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"Like I promised, Zuko. And I won't go against my word. I never will..."
— Aang, saving a bleeding Zuko in Bad Start.
Aang in Avatar Better World
Biographical information

Air Nomad


Eastern Air Temple, Air Nomads, 12 BG


100 AG, Old Ba Sing Se (revived afterward)[1]

Physical description



5'1 [2]

Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Bending style(s)

Airbending, Waterbending, Earthbending, Firebending, Energybending

Chronological and political information



Team Avatar, Fire Nation, Earth Kingdom, Northern Air Temple
(Former) Southern Air Temple

  • Monk Gyatso
  • Katara]
  • Pakku
  • Toph Bei Fong
  • Jeong Jeong
  • Zuko



Dead, 70,000 Gold Pieces

Avatar Aang is the current Avatar, who defeated the Fire Lord and ended Sozin's War. Supposedly bringing in an era of peace, Aang received nothing but suffering for a long time, as many assassination attempts on his head battered him, he began to get stressful.



Born in the Southern Air Temple in 12 BG, Aang was taken away from his two parents, and decided by the Council of Elders that he would be placed under the care of Monk Gyatso. Aang unknowingly revealed himself to be the Avatar as a young child.

At age 12, in 0 BG, after finding out that the Council wanted to take him away, he ran away, falling into a storm and foreclosing himself in a giant iceberg. Awakening 100 years later, he found Katara and Sokka, two Water Tribe siblings, and began a journey to master the elements.

After a few months, Aang had found the tribe, fighting in a giant Siege formed by Admiral Zhao, and won. After this, the group ventured to the Earth Kingdom, where he lost Appa, ventured to Ba Sing Se, found Appa, and electrocuted by Azula, killing him, though he was revived by Katara and then fell into unconsciousness.[3]

In the Fire Nation

Aang awoke a month later, and found out the world thought he was dead and his friends planned an invasion. After going through a time of redemption needing, Aang and his friends disguised themselves in the Fire Nation.[3]

Rescuing Sokka

"Calm down..I mean, what crazy thing could he have done to get into some dangerous place?'"
— Aang, talking to Toph and Katara in Kuno Chaos

One day, Sokka was gone for hours going off to get meat in the village of Kuno, Fire Nation. Aang got worried and began to go search for him, asking people all over the village if they knew where he was. Finally, someone says where to find him, so Aang runs off to it: the Kuno Prison. Aang looked through the window and talked to Sokka, asking him what he was doing in jail. Sokka told him, and then he tried to break the bars with Sokka's machete. Aang sawed continually, but suddenly guards came and the cellmate of Sokka, The Guru, burnt the wall down, and the two escaped.

Running around the village, trying to escape, Aang sliced off Sokka's cuffs with water from a nearby puddle. Sokka grabbed two fresh swords, handing one to Aang, who remarked it was hot, to which Sokka remarked with obviously. Sokka sliced a barrel of Leechi Nuts causing the contents to spill and several of the guards to slip. Lee joined the chase with a 4-foot sword, and Aang jumped onto the sun blocker of a meat shop and through his sword at a fire cracker shop, causing an explosion that knocked out the people around them and singe the shops, the two running away just in time.

The two got back to the campsite, where Toph asked if they got the meat, to which the to respond by groaning and passing out. [2]

Fighting the OctoWorms

Aang investigates

Aang figures out how to defeat the "OctoWorms"

Several months later, Aang and Sokka are walking through a plain in the Western Air Temple. Aang utters under his breath in a conversation the fact that he kissed Katara, to which Sokka hears. Aang fixes himself, and the two relax at the plains. Just then, three giant "octoworms" burst from the ground. The two have several failed attempts in defeating them, though Aang does defeat 2 before at least five more burst out of the ground. A little later, Aang comes up with the idea to Earthbend a large portion of the wall behind the worms onto them, loosening it with Firebending. In the end, Aang flies off, leaving Sokka to run following him, but slip in worm drool.[4]

After the War


" was a bad day, to say the least."
— Description of Aang's feelings after the skirmish on Haroon in Bad Start
Blurry Aang

Aang charges at Hain.

After the Fire Lord was defeated, Aang and Fire Lord Zuko went on several missions to make the world better. Aang and Zuko at one point went on a peace mission on the Fire Nation island of Haroon, when a bounty hunter came out and attacked them. In a large, struggling battle, Zuko pushed Aang out of the way before being brutally attacked by dozens of flaming knives.

In a screeching groan, Zuko told Aang to run, and so he did, for 2 hours. Figuring he's lost him, he went into an abandoned temple, searching for a way out. He finally reached the exit, where he spotted Zuko, bleeding heavily. He ran to his side, slumming his arm over his soldier. Just then, Hain, the bounty hunter, attacked Aang from the trees, Aang dodging it and then taking off to get Zuko to a safe place, Hain hot on his tail. After getting him there, Aang charged after Hain, the two beginning to engage in a violent duel. Aang became very struggling as they fought strait through to the middle of the island, giving more and more into his anger.

Aang's frustration ignited his Avatar State in defense, battering the assassin into submission. About to kill him, he broke down into tears, angrily yelling at Hain to get away from him, which he fearfully did. Aang knew that Hain would be arrested once he reached the beach, and eventually darted off to get Zuko. He told him he'd never go back on promises, and took him to the beach, telling the soldiers to take him to a medical bay. He soon later left on another ship.[5]

Duel with the Mercenary

"Hey. Name's Lee. And I'm here to kill ya."
Lee Koisho begins his next hunt against Aang in Hunted

Aang sustained several injuries from his fight with Hain, but not as bad as Zuko's.[6] When he returned to Ba Sing Se and received coverings, he decided to mull over the incident on the beach. He was furious with himself, considering himself a failure. Sokka came up to him, surprising him, causing Aang to strike a defense position. Sokka told him to calm down, and began to try to comfort him on the recent developments.

Aang, however, grew more furious and Sokka left, departing with a comment on how he liked him better when he was a careless kid. Aang griped with his bitterness and eventually left the beach to go to his hut

Personality and traits


Appearances and References



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