By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe, Avatar: New Universe II and Avatar: New Universe III continuity.
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Southern Air Temple


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Katara (Wife)


Team Avatar, Teen Titans, Spirit Council, Phalanx, Miss Decibel, Salim

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First - Arrival

Aang is an Air Nomad from the Southern Air Temple and leader of Team Avatar. In this story, he had grown very close to Katara since they first kissed after the War. So much so that the others won't be surprised if they get engaged by New Year's.

Avatar: New Universe

Lost Arc

Aang first appeared when he and the rest of the team got the "distress message" from the South Pole. He announced to the others to get prepared for a trip to the South Pole.

When they did get there, he explained the scenario to the Southern Water Tribe, but was a bit surprised when he found out none of them had sent the message. They did tell him, though, of some odd noises and silhouettes south of their home, and Aang decided to bring the team there. When he found a thin layer of ice, he and the rest of the team were thrown into the ice, sending him and the team away to Altonia.

Aang woke up later in a deep desert gorge. He first wasn't sure where the heck he was but got a bit surprised when found Starfire right next to him. He gave a brief introduction and started to fly off, but he discovered Starfire could fly too! Realizing she didn't want to be alone, he agreed to let her tag along and they both flew off to find their friends.

As he and Starfire were trying to find civilization, Aang was becoming disoriented from the heat and passes out during mid flight. Luckily for him, he was saved by Starfire just before he could be eaten by the awaiting Sandfish. As he was being carried, he began seeing illusions of a cooling oasis below them. He told Starfire to land, but whatever spirit he had left was broken when Starfire told him nothing was there.

That night, Aang laid down in Starfire's safe zone, only feeling a little better from the cooling moon and wind. They remained silent the whole night except for a brief conversation he and Starfire had.

The next morning, Aang still had to be carried. He was in a bad condition, to the point of shivering. Finally, they both crash landed into a storage room of sand boats, causing some life water to spill on them both. Aang was amazed when the water started healing him, and he poured a whole bucket of the same water all over himself and cured himself completely!

He appeared outside and decided to make the sand boat usable again. With a good blow of wind to the sails, he and Starfire were off.

After a bit of sailing, they had finally reached their first village in the desert. He got on a desert traveler disguise and went in with Starfire. He was just finished buying a map for navigation when he saw Starfire with a straw hat she found. He suggests that they return it and they tried doing that for the rest of the day until they came across Luffy. He tried asking Starfire why she asked for his help after she did but in the end he and Starfire went with the straw hat captain.

For the next few days, Aang and Starfire continued traveling with the Straw Hat Pirates, getting to know the others pretty well. The person he had gotten to know most aside of Luffy was Aaboo, whom he hang around with in the crows nest. When Luffy stopped at an Arid Traders Market, he and Starfire went and began talking to Hetch Al'dim for a while until Aang found Luffy winning a ton of money on a bet.

After failing to find who had stolen from them, Aang went straight back to the crows' nest, where during the night he was talking to Aaboo. She and Aang spoke for a two hours while Aang told her the adventures he and Katara had together. The next morning he was woken up by the racket from below, and he saw Ventus being ganged up on by the pirate crew. He went down and was trying to stop them for some time until Aaboo warned them about Jhen Mohran. He told Starfire to help him gain speed to the ship and helped everyone escape.

As they were getting close to the end of the desert, Aang had agreed to help Ventus out with her Airbending. He was giving her a few pointers on his personal move the air scooter when suddenly Jhen Mohran attacked them. He helped in fighting off the monster until Lycaeon came in and drove it away.

After finally arriving and getting in the championship, He and Starfire were resting up for the fighting ahead when Aang asked her about her kind. But when Starfire asked him the same question, he got very depressed, being reminded that he's the last Airbender Back home. He told Starfire that he thought that made him special, but just to make her feel better.

S.F.C Arc

Like Weed, Aang couldn't sleep the night before the canine finals, worried sick that they might not make it, when Aquos and RedX found them.

When Raviente appeared, he quickly ordered Mel, Sokka and Starfire to get the others to safety as he was fighting off the giant with the others.

Colossi Arc

After talking to Xerneas, Aang headed off on his way to find his colossi, named Phalanx. He was accompanied by Momo throughout his traveling and after a long while found Phalanx in his territory. Instead of fighting him however, he played a game with him, in which he had to reach the end of phalanx's tail without falling off. He succeeds after Marage, Starfire and Weed showed up.

Final Arc

After they left the Colossi world, Aang took part with Katara, Starfire, and Weed in creating the S.S. Ultimate.

Avatar: New Universe 2

Aang appeared in Ba Sing Se with Katara, preparing for the wedding. He and Toph went off to help out with some of the decorations. He and Katara were officially married later on and celebrated with the fireworks show, making it the best day ever for him.

That very night, he and the rest of the team suddenly found themselves being attacked and taken away when they found the Freedom Fighters pinned down and attacked. He tried getting Toph and Toube, but he was caught by Terror Blade himself and was the first to be thrown away into a second portal.

Arc 1

After about a week of tumbling through the cosmos, he ends up in the cooper world, in ancient Egypt. Of course, he didn't have a clue where he was so he roamed around town, seeing Miss Decibel in the meantime. After that he went to see her, but got the sad news that his home didn't exist, and she couldn't help in anyway. Deeply depressed, he went back to where he started and waited around there until Smile Dog and Ghost showed up to get him. He agreed though instead of fighting, too depressed to care, but before he could go, Salim, with the help of some Sky Trees, managed to get him out, though they had to knock him out cold first.

He woke up later on in Salim's hideout. Helping him were the Sky Trees. Of course, he began asking what happened to him and why he was where he was. He also goes on about asking of the Sky Trees, and if Salim can help him get back, which of course he says no. When he heard a scream outside as he was about to leave, he quickly raced off to help.

When getting to the danger, he found Miss Decibel nearly dead, and as he was trying to help, he too was attacked by HoundDoom. Oddly though his buddy, Pyramid Head, showed up and actually helps Aang escape for some unknown reason.

Arc 2

Back home, Aang was going over what crazy events happened to him for a while, until they all realize they didn't check on Zuko yet.

For the longest time he remains a side character until the last chapter of arc 2. He and the team were sent out after the last tri piece and he tries to find it, but was confronted again by Ghost and Smile dog. he tries his best but he wasn't able to stop them and was kidnapped along with the others.

Arc 3

Aang wasn't able to do much, his bending unable to get him free. He truly was trapped now. His mind however was on Katara, wondering on what happened to her in the foundation as Slenderman came in to get him. Aang was taken to the testing chamber but however was shared by Althea. They both were subject to the Mojos, and had to deal with them as their torture.

After that, he and Althea spoke for a while until a figure tells them about not only an upcoming successful escape plan, but also how to defeat Slenderman himself. They weren't sure what to do until they were let out by the caravan of escapees, and he helps them in the escape.

Avatar: New Universe III

After some time had past, Aang appears again in Ba Sing Se, meditating with Katara. His meditation was cut off twice. The first time being Momo's playtime, and the second from Katara. After that, he heads back to his home. Things went normal until Katara told him that Cobalion, Virizion, Terrakion and Marage were here, giving him quite a surprise. When given the offer, he spoke it over with the others and accepts it as they head on out to the Core.

When they get to the core, Aang was left awe-struck like everyone else until Starfire tackled him with a strong hug, great to see her old friend again. Aang tagged along, hearing what their reward was, until he heard that Xerneas was still around. He thought he was dead until he suddenly saw him again. He had trouble believing it but he managed to accept it, and also thought it was a good idea to wait until Zuko was there with them before they start on their new world.

When Aang arrives to Kyouga, he was mainly left awe struck again until Terra took the lead. There was some trouble going down the hillside, which he made sleds outta ice and rock for everyone else, but other than that he didn't do very much.

He doesn't get too much talk, but when they were captured, he was mistaken for a member of the Rayquaza Nomads and accuses him for trespassing on their sacred ground. He agrees to go with them to talk to the chieftain, Risley, kind of surprising the natives. When they do get there, he tries to clear their name and goes on to apologize, which Risley accepts when she found out nothing was broken (though she knocked him over for being so close first).

When Risley gave them a place to stay for the night, he shared rooms with Terra. While they were in there, he admitted to having created a human race on Kyouga, explaining the presence of the natives. But he also says that he only made one type of race, namely airbenders to fill in the loneliness Aang has for being the last airbender left.

He didn't do much after that until they found Starfire, now turned evil. When they were surrounded by her undead army, he makes an ice ring to decapitate them all, wiping them out instantly.

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