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By MightyBrit Part of the Child of Destiny continuity.
Biographical information

Air Nomads, Southern Air Temple


122 (biologically 22)

Physical description


Hair color

Bald (Black if grown out)

Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Glider staff

Fighting style(s)

Airbending, Waterbending (formerly), Earthbending, Firebending, Energybending


Katara, Zuko, Sokka, Suki, Toph, Appa, Pathik


The Cult of Sozin

Chronological and political information

Fully realized Avatar, leader of the New Nomads

First appearance

The First Airbender

Aang is one of the main protagonists from MightyBrit's fanon, Child of Destiny.

Before the story

Ten years after the fall of Ozai and the end of Sozin's War, Avatar Aang has embraced his destiny as a fully realized Avatar. Desperate to restore balance to the world, Aang has devoted himself to restoring balance to the world by resurrecting the Air Nomads. With the assistance of his beloved Katara and the wise Guru Pathik, he rebuilt the Western Air Temple and brought members of all societies who wished to start a new life. He taught them the ancient and pacifist ways of the Air Nomads, teaching his New Nomads everything he knew about his old society. He refused to Energybend people to give them the gift of Airbending, believing that once the spirituality of his people was restored in the world, Airbending would also return and his early interference would be going against the balance he hoped to achieve. His wisdom proved true, when Guru Pathik sensed the spirits building around the unborn child of two Nomads, Ran and Farsi, who would later give birth to the first Airbending child in over a century, Diyi.

During the story

When Diyi was kidnapped by an unknown party, Aang fought off seven shadows that proved to be nothing more than a distraction. Aang's grief over losing her drove him to tremendous anger. He traveled to the Fire Nation with Appa to try and discover who was responsible. He forged an alliance with Zuko and traveled with his best friend to Ba Sing Se, where they met up with Toph and the Earth King to discuss the matters of the Cult of Sozin. After being taken to an Earth Kingdom prison, he agonized over the fact that prisons were still necessary in the world and disapproved of Zuko and Toph's acceptance and use of them.

After Pantu revealed that the Cult of Sozin had Zuko's mother, he helped his old friend deal with his mother's amnesia and accept the fact that he had to let Toph protect her in Ba Sing Se. After Zuko received a message from his ambassador, Han Dre, Aang traveled with him to the North Pole, looking for Zhao and Diyi. Aang arrived as Sokka dueled Zhao on Zhao's giant skyship. However, his arrival caused Sokka to be distracted for a moment which resulted in Zhao killing Yue and Waterbenders across the world losing their abilities.

He witnessed Zhao's 'death' at the hands of Wuoyan and after seeing his return to his smoke like form figured out that the shadows that stole Diyi were actually spirits. With Zuko and Appa, he went to the Spirit Oasis in the North Pole to enter the Spirit World, where he discovered that the Spirit World had been nearly destroyed and he once again came face to face with Koh, the Facestealer.


Aang is the most peaceful human being on the planet. His defining trait is his pacifism and his belief that all life is sacred. He despises even the thought of war and is utterly devoted to peace and the preservation of it. He is also fun-loving, caring, humble and loyal. As a very spiritual person, he believes strongly in balance and has devoted his life to restoring the spirituality and culture of the Air Nomads into the New Nomads so that he could restore the balance between the four nations. His personality and spiritual beliefs are being put to the test as the Zhao and the Cult of Sozin work to undo all he has achieved in his life - the end of the war and his refounding of the Air Nomads.


Aang is a fully realized Avatar and as such has the power that goes along with such a lofty title. He has mastered all four elements above the level that most benders even dream of. He is proficient with certain subsets of bending as well - he can redirect lightning and Soundbend to an extent. He also has the unique ability to commune with the Spirit World. In addition, he can fully control the Avatar State and use the power of the past Avatars at will.

Like all other Waterbenders, Aang lost his ability to Waterbend after the death of Yue.

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