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Aang's Upbringing is the third chapter of The Avatar of the Fire Temple.


Twelve years before... morning mass had just finished in the Fire Temple. People were filing out of the great doors ready to go home.

Inside, four old ladies were gathered around the foundlings' bed. This was where unwanted babies were left by mothers who could not care for them.

Inside the crib was a strange baby, crying out loudly. It had no hair and its face was pale white. None of the women wanted to care for the poor child.

However, a young sage called Ozai approached. He felt sorry for the unusual child and decided to bring him up as if he were his own.

Wrapping the baby in the folds of his gown, he carried him away. He named the little one Aang, meaning "almost."

As the boy grew older, Ozai looked after him as a father, showing him the cloisters, chapels and corridors of the huge temple where he lived.

In time, young Aang learned the secrets of the Fire Temple better than anyone. He rarely left the confines of its warm metal walls.

When the boy Avatar did venture outside, it was never a happy experience. Children threw stones and chased him with polar dogs.

Each time the sage and his adopted son left the temple together, people whispered and pointed at the odd pair.

Due to his harsh treatment, Aang learned to have respect for only one man, his savior, father and only friend, Ozai.

When Aang was older, Ozai gave his son a job. He had to climb the many stairs to the top of the Fire Temples' bell tower...... and ring the great temple bells.

There was nothing the Avatar loved more dearly than making the bells swing with all his strength and feeling them shudder as they made their wonderful sound.

But you may ask, how could he stand the crashing and booming of the bells so high in the tower? Well, dear reader, it is because over the years, that very noise had nade him deaf.

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