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Around the World (Again)



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February 12, 2011

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Aang visits his old school, and his old friends, but will they accept that he was the Avatar all along?

Previously on Around the World (Again)....

The gang went to the Boiling Rock to pick up Mai. There they find out that someone wants to start another war. They sent Dai Li agents to attack the gang. The villain has set a trap for Aang and his friends at Ba Sing Se.

Aang's School

"I can't wait to go to school! I get to see my old friends," said Aang. "Do you guys want to come to school with me?" Aang asked the others.

Appa had landed near the cave that they camped in last time. They had been there since the night before.

"Aang, I don't think it's a good idea to go back to this school. You lied to them, you told them that you name was Kuzon, and that you were from the Fire Nation," said Katara.

"Katara, I have to see my old friends. Guys, come with me to the school," Aang said, as the others exchanged looks.

After they all decided to go, except for Zuko, Mai, and Suki, they headed to the store.

Zuko and Mai didn't want to go to school. They just wanted to stay home and talk about their plans to rebuild the Fire Nation. Suki wanted to think about her plans when they got to Kyoshi Island.

"Okay, but we're just going for one day. Then we can go to our next stop," Katara said, as they all went to a uniform store to rent their school uniforms.

"Which is Master Piandao's house. I can't wait to show him how much I've improved as a swordsman, and I'm so happy that I found my sword and boomerang," said Sokka happily.

"When did you get those back?" Katara asked.

"I went back to the edge of the Earth Kingdom, on a boat with Dad, when you went to deliver those plans to the Fire Nation," Sokka said.

It was nearly time for school to start and the gang had just left the shop after renting and putting on their uniforms.

"I think I could used to these clothes. They're really conformable," Sokka said as they were nearing the entrance to the school.

"Aang, do you think they'll let us in if we're not Fire Nation?" Katara asked.

"They have to let us in. We ended the war," answered Sokka before Aang had the chance.

"But, what if they liked the war? What if they liked being the superior nation? Don't you think they might be angry with us for ending their hundred year triumph? I think we should turn around and head for the cave," Katara said, looking very worried. Both Aang and Toph, hadn't said anything since they left the cave. Aang was thinking about Katara's questions.

What if they are angry at us? What if they don't want me here? I did lie to them, but I had to stay a secret. I have to know what they think of me. We have to go to the school.

When they got to the entrance door of the school, Katara asked, "Are you sure that you want to go back to this school, Aang." Aang stopped to think and then finally said,

"I'm sure."

Suddenly the school bell rang, and all the kids were walking past the gang and into the school. They were the last kids to enter the school. Aang walked to his old teacher, Ms. Kwan, and told her that he and the

Aang walked to his old teacher, Ms. Kwan, and told her that he and the gang were new students.

gang were new students. She didn't seem to recognize Aang that much, but then she asked the same question as before.

"Is this a new mind ready for molding?" She was only talking to Aang.

He answered exactly the same way as before, hoping that she would recognize him. "That's right. Let the molding begin."

Then immediately, she and the whole class, who were listening, gave a shocked look. Aang heard many students whispering things like 'Kuzon was the Avatar all along.' and 'I can't believe he came back.'

Then as Ms. Kwan began to speak, the whole class fell silent. "You were Kuzon, weren't you," she said with both a shocked and angry tone of voice.

Aang nodded his head.

"That's why you had the headband." Mrs. Kwan continued, now in a more shocked voice. Then she pointed at Aang's arrow. "That was your embarrassing scar." Aang nodded.

He waited for her to say something else, but she wouldn't even move. She just stood there, her mouth open, her eyes wide. The whole class was silent. They were all staring at Aang. Katara, Sokka, and Toph were standing a few feet behind Aang. Katara was worried that Aang would get in trouble, while Sokka was thinking that the teacher would attack Aang. Toph, on the other hand was still thinking about her parents' letter, as she knew that if anyone tried to attack Aang, she, Sokka, and Katara would be able to help him.

Aang finally broke the silence by asking the whole class, "Are you all angry at me?" He closed his eyes and waited for something to hit him. Nothing happened. He didn't feel anything, so he decided to open his eyes. About ninety percent of the class was smiling, while the remaining ten percent were angry.

Aang recognized a face from the people that were angry. It was Hide, the school bully. From the smiling people, Aang recognized the kids that he went to play hide and explode with, including Shoji, and he also saw On Ji, the first person that was nice to him at the school.

Aang turned to Ms. Kwan and asked her, "Can my friends and I stay for the day, please?" Aang was excpeting a big 'NO' from her, but to his surprise, he saw that her shocked face turned into a smile and her answer was,

"Yes, of course. It was about time that peace was brought to the world. Our nation has been destroying many homes and many forests for one hundred years. I am a nature lover and I couldn't stand the fact that animals and plants were being hurt every single day." She took Aang's hand and it shook it. "Thank you. You and your friends can sit in the back row and take notes if you want."

The gang walked to the back row of the classroom and each sat down at a desk. Aang was so happy that almost everyone wasn't angry with him. He couldn't wait for school to get out so he could talk to his friends.

Katara leaned over to Aang and whispered, "Why didn't we come at the end of the school day?"

"I wanted to be back in the classroom. I wanted to see the lessons," whispered Aang.

Katara nodded and moved back to her desk.

After school was over, everyone headed out the door. Aang told the others that they could go back to the cave if they wanted. They agreed and walked out of the school courtyard. Then, Katara pulled Sokka and Toph behind the school building.

"Tell me why you agreed to go to school with Aang? What did we learn? Nothing! Nothing at all," said Sokka.

"I wanted to make sure that Aang wouldn't get attacked or in trouble. I thought that everyone would be angry with him," Katara said.

"Then why did you bring us?" Toph asked. She finally said something. She had remained silent all day.

"I might have needed back up." Katara answered. "Lets wait here until Aang goes back to the cave. We need to be sure that those people that were angry with him, don't hurt him."

"Hey, Shoji." Aang said to Shoji, who was talking to his other friends about hide and explode.
School clothes

"Hey, Shoji."

"Hey, Kuzon. I mean, uh. What's your name?" Shoji asked.


"Hey, Aang. Do you wa-"

Someone had pushed Shoji onto the ground. It was a tall fire bender: Hide.

"So, colony trash was really the Avatar all along," Hide said. "Why don't we have little one-on-one? You and me. No bending."

"Leave him alone!" On Ji said to Hide.

"You stay out of this. Come on, let's fight!" Hide yelled, but he yelled a little too loud. The headmaster showed up behind Hide.

"What's going on here?" said the headmaster.

"Hide pushed Shoji onto the ground and was threatening the Avatar. I saw it," explained On Ji.

"Hide, come with me to my office."

On Ji

"Hey, sorry about calling you the Avatar. I don't know your real name."


"NOW!" Hide and the headmaster went to the office.

"Hey, sorry about calling you the Avatar. I don't know your real name," On Ji said.

She heard Hide threating Aang, but she didn't hear his name.

"It's Aang," Aang said, as he walked over to Shoji and helped him up. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Hide always does that but he never gets caught, until now. Thanks!" Shoji said.

"No problem!" said Aang.

"So, you're traveling around the world?" On Ji asked.

"Yeah, my friends and I are going to one of my friends' master here in the Fire Nation next. Then we're going to Ba Sing Se. We have this whole trip planned out," said Aang, smiling.

"Why don't you tell us over a game of Hide and Explode?" Shoji said.

Aang smiled and nodded. And then he, Shoji, and On Ji left the school courtyard.

"Wow, sounds like Twinkle-Toes has forgotten about both of you." Toph said from behind the building.

"Hey, what about you? He left you too," asked Sokka.

"Yeah, but it seems like he replaced you two by those other two students," Toph said.

"Hey, Sokka. Did you see the way that Shoji kid looked like? He looked just like you," said Katara.

"He kind of did. You're right Katara. He did look like me and On Ji kind of looks like you."

"No she didn't. She didn't look anything like me."

"But she does remind me of you," Sokka said.

"Lets go home now. Aang will find his way to the cave soon," said Toph. And they did so.

After about three hours, Aang went back to the cave. He was covered in ash.

"Look, Aang's back," Katara said, pointing to the entrance of the cave. "Come on Aang, you have to get some sleep. We're leaving tomorrow morning."

"But Katara, lets stay for another day. Please," begged Aang.

"I'm sorry Aang, but we have to leave," said Katara.

"Okay, fine."

"Return our uniforms tomorrow morning, please," Katara said.

"Okay," Aang said sadly, as he walked away.

"The Avatar was here, wasn't he?" said an old villain back at the school.

"Yeah, I heard that he lives in a cave around here, but he's leaving tomorrow," said Hide.

"To where?"

"I heard that it was a master's house in the Fire Nation. After that he will be going to Ba Sing Se," Hide said.

"The Avatar is almost at Ba Sing Se. Perfect. Thanks for the information."

The villain bended something at Hide and he went flying back. He hit the wall of the school and looked up. The villain was gone.


  • Katara and Sokka saying that Shoji and On Ji look like them is a reference to how a lot of people suggest Shoji looks just like Sokka. Some people also compare On Ji to Katara, saying that they look similar, but the author doesn't see it, so that's why Katara didn't either.

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