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Aang is the current Avatar and the protagonist of the fanon Avatar: Energy Saga. He also fulfills the same role as a canon character in Avatar: The Last Airbender. Born in 12 BG, he was told of his identity as the Avatar when he was twelve years old, just prior to the Sozin's Comet which was used to begin the Hundred Year War.


Pre-Energy Saga

Early Life

Aang was born to two Air Nomads in a time when the four nations lived together in harmony. During his early years he was able to visit each of the different nations and enjoy a relatively care-free lifestyle. He had friends and fun places he liked to go all over the world. This lasted until he was twelve.


Although it is traditional for an Avatar's identity as such to be revealed to them on their sixteenth birthday, in Aang's case the monks told him sooner because they believed a crisis was approaching which had the potential to plunge their beloved and long-peaceful world into warfare. But after he found out he was the Avatar, everything about Aang's life began to change. He became distanced from his friends and plans were put in motion to separate him from his long-time guardian Monk Gyatso, whom he regarded as a father figure. Frustrated by the situation, Aang ran away on his sky bison, Appa, and froze himself in ice for a hundred years.

Hundred Year War

After being frozen in a block of ice with Appa for a century, Aang was discovered and awoken by the waterbender Katara, of the Southern Water Tribe, and her brother Sokka. The world was now a very different one than the one he had grown up in. For the past one hundred years, the rest of the world had been at war with the Fire Nation. The Air Nomads were wiped out, one of the Water Tribes was decimated and much of the Earth Kingdom was now conquered. As Avatar, it was Aang's duty to bring the world back into balance and restore peace. To do so, he first had to master the remaining three elements - water, earth and fire - then confront the Fire Lord and end his reign of terror. Katara and Sokka accompanied him and Aang met new friends and companions along his journey. It is a thrilling tale which is well-known and there is no need to duplicate on this page.

Book One: Beginnings


Along with the rest of Team Avatar, Mai and Iroh, Aang celebrated the end of the Hundred Year War at the Jasmine Dragon in Ba Sing Se. After sharing a kiss with his love interest Katara outside, Aang came back inside and thanked Iroh for hosting them. Aang then told the retired general and Grand Lotus that he had defeated Ozai by taking his firebending away with energybending. Iroh told Aang that he had heard of a fifth bending art during his time in the Order of the White Lotus and if he was interested in finding out more he should ask Jeong Jeong.

Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph and Suki set off to see Jeong Jeong while Zuko and Mai returned to the Fire Nation Capital. When Aang brought up energybending, Jeong Jeong refused to tell him anything about it and yelled at Team Avatar to leave. Surprised by his reaction, Aang and company went to a nearby town and found that the residents were being terrorized by a local group of bandits. Deciding to save the people from the threat and defeat the bandits, Team Avatar fights and defeats them with their superior skills.

Aang was just about to finish off the final three while in the Avatar State when a mysterious assailant through a small object at him which turned into a switch-knife. Aang successfully dodged the blade, but only caught a brief glimpse of the man before he disappeared. It was clear that he had intended to kill Aang while he was in the Avatar State and end the Avatar Cycle in doing so. Shocked, Aang and the others go into a tea shop to ponder who the assassin was and where he came from, but could not come up with an answer. Shortly afterwards, the gang splits up and returns to their respective homes. Aang travels with Katara to the Southern Water Tribe to spend more time with her before picking up his Avatar duties again.

Reunion and coup

A few years later in 104 AG, Aang went to visit to Zuko and Mai in the Fire Nation along with Katara, Sokka, Toph and Suki. The occasion seemed to be a dinner party, but Zuko soon informed them that there was rumor of a looming assassination attempt on him and that he could not trust anyone in the palace. Aang and the others successfully thwarted the plot, which had been orchestrated by the son of Admiral Zhao. One of the weapons carried by Zhao's men bore a symbol on it similar to the one wielded by the man who attacked Aang in the Avatar State.


Now that the conspiracy was foiled and Zuko was safe, Katara offered to accompany Aang on his Avatar duties, which Aang was happy to allow. They helped many people in different parts of the world together. One day, Aang proposed to Katara and she agreed to marry him. However, her family insisted that they not see each other frequently before the wedding, based on tribal superstition.

Search for Energybending knowledge

Aang was distraught at not being allowed to see his future wife and continued to miss the Air Nomad life he had grown up with. His future brother-in-law Sokka suggested that he use energybending to bestow the gift of airbending on people and offers to accompany him in his journey to discover how to do this.

Aang and Sokka's first stop was the Eastern Air Temple where they found Guru Pathik. Aang could not learn how to bend the energies, as Pathik was not a bender, but Pathik was able to explain how they worked and how to sense them within one's body. Not knowing where to go next, Aang follows a vision from Yue and they travel to the Northern Water Tribe where she could supposedly teach Aang about energybending.

Yue told Aang about the history of energybending in the world and how to perform some of the moves. It was difficult for Aang to learn at first, as Aang kept passing out from exhaustion from the new type of bending he was not used to. He also dreamed memories of his past lives when he fell unconscious. Yue told him that this was probably unique to him being the Avatar.

Since Yue could not teach him how to give airbending - which was why he had come in the first place - Aang told her that he would be leaving the North Pole to see if he could figure it out on his own. Yue taught him one final move before he lfet: Shuten Shogai, the most powerful move in energybending, which he would require another person by his side to perform. At last Aang and Sokka came across a boy from Faxian Island in the Earth Kingdom named Trinley, who was destined to be Aang's first new airbending student.

Marriage to Katara and vision from Roku

Main article:Wedding of Katara and Aang (Energy Saga)

After they found Trinley, Aang and Sokka returned to the Southern Water Tribe for Aang's marriage to Katara. The wedding of Katara and Aang took place three weeks after the Winter Solstice in 105 AG, just a few years after the end of the Hundred Year War. The event and celebration were held in the traditional Southern Water Tribe style. As the wedding of the daughter of a Tribal Chief and the Avatar, the ceremony and reception were large and extravagant and guests from all over the world came to attend. That night, Aang had a dream where Roku came to him in a vision and warned him not to energybend anymore since it could damage the natural balance of the world. Aang snubs Roku and the two part after a heated argument.

The asylum

Aang accompanied Zuko to the mental facility in 106 AG when Azula was released. The former Fire Nation princess admitted that she had made mistakes and claimed to have stopped trying to control people through fear. She also offered to do a favor for Aang and Zuko to prove that she had changed. Neither Aang nor Zuko would trust her with a second chance, however. As Zuko and Aang were on their way out, Aang noticed a man dressed in the same attire as the one who tried to attack him in the Avatar State. Aang caught up with him and subdued him, but the man committed suicide with poison before any information could be found through questioning.

Book Two: Rise

Rebuilding the Air Nomads

Aang trained Trinley in airbending techniques until he became an airbending master. Aang also used energybending to give airbending abilities to many others, including Nola, Shao, Feng Qu, Rensa, Icarus and Teo, thus effectively restarting the Air Nomads. Since there were not as many Air Nomads as when Aang was growing up, he led all major operations from the Southern Air Temple - which was now coed, while Teo, his father and their fellow refugees remained at the Northern Air Temple.


Katara and Aang had three children together: Tenzin - an airbender, Kaddo - a waterbender and Vameira - also an airbender. They lived at the South Pole in Katara's village, but made frequent visits to the Southern Air Temple and other parts of the world as Aang divided his time between his family and keeping the balance of the world as the Avatar.

The Vault

When they were in the Fire Nation Capital, Aang and his family visited The Vault, an institution which was operated by The Vaultmaster. The Vault was a hall of fame and gallery for great warriors throughout history and their old friend Piandao was set to be added to the collection. Before the official ceremony, The Vaultmaster gave them a tour of the place and Aang felt drawn to one of the statues, which happened to be of one of his past lives: Avatar Doru Kun.

Cave of the Ancients

Aang believed that Doru Kun must have something to tell him and decided to go to his shrine at the mysterious Cave of the Ancients - which was in the mountain range near Omashu - to figure out what that might be. He set off on an expedition accompanied by Katara, Toph, Sokka, Suki, Ty Lee, Zuko and Mai. Appa was tired that day, so they departed Omashu on foot. On the way, they came to a tiny village where they met a man named Migo and his earthbending teacher, Brawki. Brawki had been to the cave before and told them about his earlier visit. Migo knew the way and offered to be their guide.

When the group camped at the base of the mountain where the Cave of the Ancients was located, Aang had another Avatar memory dream. He could not identify who the past Avatar was this time, but they were fighting an unknown, powerful force and they had to find a way to defeat it for the sake of the world. Unlike the previous times he had such experiences, Aang had not fallen asleep from over-exerting himself with energybending.

Zuko received an urgent message and had to return to the Fire Nation while the rest of the team continued on to the cave. Inside the cave, Aang found Doru Kun's shrine inside what appeared to be an underground city. He discovered here that Doru Kun fought an energybender when he was alive, despite the fact that he lived long after the dawn of elemental bending and the decline of energybending. Just then, he was attacked by a woman who looked like Azula, who asked them where Zuko was. Migo informed her that he had returned to the Fire Nation Capital and she left them alone.

Fire Nation Civil War

Aang did not have time to ponder what he learned about Doru Kun for long, as war broke out in the Fire Nation. As Avatar, Aang focused his attention on taking out the new threat to the balance. Along with Katara and Migo, Aang traveled to the Northern Water Tribe to ask Chief Arnook and his advisers for support in fighting the rebels in the Fire Nation who sought to overthrow Zuko. Unfortunately this venture was unsuccessful and Arnook refused to allow his nation to become involved in another war.

Next, Aang had his heart on Omashu, where his friend Toph was the Queen. Aang had devised a plan that could end the war quickly, which involved using Omashu as a base, engaging in an assault on Hukow's province and setting up a strong presence in the land that was once the Fire Nation colonies. However, this idea never came to fruition as by the time they arrived, Queen Toph had been attacked and was put in a coma along with her head servant, Nala.


Aang decided to enlist the help of his fellow Air Nomads to fend off some pirates who were taking advantage of the state of war to plunder the citizens of coastal towns in the Fire Nation. Tenzin approached his father about joining them, but Aang would not allow him to participate in the mission. Tenzin became angry and ran away, leaving a note in the same manner that Aang did when he ran away.

Aang had difficulty concentrating on the mission after Tenzin left. Nevertheless, the airbenders were able to use the element of surprise when they sprung down from their airship and subdued their enemy. The final pirate ship was harder to take than the last two and Aang considered using Shuten Shogai with Trinley, but this did not become necessary. Once the pirates were ready to be taken to the authorities, Icarus practiced his new airbending move - which was called asphyxiation and suffocated an opponent by taking the air out of their lungs - on the captain, killing him. When Aang saw what Icarus had done, he threatened to take his airbending away if he did it again.


Originally Aang never wanted to be the Avatar and shoulder the heavy responsibility that came along with it. But over time, he came to accept and fulfill his duty to the world. He is adventurous and fun-loving – also a little naïve at times. A proud Air Nomad, Aang carries with him some nostalgia for his life at the Air Temples before he was frozen. Likewise, he is of the peaceful type and only uses violence when absolutely necessary. Aang has a close dependency on those he loves and cares about. This is most visible with Katara and with the airbenders.


  • Katara (wife)
  • Tenzin (son)
  • Kaddo (son)
  • Vameira (daughter)
  • Sokka (brother-in-law)
  • Suki (sister-in-law)
  • Hinko (nephew)
  • Hakoda (father-in-law)
  • Pakku (step-grandfather-in-law)
  • Kanna (grandmother-in-law)
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12 BG - 153 AG
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