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By Donnaclus Part of the Avatar Aang: The Locked Elements continuity.
This covers everything about Aang in the fanon.
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"Azula. I have defeated your father. I have kept the balance for centuries. It is not going to be destroyed by you."
— Aang talking to Azula, in Enshrouded - Aang and Azula.
Aang at Jasmine Dragon
Biographical information

Air Nomads; Southern Air Temple

Age 112 (biologically 12, in The Last Airbender series)
171 (biologically 71); deceased (in Legend of Korra series)
do NOT change, his age according to Legend of Korra info
Physical description


Hair color Black
NOT brown, do NOT change
(usually shaven)
Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

The Elements, Glider Staff

Fighting style(s)

Airbending, Waterbending, Earthbending, Firebending, Energybending, Lightbending (Yang), Darkbending (Yin)


Iroh, Bai, Shiron


Azula, Zvard

Chronological and political information

Avatar, Monk, Tea Servant in the Jasmine Dragon


Fully Realized Avatar

Avatar Aang, an Air Nomad, is the current Avatar, the manifestation of the world in human form, and thus the only person in the Avatar world who can use all four bending disciplines: Airbending, Waterbending, Earthbending and Firebending. He is also one of the few Avatars to learn Energybending. He is one of only three lightbenders. He and Azula are the only Darkbenders who can use Darkbending without the aid of a supportive element.


This area is descriptive for what the writer has revealed. And thus, the history won't be fully revealed until the story is fully written.


See Aang.

Book 1: Fire

Aang decided to settle with Iroh in Ba Sing Se, and got employment in the Jasmine Dragon for a job, since Iroh was his new firebending tutor after Zuko became Fire Lord. He discovered Lightbending while in his Lightning generation training when he accidentally let his Yang overpower his Yin. Later, he meets the last person who could Lightbend, Bai, who was running away from a "group of firebenders with dark powers". Perplexed, Avatar Aang meditates and goes onto a Spirit World trip into a new place- The Syndicate of Light where he meets the first Avatar, Shiron, who explained to Aang and Bai why can't most people bend Yin and Yang, it is because the balance was done by Shiron, and he locked the quantities of Yin and Yang. However, Agni Kai accidents allows control of the Yin and Yang, however it is rare. Another method is a quantity change, which can be done by absorbing Yang or Yin attacks. Aang now recognizes the Yin Firebenders threat, and is willing to save the world once again.



Aang is very skilled at Darkbending. Normally, he would send Dark Beams to hit his opponent. In a strategy similar to firebending, he may use Dark Whips. He sometimes mixes it with Airbending to create a Dark Wind or Firebending to create Dark Flames. Rarely, he combines it with Lightbending to do the YinYang Lightning, which is seven times more powerful than regular firebender's lightning. Aang can also use it to disappear. He can also combine it with Toph's Metalbending to create a piece of Yin Metal, which can be used to block Yin attacks (Darkbending, Firebending and Earthbending).

After he mastered it successfully, Aang sends a ring of darkness around him that hits all his opponents. If he combines it with Airbending and Firebending, it becomes too dangerous for the opponent. Aang can combine it with Waterbending to create a substance called Dark Ice, which causes damage when flinged, which is a very hard skill since darkness needs to be concentrated so the Dark Ice doesn't fail by too much darkness.

In the Avatar State, He enshrouds the whole world in darkness and sends Yin Lightning to completely paralyze his opponent. The darkness weakens Airbending and Waterbending and powers up their opposing elements, Fire and Earth. He can also gather all the darkness he spread and fire them in a superior created beam that is colored indigo rather than the usual black. He can also summon dead spirits of Yin-Element users and take their powers for their aid.


As with Darkbending is quite skilled at Lightbending, but is still in training with Bai, and due to the complexity of the skill, he did not stop his training until he deceased. The utilization of Lightbending is identical to Darkbending, namely Light Beams, Light Whips and create Light Wind or White Fire with Airbending or Firebending. Aang can use the Lightbending to reveal hidden people.

As a master, Aang creates a beam that rotates a complete circle around him. It can be combined with Waterbending to enhance the damage. He can also create light stones, which can remove Darkness.

In the Avatar State, he covers the world in white light, which powers up Airbending and Waterbending and weakens Firebending and Earthbending. If he adds Waterbending, White Rain falls, damaging Dark Powers.


  • Aang does not use Momo or Appa in The Locked Elements.
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