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Aang in monk robes
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Southern Air Temple


12 (biologically)



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Black (shaved)

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"Avatar State"


Miku (Mother)


Miku, Appa, Gyatso, Katara, Toph, Sokka, Ty Lee more...

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"Beginnings of Legacy"

Aang is a young male Air Nomad of the Southern Air Temple and the main protagonist of the story. Although his biology says he's 12, he is actually 100 years older, due to his 100-year ice imprisonment. Since he was the only one to survive the massacre, this makes him the last airbender left in the world.


Aang is naturally friendly, kind, and admittedly, a bit funny. Despite going through many hardships on his journey, he remains cheerful and happy. He has a strong bond with animals and is usually pretty great with them. Along with him being a vegetarian, he feels rather uncomfortable when he sees things such as animal skin cloths or watching others eat meat.



Baby Aang

Newborn Aang

Aang was born a gifted airbender of the Southern Air Temple. His life remained fairly unchanged from the other Air Nomads until he turned three. His mentor Gyatso brought him into airbending and amazingly, Aang picked it up oddly quickly. After discussing with the other monks, they realize that Aang is the next in line in the great Avatar chain. Ever since this was found out, Aang was slightly spoiled upon it, but not to a large extent to utterly change him. Aang wasn't told of his Avatar status during this time so he acted like he was like any other airbender of the air temple. His mother, Miku, had always kept him close and helped Aang whenever he needed it and Aang had gained an almost unbreakable bond with his mother.

Book 1: Water

Air temple

Aang first appears alongside Gyatso, doing meditation practice for the while. Aang checked on Gyatso for a bit and quietly got up, and tried to sneak away to play. However, Gyatso caught him and pulled him back. In the end though, he simply asked to be let go so he can play and was given permission to do so. With that in mind, he went off to play. After that was over, he meets up with the other Air Nomad children, whom were waiting for him. He was about to go play Airball when his mother called him. He went to her as he was asked if he had fed Appa, to which he replied that he fed him before going with Gyatso. After that was cleared, he said goodbye to Miku and went off to play with the others. After the game was done, and Aang got home, he wasn't able to sleep. He eventually looked outside the window, only to find a group of Fire Nation soldiers, starting to attack his home! Terrified, he quickly alerted the temple and tried to run from the massacre. During this escape, he finds himself with his mother, whom he was glad to see. He begins to retaliate when Miku tells him to live for the both of them, knowing what that meant. He could only watch as Miku was killed in front of him, and he starts to run to Appa's pen. As soon as he gave the word, he escapes, only to watch as his home was burned to the ground. During the flight, he and Appa end up in a seaside storm, of which they both crash in the water. During this, he ends up going into the Avatar State and seals himself and Appa in an ice orb, to keep safe.

Aang wakes up in an unknown area, in a semi-conscious state, where he sees the ghost of his mother coming to speak with him. He was pleased, but felt hurt as she explains what is really going on. From here, he was told of him being the Avatar and how his mother knew this. He forgives her though before she disappears and afterwards goes into meditation, waiting to begin his journey.

South Pole

Aang in the iceberg

His discovery 100 years later.

After waiting years (which felt like hours to him), he was found by Katara, who released him from his ice tomb. Aang was still unconscious from the struggle and wakes up, looking right at Katara. He tries to get his surroundings right and introduces himself and Appa to her. He then asks her where her tribe is, needing somewhere to rest up for a while, but before he can continue, he ended up sneezing, launching himself to the top of the iceberg. This is how Katara found out he's an airbender. Aang tries getting up, but suddenly finds himself sliding right into Katara, kissing her accidentally. He apologizes and quickly changes subjects and asks about her fishing. He ends up a part of it when Katara instructs him to hold a net while she preforms the "water bomb" to get more fish. Aang managed to catch a lot of fish for her and after that, he and Katara part ways, Aang still needing to find out where to go.

After flying around for a bit, Aang and Appa find a nice spot to rest and Aang goes on about where to go. The idea of Katara's village came back, but he was annoyed with Appa "laughing" from the mistake kiss. He ignores it when he sees the village fire smoke and they both immediately fly over to it.

Aang stops flying over far off to drop off Appa so he wouldn't be seen until he sorts it out with the chief. Aang goes into the Water Tribe village to find the chief, seeing the people looking at him oddly. He manages to find the chief, Sokka. He doesn't know Sokka was the chief at first and asked where the chief was. After finding out who the chief was (Sokka), He goes on explaining on how he ended up there, Sokka not believing him. When Sokka tells him about the 100 years that passed, he thinks it was some sort of joke until he realizes he's telling the truth. He tries to convince him and gets angry when Sokka doesn't believe him as an Air Nomad and manages to convince him when he air blasts one of his guards. After that, he was given the opportunity to stay and he gets Appa back.

While having a meal inside, he explains to Sokka what has happened to him. After that's done, he compliments on Sokka's status as leader, only to find he's just holding down the fort for his father who's still at war. After some time, he finds Katara who came into the same hut. After some explaining on how he and Katara met (aside from the kiss), he asks about the Fire Nation's Hundred Year War, where he gets the main idea of what he is up against.

Later on that night, Aang is unable to sleep due to the stress of what he has to face. During this, he hears someone going out of the hut. Without waking Sokka, he goes off to check on whoever had left and trailed the person to a cave outside of the village. Here, he found out it was actually Katara. While inside, he finds out about her secret place and kind of tells her that he is the Avatar to explain his stress. After that's explained, he faces the problem with where to go, which is when Katara tells him about Arnook and how he can be perfect as Aang's waterbending teacher. Aang agrees, but wants Katara to come with him so she can help him on his way. He wasn't worried too much over the Fire Nation though, saying Appa is too fast for them. When he and Katara return though, he was confronted by Sokka, who challenges him to a duel over Katara. After that, he immediately considers leaving and he's hoping Katara can convince Sokka to call it off.

The next morning, Katara found him and Appa back at the same iceberg. When Aang saw her, he immediately asked if the duel was called off, but it hadn't worked out like he had hoped. Aang still had to fight Sokka, so he went back, telling Appa to stay put until the duel was over. When he arrived in the village, he asked again if Sokka wanted to reconsider, but it didn't work. Things got worse when Aang was told that, in order to be fair, he wasn't allowed to airbend. He was given a staff though, but it didn't help. For most of the duel, he was simply trying to avoid fighting and kept Sokka at bay until he was knocked off his feet. Lucky for him though, Aurora stopped Sokka just before Aang could get killed and he just watched as Aurora explained to Sokka the main deal. Before Aurora left, Aang asked it how it know so much about him, only getting the reply that he would find out in due time. Thanks to Aurora, Aang was pretty much saved as Sokka called the duel off.

After the duel, Aang went in the chief's hut to talk to Sokka, wanting to apologize for everything that had happened that day. It turned out that Sokka apologized to Aang for starting the fight in the first place. Aang forgave him, saying he was just trying to protect those he loved and he understood that. After this was resolved, Katara came in to tell Aang that she was ready to go. Aang headed outside and got onto Appa, thanked the tribe, and flew off with Katara. They stopped by the border of the South Pole to go penguin sledding and to let Appa rest, but suddenly they were spotted by a deadly polar leopard. Aang was just about to fight when Sokka came in and drove it away. After some explaining, Aang happily accepted him into Team Avatar and from there, they continued to the North Pole.

To the North

Aang and the others continued on forward to the north for a while, traveling over the sea. Aang was used to these sort of flights, although Katara was very amazed with the flight. It was a bit uneventful until Zuko found them and started to attack. Aang managed to get them out of harm's way by deflecting some of the attacks and they headed off to the Earth Kingdom. Aang managed to find a spot to rest and during this, he decided to get a few pointers from Katara on waterbending. He tried to lift the water into an orb, but each time he tried, it ended up in a water blast; the first time was on himself, the second on Sokka, and the third happened to hit Zuko when he found them again. When Zuko just called him a kid, he remarked that Zuko was just a teenager, thus starting a short yet violent fight until they managed to escape thanks to Appa. Aang was confused on what Zuko meant when he said he was going to take him back with him, but shrugged it off, more focused on getting as much distance between him and Zuko as possible.

When they stopped to rest, Aang decided to make a small necklace for Katara as a thank you for her coming along. After giving it to her, Aang got a good laugh from seeing Sokka being owned by a fish. Here, he met a calm man from Makapu Village. After talking for a bit, he decided to go back to the village, after getting Appa up of course.

Aang went back to the village and watched Aunt Wu predict from the clouds. Intrigued with this, he and Katara went and asked Aunt Wu for a prediction. While they were waiting for one, Meng appeared and offered them some snacks while he was waiting. He waited as Katara got her fortune told and then it was his turn. His prediction was related to a close friend that was mostly like him that he'd meet in the future.

After that was done, they went outside to find Sokka in a panic. Aang didn't speak too much, but mainly Aang was trying to tell Sokka to calm down and that Aunt Wu was correct. After Sokka ran off though, Aang and Katara waited for him to come back. When he did, Aang was a witness to the events occurring during the eruption of Mt. Makapu.

When they left the village, Aang felt a bit guilty for not helping out the villagers with the repairs, but before they landed, Sokka assured him that they would be just fine. After some time though, Aang found out he was wanted by the Fire Nation when he found a wanted poster with him on it. When Ty Lee began to come over, he and Appa quickly hid as Sokka and Katara spoke with her. He didn't come out until she went away and immediately got the idea to go to the circus for some fun. It took some convincing and a childish "puppy eye" look to get the others to go along.

After getting some disguises, he and the others went to the circus to witness the show, being amazed the most when Ty Lee did her performance. Aang was especially intrigued with this and decided to go and talk to her. By the end of the show, he tried sneaking off, but Ty Lee found him instead. In the end, Aang didn't even need to ask, since she wanted to join him on his adventure. Aang happily took her in (after convincing Sokka) and they went back to Appa to continue.

It took a while before they had to rest again and Aang was going through the forest with the others. When Zuko appeared again, he hid as Ty Lee talked to him. When Aang saw she was about to be burned, he quickly exposed himself and the others with his airbending. After that, he ended up in a duel with Zuko for a while. At one point, Zuko asked him why he wasn't fighting and he responded it was against his alignment. Before it could go any further though, he and the others were saved by the Freedom Fighters and were invited back after the Fire Nation was gone. During the dinner though later on, he decided to leave, not wanting to hear how the Freedom Fighters had their lives ruined. He found a quieter spot and was thinking about his mother when Raiu attacked him and took him back to Zuko, who Aang thought was the one who sent it at him in the first place. Aang couldn't really do anything, pinned by Raiu the whole time, until Ty Lee appeared again and saved him.

Later on in the morning, Aang reappeared with Ty Lee, approaching the Freedom Fighters. Aang was glad to be okay and accepted the Freedom Fighters' apology for not being able to help him out. After Ty Lee explained how she defeated Raiu so easily, Aang remembered Aunt Wu's prediction and figured Ty Lee was the friend she had been talking about. Aang, though, had to think of it later, as Raiu and Zuko returned. After seeing a rough fight go out with them, Aang surrendered himself so his friends wouldn't get killed and got paralysed for it. Aang woke up in a Fire Nation prison, chained up, where he came face to face with Zuko again. Aang asked why Zuko just didn't kill him if he was the Fire Nation's enemy, getting the answer that he was needed alive for the Firelord. Aang was released of his chains but only until after his cell door was shut, locking him in. As he was in here, one of the refugees, Toph, started talking to him, giving him a glass shard so he could see her. While doing this, Sokka, dressed as a guard, found him and Aang ended up thinking that he would end up being hanged until he saw it was Sokka. From here, he basically went along and escaped the prison, no casualties on his part.

Soon after flying some ways, Aang showed the others his waterbending, which had improved. But when he became glad at the comment, he ended up soaked when he accidentally bent the water orb on himself. After a bit, his group met Chong and his fellow nomads, and soon got the idea to go through the Cave of Two Lovers as a shortcut. Aang agreed and they went to it. Aang just followed for the time being until it came to the point when Aang, Katara and Momo ended up split up from the others. Aang was starting to worry as he continued to travel the cave, but then Katara got the idea that they should kiss to have love show the way. Aang, although surprised, agreed to try it and, just as the light went out, they kissed. Turned out it worked, and they found the way out.

After some hiking, Aang had managed to find Omashu, which at that point was taken over by the Fire Nation. Not wanting to leave Omashu in their grip, he went in to try to help. For most of the time, he couldn't exactly do anything. After all, he was just one kid. Eventually, he was found out and ended up found by Aurora again, who was following him to protect him. However they were found again, but his friends came back, tricking the guards into thinking they got a deadly disease called Pentapox. Aang eventually got onto the idea and decided to help out. After being "infected" by the pentapus, he found Aurora again, whom Aang asked to protect his friends in case things went wrong with the plan. Aang went out, found Mai, and tried acting like he was dying from this sickness. But unfortunately, Mai didn't buy it and pinned him down with her blades, saying she would deal with him later. After the Fire Nation was driven out though, Aurora came back and got him free.

After traveling for a bit and finding a spot to rest, Aang was enjoying some bread, when Ty Lee asked him about Aurora and about when he had met him. This made Aang rather distraught, as he never met Aurora before the time in the South Pole. When they found Haru though, Aang could only watch as Ty Lee was captured. They trailed after her for a while and, later on that night, snuck in to try to get her. As it went on though, he and Sokka ended up a part of a full prison escape mission, him trying to find coal for the earthbenders to use. When it became time, Aang used his airbending to get the coal into the prison yard, where he also appeared ready to fight. The battle on the rig went on for a while, but eventually Aang used his air- and waterbending to finish it off. He gave the order to whatever guard left to release the prisoners, to which they agreed. After it was all said and done, Aang made a deal with Ty Lee for her to find an earthbending teacher while he was off training with Arnook.

North Pole

As the group was going through the sea, Aang was still awake as he, Appa, and Momo were looking out to see the northern gates. With the help of Appa, he woke the others to see and they all headed off at high speed to the Northern Water Tribe. After arrival, he and the others met up with Arnook and the Northern Princess. Aang explained a bit on the reason behind his travels and was invited back to the palace. During the dinner he had there, though, Aang felt rather uncomfortable, due to the fact that there was mostly meat for it. During this, he asked Arnook if there was a waterbending master for him, as he needed one soon, and soon discovered the master named Pakku. Aang and the others stayed in one of the homes and before they went to bed, Aurora had found them again. After some talking, Aang decided to let him stick around and went off to sleep, ready for tomorrow's training.

The next day, he, Aurora, and Katara went over to Master Pakku's hut to begin his training. However, when he asked Pakku, the waterbender refused, saying he didn't have time to train anyone else. This got Aang mad and Pakku's refusal to train Katara didn't help Aang either so he and Katara stormed out. After Aurora gave Aang some advice on what to do next, he took it, but didn't notice it didn't help Katara. Later on, he and Aurora both tried stopping Katara, not getting the chance to. After listening in on what was going on, Aang was shocked to hear a duel was about to take place. He got out of the way before the battle began. He remained on the sidelines until Katara was suddenly knocked out, thanks to Pakku. Aang wasn't sure what to say and remained quiet as the rest of the events took place.

After this incident, he, Katara, and Aurora attended training with Pakku. Both Master Pakku and Aurora were impressed by their success and Aurora added in that he never saw such quick improvement before. After they left, Aang showed his friends a new trick he picked up, using the water to make a watery shield around himself. After that demonstration, he was at their Water Tribe home when Sokka told them that the Fire Nation had tracked them down. Worried, they went to the palace and discussed what to do next. Aang wasn't all up for the idea of going to the Spirit World, since he didn't know what to do. However, Katara and Aurora assured him that it would work, as Aurora knew what to do and Yue knew where to go.

Aang and the others arrived in the Spirit Oasis where Tui and La currently resided. As the battle was going on, Aang managed to get into the Spirit World thanks to Aurora. Upon doing so, he found himself being whisked away to the spirit library, where he met Wan Shi Tong, the Spirit of Knowledge. Aang tried to explain to the spirit that he needed help in protecting the North Pole, but Wan Shi Tong flat out refused. It wasn't until Aang said the spirits were involved that he finally got information on what to do. Oddly, when he came back, he didn't get much of a chance to do anything to help out, as Raiu kidnapped him. In the end, Aang was freed and he rushed over to Katara's side as she passed out.

Book 2: Earth

After the incident at the North Pole, Aang brought both Katara and Sokka to the healers' tents, which saved Sokka's life. He remained there until they were healed and they went off to the Earth Kingdom to look for Ty Lee. When Katara awoke, Aang was the first to find out and helped explain to her what had been happening. Their plan than was to find Ty Lee, so they went off for a while longer until they found a better spot for the night. While there, Aang told a ghost story about the "midnight stalker" and as soon as he was done, Ty Lee and Haru appeared. They spoke for a while, catching up, until Ty Lee asked if Haru could join, to which Aang agreed.

As they were still going off, Aang was trying to get the group over the Foggy Swamp when Ita and Zura created a tornado in order to bring the team down inside. Aang tried finding the others first, but during this, he saw the illusion of his mother inside. He tried to reach her, but remembered her death 100 years prior and went to find his friends instead. After eventually finding them all, they all were confronted by the twin spirits, whom Aang was trying to make sense of. During this, Zura demonstrated both his illusion and aura reading and made a swimsuit-wearing Katara appear, much to Aang's embarrassment. Luckily, he found Appa and Momo with Ita, getting a chance to not answer his friends on the subject.

When the team arrived in Gaoling, Aang became rather distraught and didn't want to talk due to the embarrassment in the swamp. Eventually, he told his troubles to Haru, who helped him get over it just before June arrived into Gaoling with outlaws to bring in. Aang became very interested and watched as it went down until her accomplice told them about the Beifongs. After that, he and the others went to see them and were invited in after Toph came back around. While inside, talking to Toph's parents, Aang asked if there was an earthbending teacher, again, being disappointed to be told there wasn't one. He was going to go, but Toph insisted they stayed and so they did. Aang could have sworn he had heard her somewhere before, but these thoughts were pushed aside as Toph came back again and told them news about an ultimate earthbender.

As the night went on, Aang noticed Toph was missing, and as such, left to look for her. He does manage to find her, only to see she was also June's partner. Aang tried to leave, but Toph caught him, and kidnapped him as a result. Aang was stuck with Toph for a while until Aang finally snaps, entering the Avatar State for the first time. During that, he tried to attack and get rid of Toph, but Katara managed to calm him down, however, Aang passed out afterwards. Aang remained knocked out until later on that morning, brought outta town by June. After some explanation, Aang got up and returns to the Beifong estate, only to find that Ty Lee wanted her to join. It took Aang some time to get convinced, only agreeing after Toph said she knows who the master earthbender was and where he was.



Aang blocking an attack by Ozai

Aang earthbending.

Aang has a unique learning level when it comes to bending. His high skill level allows him to learn different bending styles in a matter of days, whereas other people would take at least a few weeks to get down. This also allowed him to invent a new way of airbending, known as the "Air scooter", with which an airbender can create an air orb and ride it at high speed.


  • In this version, Aang's past as an Air Nomad was shown far earlier than in canon, as his past was shown in Episode 1, while in canon it's shown in episode 12.

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