South Pole to get help, but when they arrived, they crash landed in the snow, and lost their memory of why they came in the first place, or where they came from for that matter! Aang woke up at an ice fishing village where he meets Katara, Sokka and Korra. They asked him and Weed where they cane from, but he couldn't be able to remember. He rested for a while, talking to his new friends. He was given some food as he healed from their mother, Kya. But as they were resting, he and Weed walked out to find the village under attack by Alam's pack! Aang stood by out of sight until Alam suddenly found and was about to attack him when Korra jumped in and saved him. Aang was cornered later by the same dog as Katara and Sokka were dealing with Zuko. But when Alam went for him, he suddenly air punched the dog, throwing him into Zuko. Aang then remembered his air-bending. But when Alam bit into him, Aang got a strange and short vision showing a dog charging at him. After when he came to, he suddenly entered an Avatar-like state and not only blew Alam and Zuko back on their ship, but blasted the ship a mile to the sea! After this, he passed out.

He later came to back in the same hut, this time with only Katara in the room. Katara congratulated Aang for what he did, but he didn't remember any of it. As Aang was resting, Korra, GB and Weed came inside to check on him. During this he was asked again on what happened before they've met. He still didn't know. But however, when GB walked over and touched his forehead, asking Weed about what happened to him, he suddenly got another vision of him in the Avatar State. He told them then about the two visions he had. It was then Kya came in and explained to Aang of his destiny and that he must be the Avatar. Aang just was speechless until they all heard the racket outside from Naga and Appa. It was after Weed pointed out who it was that Aang recognized him. After a bit of chat, Aang and Weed were about to fly away when Katara, Korra, GB, and Sokka decide to come. With that, they all fly off towards north.

Kyoshi Island

During a deadly storm, Aang and the others quickly decided to take shelter in a sea side cave. As they rested there, Aang decided to ask Korra if she can show him some basic water bending moves. She gladly agreed but all Aang got from the bending was a soaked head as he settled in for some sleep. But that morning, the group was attacked by Ty Lee and were sent to see the Kyoshi clan. Aang tried his best to make peace, but his attempts prove fruitless. After Weed's incident, Aang took the chance and gotten Suki to let them stay for a while. He decided at first for a walk until he saw Ty Lee playing around in the forest with some of the Iga dog clan. Aang was amazed at her acrobatic potential and even tried to copy her...only to land on his face. Ty Lee found him and to cover up his flaw said he was training. He even was more impressed when Ty lee said she's not an Air bender, which Aang found surprising. They both decided to play tag after their char and played for a while into the village, where Ty Lee seemed to let Aang win. Aang went with Lee to check on his friends when Akame wanted to speak to him. It never stated what Akame really wanted to say to him. Outside, Aang and his friends met up with Sokka and GB after they came back. But when Sasuke told them what really happened with Sokka and Suki, Aang wasn't truly fallowing so he asked what was "3rd base" was, which surprised everyone. His question was basically answered when Ty Lee came back asking if anyone would go swimming with her. Aang happily agrees and goes with her. They arrive at a saved swimming hole and played around for Abit until suddenly an attacker came out, an Eel Hound. Aang tried to fight it, but it was Akame who drove it away. Aang thanked Akame and they went back to Appa to go, adding Ty Lee in the group as it turns out, which made him very happy.

North Pole

When they arrived at the North Pole, Aang and everyone else got a bit of a surprise when they found out Blue took over and froze Korra! When turned to confront them, Aang suddenly got another vision, this time showing Blue chasing them down a hall. He saids that he was there. When blue agreed, he raced off before Aang could do anything. Aang and Weed were about to go after him when Ty Lee and GB stopped both of them.

He shows up later while he was brushing up on his old skills. He managed to remember the basics of his air-bending, including his personal air orb trick. When Weed came in to check on him, he had decided to check up on Katara after what happened. But he got the shock of his life finding that she and Sokka were gone! He and Weed raced over to Blues castle to find them both fighting Blue. Blue was about to freeze Katara when Aang rushed In and took the bite, turning sang into a statue! Despite that, Aang can still see and breath and he saw Katara turning into an Avatar-like state! Aang was released from his ice status when Katara managed to snap off Blue's fangs. Aang quickly rushed to Katara's side and got her to safety.

Book 2:Earth


Aang and the others traveled into the Earth Kingdom after his training with Master Pakku. He was just a side character for the first part when they arrive and meet Toph.

During a stop, Aang usually begins training with Toph, but one training method nearly fatally injured him if it wasn't for Korra's interference. As they were resting by some natural springs, Aang mentions what happened during their time at the North Pole, and it was here that he figured out from Smith of Katara learning another bending style. He tried to go and ask, but didn't get the chance thanks to Toph and GB. But GB assured him that they will asked when the girls were done.

Ba Sing Se

When the group arrived in Ba Sing Se, Aang managed to find an earth bending teacher but decided to quit since he was too hard on him. At least Toph was more reasonable. Aang decided then to visit a tea shop. But the one he went to ironically belong to Zuko and Azula, but luckily his disguise didn't give him away. He had gotten his tea and paid but right when he was done, the Dai Le leader, Genba, found them and had him arrested for leading royalty Azula and Zuko into the capitol.

He was brought into a chasum cell under the palace where he found out Zuko and Azula were done chasing after him, despite their number of attempts before arriving. He gotten to know them both and a new kid named Tom, when GB came in and told them what was going on. Aang rushed out and went strait to the palace with Azula, Zuko, and Smellerbee to find Hougen fighting his friends. He was about to fight when Hougen saids that Azula wiped out Aang ancestral home, getting him to fight Azula instead. He stopped fighting when Hougen was thrown into the battlefield. Aang was watching all this, anger building. He then entered Avatar State and was just about to attack when suddenly a dog-like blur jumped at him and sank it's teeth into his back, paralyzing him. He crashed into the earth below, and it was because of this that all the fighting had stopped among everyone, including the invading nation. The last thing he heard is the dog that attacked him saying welcome to the real world. Then he passed out.

Book 3: Fire

The Fleet

Aang injured

Aang first waking up to the Fleet

Aang wakes up about 4 weeks later in his subconscious (which appeared like a dark room with no walls). He couldn't see anything or hear anyone with him. But as he was walking he found a head sized hole. What he saw was himself bleeding on the grounds of Ba Sing Se, with all of his friends begging for him to get up. He also saw that it was Blue whom nearly killed him! He tried not to look but the hole turned into a huge entrance as he at first saw Mel and Tom looking down at him. He then sees Tesshin and he brings him back to the real world.

He was helped to his feet by Tesshin and Akame but suddenly got freaked out when he found that he was on a fire navy ship. He fought a few of the soldiers and tried to escape. It wasn't until he saw Weed in the crowd and him explaining things through to him when he calms down. For the rest of the day he was being introduced to the new friends on the ship. He was very impressed that his friends had done this in only 4 Weeks and already they have an amount of people for a small platoon. During a talk, he asked where Appa was...but he gotten hard broken when Hope explains his death and hands him his horn, what was all that was left. He ran off to the back of the vessel, mainly looking out to sea. He was asked by one point by one of the Scroll wolves to speak to Katara. But he declines and remained where he was. He began muttering a special seaman saying "water, water everywhere. But not a drop to drink". He looked down at Appa's horn and makes his famous saying known. He was found again by Mel and Tom and Tom explained what exactly happened to Appa before the three went to bed.

When finding out that Zuko and Tom was missing, he lead the human side of Team Avatar to go and rescue them. He raced upward to the top of the tower when he first came across Bat. He didn't get the chance to do much but his guilder was smashed to prices when it was shot at by Bat's Phoenix Blaster. He tried to escape from downstairs but he was blocked again. He however got to escape thanks to Katara and Wan Shi Tong.

Back on the ship, he was thinking hard about what Smith had said about Katara's bending. He was about to ask her when Katara decided to show him first. This caused a bit of an uproar, but things calmed down after some explaining. He and Hope show up later and tell Katara that they had decided to train Katara so she can master the arts of Air-bending.

After a while though, he hears of where Toph was at and has decided to go to the Boiling Rock prison, with Ty Lee and Smellerbee. He was disguised as a guard when they arrived. However, Toph had done the same and they both didn't recognize each other. He was called over by Bat and was exposed. He and Ty lee quickly got into the elevator car as Smellerbee was voting them some time and had to run on the ropes when Smith came in. He could only watch as Smith plummeted to his death.


Later on he shows up with Weed right before the invasion. He wasn't feeling any better now, still miserable over Toph's disappearance and Smith's death. But Weed assured him that they will find Toph when the invasion is over. He hugged Weed and then went into the meeting room and explained the plan to the rest of the fleet. He had gotten a new guilder, and put it to good use as he used it to fly off to see Ozai. But when he got there, and announcing the Avatar's back, he soon discovers that the Fire Lord was Killed! Shocked and scared, he flew back outside and called off the invasion, announcing the death of the Fire Lord.

Book 4: Air

Aang had been dropped off on the Eastern Air Temple Islands along with many of his friends. He wasn't sure exactly what to do besides find Toph. GB and Hope try to comfort him, but he still was worried either way. He was much calmer and happy though when Toph returned with Heizo and Tyson. It was during the talk that he found out not only that Toph can see, but that she and Aang were practically at the same place when Toph was shot! He felt much better though all the same.

Later on, Aang and Hope were training Katara to air-bend properly when to their surprise, Weed and GB came back with Kaibutsu. Unlike much of the group he didn't run off, knowing him from before. He has agreed to let him come along to help them back to Ba Sing Se.

When they were nearing Ba Sing Se, Aang was having slot of trouble since he wasn't so sure on what to do about Hougen. He finds Weed and Mel and they gave him the idea to visit the Spirit World. He wasn't sure at first but he does it anyway and wakes up to an old spiritual building, used to be home to a Fire Nation family. As he was looking around he comes across the spirit of Smith. Smith guides him to a Sakura tree (cherry Blossum) and explains to him that he's friend to the decedent of Avatar Roku, Avatar Zuko! The information given to him not even the Avatars know, and he was sent back to the real world after Smith tells him to learn Fire-bending from Zuko.

His spirit form flew back to the team after Violet kidnapped Mai and his body. His spirit could only be seen by the dogs, and Weed quickly told him what had happened. With the pack, he flew off and shows up after Joe saved Mai. He flew and got back into his body and went back to the rest of the team.

When he did, he talked with Zuko about him being his fire-bending teacher. During the talk, Aang reviled to Zuko that he already knew of his family line and Zuko agreed to be his teacher.

Return to Ba Sing Se

When Aang arrived in Ba Sing Se (which has turned into a ghost town), he went to his old home first, remembering what happened when he last visited Ba Sing Se three months ago. He flew over to the palace to fight Hougen but instead he finds Bruge pulling a Phoenix Blaster behind him. He demands Ba Sing Se back, but after a while of talking, Bruge tells him about his past, and how he crash landed back at the South Pole!

He shows up after GB was beaten up by Hougen in the fighting arena. He charges in and flew up to GB and tried to help him but he ended up getting shot at by one of the bladders, shooting him out of Ba Sing Se!

He managed to survive the blast, floating down a river until he was brought out by Blue-Feather. He was out for a bit but woke up to that same person Kissing him! He couldn't move though until she got off him. He walked outside and finds out a bit more about Blue-Feather's tribe, which he thought were wiped out years ago. First he was brought to Gold-Wing and Moon-River and was healed by Moon-River's flute. His next stop was at the Elder, Zen-Coi, and his hut. Zen Coi helped Aang by giving him a specialized staff that can defeat Hougen. As thanks, he gives his Southern Air Temple medallion to Snow-Fox, as a way to remember him by. With that, he ran off back to Ba Sing Se.

Aang makes a rather surprising entrance when he saves Mel from Bat. He demands Hougen one last chance to surrender. But when he denies one last time, the final battle ensues. During the fight after getting in the palace, his staff that was given to him was broken. Running out of options, he formed a strong barrier around himself and has made a life changing decision. He went into meditation and sees Roku so he can give all his power of the Avatar State to fix the elemental staff. To make sure, he even tells Roku about Katara and Zuko and the information Smith gave to him about more Avatars at one time. He finally gets rid of the barrier and enters Avatar State one final time to finally defeat Hougen. In the process though, he turned the largest city into a seemingly endless forest, and was found just waking up back in the now ruins of the palace. The war Is finally over.

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