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Aang is a major character in Finding Ursa.

Older Aang

Avatar Aang

Before Finding Ursa:

Avatar Aang came back to the world after 100 years and defeated Phoenix King Ozai and restored balance to the world. He then started a relationship with his girlfriend, Katara. After, he and Fire Lord Zuko created Republic City, a society where benders and non-benders can live in peace. He created Air Temple Island and Avatar Aang Memorial Island.

105 AG:

He is currently on a mission to find Zuko's mom with Iroh, Katara, and Toph. He is feared a little by Ozai, but is still frightened by Azula. He is currently traveling to Ba Sing Se.


Aang is still the fun-loving kid he was 5 years ago. However, he is attacking his problems head-on. He has started to shave, and has grown a few inches. He still fights his battles peacefully, and uses energybending a lot more instead of killing someone. However, he will do anything to protect his loved ones and his friends. Now that he is with Katara, he normally goes out of his way to please her. Other than that, he is still the same Aang.


Aang is still a powerful bender; the best in the world. He has improved his waterbending skills since he is, most of the time, with Katara. Aang has mastered earthbending as well, and is taking an interest in metalbending. Aang has also mastered firebending. He has complete control of the Avatar State as well.

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