"Every day, more and more people die. I'm already one hundred years late. Defeating the Fire Lord is the only way to stop this war. I have to try it!"
Aang to Katara.
Ozai versus Avatar Aang
Aang's Quest
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June 27, 2012 - TBA




Avatar: The Last Airbender

Aang's Quest is a side story in a dimension that exists alternate to that of and whose storyboard parallels with that of Avatar: The Last Airbender.


One hundred years ago, Fire Lord Sozin wiped out the Air Temples. There are only two survivors of that genocide – Avatar Aang, the last airbender, and Appa, the last sky bison. One hundred years ago, Fire Lord Sozin started the tradition of hunting dragons for glory. As it seems, the last great dragon was conquered long before the present by Iroh. Sixty years ago, Fire Lord Azulon wiped out the Southern waterbenders. There is only one survivor of that genocide – Hama, the last waterbender of the Southern Water Tribe. Now, there is only one waterbender in the Southern Water Tribe - Katara.

Fire Lord Sozin had control over the Fire Nation Army and the Fire Nation Navy. Fire Lord Azulon has control over the Fire Nation Army and the Fire Nation Navy. The Southern Raiders are an independent fighting force. The Rough Rhinos are an independent fighting force. The Yu Yan Archers answer only to Colonel Shinu. The Imperial Firebenders are not soldiers, they are just royal guards.

Old Sozin

Fire Lord Sozin at the beginning of the war

Fire Lord Sozin neared the end of his life when the war began.

Fire Lord Azulon as the war draws to its end

Fire Lord Azulon is nearing the end of his life as the war draws towards its end.

The Air Nomads have been exterminated and the Water Tribes are tethering on the brink of extinction. The Earth Kingdom is all that is left between the Fire Nation and complete world domination. Fire Lord Azulon has two sons: the eldest Prince Iroh and the youngest Prince Ozai. Prince Iroh has a son named Lu Ten. Prince Ozai and his wife Princess Ursa have two children: an elder son named Zuko and a younger daughter named Azula. The Air Nomads have been wiped out. Katara is the only waterbender in the whole South Pole. The Northern Water Tribe can only defend itself. The Earth Kingdom is the last and final barrier between the Fire Nation and victory in their War.

The Present

The Imperial Firebenders are not fighting.

Azulon, the Yuyan Archers, and the Rough Rhinos direct their attention towards the Earth Kingdom. The Southern Raiders direct their attention towards the Southern Water Tribe.

The series opens with the Fire Nation on the brink of victory in its imperialist war. All of the Air Nomads have been destroyed. The Water Tribes are in crisis — the Southern Water Tribe's warriors have left to wage war, leaving their home defenseless, while the Northern Water Tribe, though largely intact, is continually on the defensive. The vast Earth Kingdom is now the only true barrier to the Fire Nation's conquest, but as the Fire Nation continues to encroach on its borders and conquer its territories, hopes of victory grow bleaker with each passing year.

With his grandfather having exterminated the Air Nomads, his father having decimated the Southern Water Tribe, and the Northern Water Tribe having insignificantly isolated, Fire Lord Ozai concentrates the attacks of his armies upon the Earth Kingdom, hammering away upon the enormous landscape by means to conquer it for himself.

Inside Ba Sing Se, Earth King Kuei is blind to the ongoing war upon his Kingdom that he does not know has lasted for nearly one hundred years. His advisor Long Feng has created an illusion of lies behind a curtain of prosperity in the Earth Kingdom capital. Hence, the Earth King is unaware that his people are constantly under threat. Kuei owns a bear named Bosco as a pet. The Northern Water Tribe cannot help anyone but themselves. They can only watch and listen as the rest of the world is left to battle the Fire Nation without their interference lest the Fire Nation invade their icy fortress. The Southern Water Tribe is even more feeble and powerless than their sister tribe, given they are now devoid of waterbenders thanks to the Fire Nation.

The Water Tribes are diminished. There are tea makers in Ba Sing Se - a man named Pao who runs his family teashop and a man named Quon who is waiting to sell an apartment in the Upper Ring. Under Fire Lord Ozai's command, the Boiling prison has been built. The Warden of the Boiling Rock has a sister who is married to the Governor of the New Ozai city. The Warden's sister and the Governor have a daughter named Mai and a son named Tom-Tom by an age gap of thirteen years. Mai is the daughter of a Governor and the niece of a Warden.

Inside the Boiling Rock is a man named Chit Sang who was wrongly convicted of the crimes that he has been imprisoned for. Mai is close personal friends with Azula. They are childhood friends along with a girl named Ty Lee. Ty Lee is one of six daughters to a nobleman of whom all resemble one another. By means to stand out from her half a dozen sisters, Ty Lee has found her place in the world at a Fire Nation circus that presents itself throughout the colonies.

Chief Arnook of the Northern Water Tribe will be arranging his daughter Yue's marriage at the coming of her sixteenth birthday to a youth one year elder named Hahn. A similar situation was present sixty years ago when a maiden named Kanna was arranged to marry a waterbending master named Pakku, but Kanna had run away to the Southern Water Tribe due to her reluctance in marrying a total stranger whom she knew nothing about.

The Air Nomads have been reduced to one citizen, the Southern Water Tribe has been reduced to one waterbender amidst the otherwise only non-bending nation in the world, and the Northern Water Tribe has been forced into domestication in their trade and economy. The Earth Kingdom falls under a series of relentless attacks from the armies of the Fire Nation who will stop at nothing until they have conquered and taken control over the Kingdom's capital city. Omashu and Ba Sing Se are the last Earth Kingdom strongholds yet to fall under Fire Nation domination. Omashu is completely safe, given that their local king, Bumi, is the most powerful earthbender that any Fire Nation soldier will ever see, but Ba Sing Se is already completely under the control of Long Feng, who has placed the King under his control and the Kingdom, including its military, under his command.

The Water Tribes are powerless to aid the feeble Earth Kingdom. Having already conquered the Air Nomads and the Southern Water Tribe, the armies of the Fire Nation hammer away against the Earth Kingdom by means to cripple and topple it, knowing the Northern Water Tribe to be of no threat to their efforts. However, Lieutenant Zhao has been plotting the demise of the Northern Water Tribe. He is Prince Ozai's comrade. Prince Ozai = Darth Vader (original, 1977) and Lieutenant Zhao = Wilhuff Tarkin, only that their positions in the story's internal hierarchy have been exchanged. The Northern Water Tribe is safe from the Fire Nation military, except for Zhao who will not rest until he has destroyed the last of the Water Tribe civilization and wiped out the entire Northern culture with the military might of his naval forces.

Princess Azula is close personal friends with the daughter of a Governor and the daughter of a nobleman. The Governor's daughter has an uncle who is the Warden of the Boiling Rock. The Warden is no threat to anyone who is not hurting or hindering the Boiling Rock's record as a prison that has never had a successful escape, even if it means putting his own life in danger. The Warden's relationship with Mai and Tom-Tom is a positive one unlike the negative one between Azula has with Iroh and had with his son Lu Ten. There is however a domestic force within the Fire Nation to be reckoned with should an innocent adversary come upon him - a local assassin living in the Capital City with the unique firebending ability to exploit his power with his mind.

So many people's lives have been uprooted by the Fire Nation, in the Earth Kingdom a countless variety of soldiers and civilians alike at the hand of the common military and in the Northern Water Tribe at the hand of Zhao. All refugees are looking for a better life in the shelter that lies behind the walls of Ba Sing Se, where they will be at the mercy of Long Feng and his Dai Li agents. The Dai Li are the guardians of the local cultural heritage in the Earth Kingdom capital. The Kingdom's military is loyal to their King, but the Dai Li alone is loyal to Long Feng. Ozai will not rest until Ba Sing Se has fallen before his armies and taken under his dominion. By silencing talk of conflict, Ba Sing Se would be remain the last utopia on Earth.

Chief Arnook is powerless to help save the people of the Earth Kingdom. The Southern Water Tribe is too feeble to fight against the Fire Nation. Earth King Kuei is unaware of the lies and deceit within the confines of his Royal Palace and outside the walls of his capital city. In the Foggy Swamp there lives a Water Tribe accustomed to living there. In the Si Wong Desert there lives a variety of Sandbender Tribes and a counterpart of Beetle-headed merchants. The Foggy swampbenders live in isolation from the other waterbenders. The Sandbenders and the Beetle-headed merchants are not accustomed to civilization outside their unique and distinct desert cultures. Professor Zei, head of the Anthropology Department at Ba Sing Se University, is on his way to the Si Wong Desert as part of his research.

Katara is not the last Southern waterbender. Decades ago, one waterbender named Hama escaped from her prison in the Fire Nation. She developed the skill of bloodbending - controlling the water inside another living thing's body and enforcing her will over theirs. Through bloodbending, Hama utilized her escape from prison and has ever since been living in the Fire Nation, where she has been extorting her revenge upon innocent civilians for taking her and her fellow waterbenders to rot. Every night on the full moon, Hama keeps an eye out for people outdoors and bloodbends them towards a prison that she had designated inside a mountain. There, she entombs Fire Nation civilians in a prison in the likeness of the one that she and the Southern waterbenders had been taken to when the Southern Water Tribe fell into decay.

Hama's fellow villagers suspect that it is a spirit who is responsible for the disappearances. Apparently, only one man ever escaped Hama's grip - Old Man Ding. Wu is a fortuneteller. She has been living in Makapu Village for twenty years. She is a great asset to her village and to passers-by from anywhere in the world. The Herbalist has been living alone with her pet cat Miyuki for forty years in the ruined city of Taku which fell down to the Fire Nation in the early stages of the War. She is a brilliant aid to Earth Kingdom soldiers and civilians traveling past the ruined city of Taku, tending the wounded among them whenever they arrive.

The old wanderer is seeking aid for Senlin Village from Hei Bai before the Winter Solstice arrives, knowing that the safety of the missing villagers is intertwined with the blurring of the line between the material world and the Spirit World. Princess Azula has a pair of twin advisors - Lo and Li. They have been her firebending instructors for a very long time. Lo and Li are a valuable assistance to Azula. When Kanna left the North Pole, she left behind not only Pakku but a friend of hers - another waterbender named Yugoda. When Hama moved to the South Pole, she befriended Hama and tearfully watched her get taken away by the Fire Nation.

Ba Sing Se, the biggest city in the world, the last great stronghold yet to the fall to the Fire Nation. Within the walls an outsider will find much that he does not expect. The Outer Wall, the Agrarian Zone, and the Inner Wall encircle what seems like the greatest metropolis to the eye. Ba Sing See is as various and diverse in its populace as the rest of the Earth Kingdom is by itself. The national military is headed by the Council of Five, of whom General How is the leader and General Sung is a member. Long Feng has a puppet named Joo Dee - a woman who acts a tour guide for specially honored guests and visitors. Pong is one victim to the Conspiracy of Ba Sing Se.

Madam Macmu-Ling heads the Five-Seven-Five Academy. There is a spa in Ba Sing Se. Old Sweepy is a janitor with a prowess in lying that can only match with Azula's. Omashu cannot fall while Bumi is there. He is a force that all average and some extraordinary firebenders will have difficulty in outmatching. Bumi is strong and unyielding. He is the powerful earthbender that many will ever see. Strongest among the benders of his Kingdom, King Bumi however is not the Earth King, who is physically feeble and powerless yet wears his crown and bears his scepter, sitting on his throne while his armies fight to defend their people. Omashu is independent of Earth King Kuei's royal authority and is ruled over by Bumi.

The Foggy Swamp and the Si Wong Desert alone are safe from Fire Nation invasions. The Foggy Swamp Tribe, the Sandbender Tribes, and the Beetle-headed merchants are in no danger from the Fire Nation. Here, Water Tribe and Earth Kingdom civilizations are ignored by the attacks upon the rest of the world by the armies of the Fire Nation. Swampbending and sandbending are distinct bending styles within their respective nation. Everywhere else in the world, people are in danger. Omashu is independent. Actually, Omashu cannot fall as easily as the Fire Nation soldiers and civilians think it can. King Bumi may seem like a frail old man in his one-hundred-and-twelve years, but he is still a force to be reckoned with.

His grandfather having wiped out the Air Nomads and his father having brought down the Water Tribes, Fire Lord Ozai strives to take over the Earth Kingdom by force. Only Zhao out of Ozai's entire military is after the Northern Water Tribe. Sangok is a Northern waterbender who is one of Pakku's students. He seems to be struggling in his waterbending studies. Koko, the foaming mouth guy, and Oyaji live peacefully on Kyoshi Island away from the war and suffering experience by much of the rest of the Earth Kingdom. They have stayed out of the war so far and intend to keep it that way. Once Omashu has been captured by his armies, Ozai will not rest until the Fire Nation has taken control of Ba Sing Se.

Yung is a general in King Bumi's army. He is strong and unyielding like his king. The Southern Water Tribe boy has to use the toilet, but Sokka forbids him. The Young Water Tribe girl will miss Aang. The Earth Kingdom, Omashu, and the Si Wong Desert exist independently. The Northern Water Tribe, Southern Water Tribe, and Foggy Swamp Tribe exist independently. Omashu is under King Bumi, while the rest of the Earth Kingdom is under Earth King Kuei. The Earth King is no powerful leader, but the King of Omashu is truly a force that must be dealt with if the Fire Nation seeks to capture his city. After Omashu has been taken, the Fire Nation will break through the walls of Ba Sing Se and finally conquer it.

Hakoda is the chief of the Southern Water Tribe. Arnook is the chief of the Northern Water Tribe.

Bumi is the King of Omashu. Kuei is the Earth King.

The Foggy Swamp and the Si Wong Desert are independent within their respective nation.

  • Avatar Yangchen
  • Avatar Kuruk
  • Avatar Kyoshi vs. Chin
  • Avatar Roku vs. Sozin
  • Chin
  • Sozin
  • Kyoshi was able to stop Chin and save the Earth Kingdom, creating Kyoshi Island.
  • Roku was unable to stop Sozin and save the world, precipitating a century of war.

Azula is only concerned with manipulating others.

Azula is her mother and father's pride. Zuko is his father's shame.

Azula has a normal, happy childhood under her mother. Zuko has a normal, happy childhood under his mother. Azula has an abnormal, happy childhood under her father. Zuko has a normal, unhappy childhood under his father.

Ursa and Ozai love each other and their children. Zuko and Azula love their parents, but not each other.

Simple, positive relationships

  • Ozai and Ursa (true romantic love) from Ozai's point-of-view
  • Ozai and Ursa (true romantic love) from Ursa's point-of-view
  • Ursa and Zuko (true parent-child love) from Ursa's point-of-view
  • Ursa and Zuko (true parent-child love) from Zuko's point-of-view
  • Ooze and Azula (true parent-child love) from Azula's point-of-view
  • Ursa and Azula (true parent-child love) from Ursa's point-of-view
  • Ursa and Azula (true parent-child love) from Azula's point-of-view

Complicated, balanced relationships

  • Ozai and Azula (true parent-child love) from Ozai's point-of-view
  • Ozai and Zuko (false parent-child hate) from Ozai's point-of-view
  • Ozai and Zuko (false parent-child hate) from Zuko's point-of-view
  • Zuko and Azula (no sibling love) from Zuko's point-of-view
  • Zuko and Azula (no sibling love) from Azula's point-of-view

In the fanon

Ursa loves her husband, son, and daughter. Ozai loves his wife and daughter. Azula loves her mother and father. Zuko loves his mother, father, and sister.

Continuing with The Present

Azula always wants to please Ursa. Ursa always wants to please Zuko.

Zuko always wants to please Ursa and Ozai. Ozai always wants to please Azula, though he does not care if she is displeased.

Ozai has a limited amount of love for his children. In their infancy, his love for them was unlimited, but as they grew up, it faded away. At the present time of the series, he loves Azula seventy-five percent and loves Zuko fifty percent.

Ursa has never witnessed Ozai bullying Zuko. Ozai's love for his wife means that he will never allow for her to see her children suffer at his hands. Zuko's complaints and injuries do not persuade her that Ozai is torturing Zuko and she accepts Ozai's reasoning behind Zuko's seemingly false claims.

Only Azula has ever witnessed Ozai bullying Zuko. Her love for her father means that she will never rat him out for his cruelty to her brother.

Azula is always on Ozai's side. Ursa is always on Zuko's side, except when she is punishing him.

Ozai's love for his wife is as strong as his aspiration to conquer the world. He is genuinely jealous of Zuko's closeness to Ursa and sees him as a rival to her attention.

Azula is as cruel and sadistic as ever, but she knows that her mother loves her and their bond is as strong as can be. Nevertheless, she does not love Zuko for being Ursa's favorite child.

Ozai never lies to his children. He has no secrets from Azula.

Ursa will punish Zuko and Azula whenever they misbehave.

Ozai will torture Zuko whenever he pleases and will punish Zuko whenever he misbehaves.

Azula will manipulate Zuko whenever she pleases.

Ursa manipulates everyone except Azula.

Azula manipulates everyone except Ozai and Ursa.

Azula never lies to her parents. Ozai never lies to his children. When Ozai is lying to Ursa, Azula is absolutely silent.

Zuko and Azula are alone with their mother when they come back from school. Their father does not come home until very late in the night. Being Prince and Fire Lord is hard work.

During the weekend, Ursa mostly goes shopping. Zuko and Azula are left alone with Ozai.

Ursa is impressed by both Ozai and Zuko. Azula is impressed only by Ozai.

Ozai has only one true love: Ursa. Zuko has no true love.

The parent-child relationship where the child is evil is one between Ursa and Azula. Ursa is scared that Azula will do something wrong and that she will have to punish her.

The parent-child relationship where the parent is evil is one between Ozai and Zuko. Zuko is scared that Ozai will smash him and beat him up.

Both relationships experience fear on the good person's part.

Ozai loves his wife. He cannot live without her. He tried and failed to find the Avatar. Throughout the story, the antagonist that he is can only live and breathe because Ursa is doing the same. Ozai loves his children, but to a much lesser extent and an lesser extent for Zuko. Henceforth, while Ozai always cares for his children, he is mentally abusive to his daughter and physically abusive to his son at all other times whenever his wife is not looking. Ozai's whole life revolves around his wife and daughter and he barely acknowledges that he has a son.

Ursa loves her husband, son, and daughter. She is the person who holds their family together through anything. She is deeply loved by husband, son, and daughter. She cannot live with Ozai. She is extremely protective of her son. All her spare time is otherwise spent with her daughter. Ursa always acknowledges her husband and that they have an elder son and a younger daughter. She is fiercely passionate about all three of them and is determined that they always stick together.

Zuko loves his mother. He will assassinate anyone who dares to bring his mother to danger and harm. He practices with the knife that Iroh gifted him by means to stab anyone who tries to hurt or threaten Ursa. Zuko does not need to be reminded that he has a sister, who manipulates and deceives him. Zuko's whole life revolves around his mother whom he loves more than anything else in the world and around his sister who hates him. He is far too frightened to acknowledge that he has a father.

Azula loves her parents. She is Ursa's loyal daughter. Azula bows to and serves Ursa. Azula will never let her mother out of her sight and will follow her to whatever end. Azula never manipulates her mother and father. She always manipulates her brother. Azula deeply loves her father and deeply hates her brother. Azula acknowledges her parents and her brother albeit the former in a good way and the latter in a bad way. Azula hates Zuko because she is punished more than often then he is.

Ozai is Aang. Ursa is Katara. Ozai is just like Aang, except that he is fully and completely evil as opposed to Aang being fully and completely good. Ursa is just like Katara, except that she is from the Fire Nation as opposed to Katara being from the Water Tribes. Zuko and Azula are themselves. So, imagine Zuko and Azula being raised by a Fire Nation Katara and by an evil Aang.

Ozai and Ursa love each other just as much as Aang and Katara do. Ursa will sacrifice anything to be with Ozai. Neither of them literally can live without each other. Ozai's ultimate aspiration in life to conquer the entire world is just as important to him as his love for Ursa and his reputation. He is pleased and proud by Azula's existence and is ashamed and embarrassed by Zuko's existence.

Ozai and Ursa will always love each other no matter what they do. Ursa completely forgives Ozai when he challenges Zuko to an Agni Kai and tells both of them that they are stupid when they quickly reconcile. Ursa constantly tells Azula that she and Ozai love her so much.

Ozai's usage of Azula as a tool and a weapon for his evil purpose mean that there is tension between them. It breaks Ursa's heart to see their family getting torn apart like that. Azula is always looking out for Ozai's safety just like Zuko is always looking out for Ursa's safety.

Ursa has at least witnessed Ozai making fun of Zuko and has comforted Zuko. That however does not persuade her that Ozai is beating up Zuko whenever she is not looking as she is very precise woman. Instead, she assumes that Ozai's nasty sense of humor is what makes Zuko believe he is being smashed and pounded.

Ozai promises not to break Zuko's face if Zuko imitates a particular animal. Should Zuko succeed as he does on some fortunate occasions, he is spared. Should Zuko fail as he does on other unfortunate occasions, his eyes are purple for a rather long time. Yet, his mother never believes him and his sister is always silent.

Ozai celebrates the end of every academic year in Zuko's childhood since he began school by beating him up so that he is on crutches or in a wheelchair when the family is on summer vacation to Ember Island. Nevertheless, his accusations do not persuade his mother and Azula does nothing to back him up in his testimony.

Speaking rudely or being disrespectful to his sister or touching his mother when she is wearing a bikini results in him being forced into a physical fight against his father after he has finished his homework for the former and immediately for the latter. This is the only time when Ursa ever witnesses Ozai torturing Zuko, but as Ozai is doing so solely because Zuko behaved badly or was genuinely jealous, this does not persuade that he is regularly tormenting their son at leisure.

Zuko has to cope with his mother chasing him across the Capital City to spank him and with his father chasing him home from school to bully him. On some days, Ozai waits patiently outside Zuko's school to bully him after school has finished. Zuko runs to Ursa's workplace or to their cottage, but on some occasions, Ozai outruns him.

When Ozai takes Zuko to the Spirit World, Ursa and Azula are alone in their house. From their time alone together, Azula learns much about her mother and realizes to her disappointment that their family's way of life would be much different if not for Ursa's love for Ozai i.e. beating up and making up fun of Zuko for the reasons that she sees him do so.

Meanwhile, Zuko learns much about his father and learns to his horror that their family's way of life would be much different if not for Ozai's love for Ursa i.e. torturing Zuko in even more and larger ways than he does when they are not in the physical world. When they go back home, Ozai is careful that he has patched Zuko up so that Ursa will not realize what he has been doing to Zuko.

From the day Azula is born to the day Ursa dies, there has been an unbreakable bond of love and fellowship between mother and daughter. Azula has vowed to be Ursa's humble servant for all time since first she could think and feel for herself. From the day Zuko is born to the day Ozai dies, there has been an unshakeable bond of love mingled with fear between father and son. Ozai has vowed to make Zuko's life miserable at will since first Zuko could think and feel for himself.

Azula loves Ursa so much that she never tortures people and animals in front of her. Ozai loves Zuko so much that he never breaks Zuko's possessions. The only thing of Zuko's which Ozai has ever damaged and mended on multiple occasions is Zuko's body. Ozai has only ever smashed Zuko by punching him.


Actually, there are problems between Ozai and Ursa when she lashes out at him and begins walloping him with her broomstick for his cruelty and carelessness in various husbandly and fatherly duties. Nevertheless, Ozai's faults and Ursa's outbursts do not degrade their love for each other. As a matter of fact, Ursa is the only person in the world whom Ozai is scared of.

There are problems between Ozai and Azula because Ozai manifests his own greatness into her and raises her as his future heir, telling her possessively that she was "born lucky" because she was a firebending prodigy. He expects nothing less than the best of her and uses her to his advantage when the situation presents itself. This often creates high tensions between the two of them. Yet, they both love each other very much.

Ursa and Zuko do not have any problems except when she is punishing him from which he has had to run across the Capital City with her chasing him on some occasions. Zuko manages to get himself away from his mother sometimes, but she will not go home or rest until she has punished him on each and every occasion. Nonetheless, the love between them does not degrade at all. Zuko's nightmares are haunted by his mother and the memories of her punishing him will haunt him even in his old age.

Ursa and Azula do not have any problems except when she is punishing her. She knows her mother so well that she will not try to escape like Zuko does. Indeed, Azula is punished much more often than Zuko is. However, like her brother, the love between her and their mother does not degrade at all. On the other hand, it creates an increasing animosity between the siblings. Both of them are terrified of their mother.

I have said enough about Zuko's problems with Azula and Ozai, but here is something new: Zuko's daydreams are haunted by his father.

Continuing outside Problems

Ozai is much more protective of Ursa than their children are of her.

Ozai, Zuko, and Azula are Ursa's protectors from harm and danger at all costs.

Ursa, Zuko, and Azula are Ozai's supporters against all odds.

Ursa's life is dedicated to protecting Zuko from the day Zuko is born. Ozai's life is dedicating protecting Azula from the day Azula is born.

Ursa has never been unhappy since she married Ozai. When Ozai fails in his duties to his family or when their children misbehave, Ursa is far too angry to be feel sad.

Ozai is only unhappy with his family because Zuko is not as powerful as the average firebender and takes this out by making his life miserable.

Zuko is only happy with his family because of his mother and because she and his father always give anything that he wants despite the latter tormenting him at other times.

Azula is always happy, except when she gets angry because she is tired of Ozai using her.

Zuko knows the feel of his mother's and his father's palm on his backside and fears the former even more than the latter.

Ursa = Luthien Tinuviel Zuko = Treebeard i.e. Zuko is distressed to see so many trees get cut down and wants to see the trees get revenge. Azula = Tom Bombadil i.e. Azula has a doll that Iroh gave her.


Ursa comes to Ozai, Zuko, and Azula when they are wounded and defeated and gives them the strength they need to continue. Azula comes to Ozai when he is wounded and defeated and gives him the strength he needs to continue.

Ursa can only give strength - she cannot receive it. Ozai has two sources of strength - Ursa and Azula. Azula can both give and receive strength.

Azula is always on her parents' side. There is no love between her and Zuko. Zuko is always on her mother's side.

Ozai loves his wife, son, and daughter with all his heart. He makes it a priority to mate with his wife, to bully his son when he is not doting on him, and to harness his daughter when he is not doting on her. Zuko is his mother's little bundle of joy, his father's alternate punchbag, and his sister's object of manipulation.

The Power of Love

  1. Ozai and Ursa's relationship
  2. Ursa and Zuko's relationship
  3. Ozai and Azula's relationship
  4. Ursa and Azula's relationship
  5. Zuko and Azula's relationship
  6. Ozai and Zuko's relationship


Main characters

Aang Katara Sokka Toph Beifong Satoru Zuko
Iroh Azula Ursa Ozai Appa Momo

Major characters

Zhao Suki Hakoda Bumi Haru
Tyro Roku Shyu Jet Bato
Jeong Jeong Teo The Mechanist Arnook Pakku
Yue Malina Maliq Fong Mai
Ty Lee Huu Tho Due The Boulder
The Big Bad Hippo Smellerbee Longshot Long Feng Loban
Kuei Gilak Thod Pathik Pipsqueak
The Duke Sneers Kori Morishita Combustion Man Ukano
Kei Lo Piandao Hawky Hama Chit Sang
Kya The Lion turtle Fang Flopsie Bosco

Minor characters

All minor characters are those characters of Avatar: The Last Airbender who are not listed in the past two subdivisions of this section. However, some of them have their own character pages for my version of this fanon.


Book One: Water

Book Two: Earth

  • The Avatar State
  • The Cave of Two Lovers
  • Return to Omashu
  • The Swamp
  • Avatar Day
  • The Blind Bandit
  • Zuko Alone
  • The Chase
  • Bitter Work
  • The Library
  • The Desert
  • The Serpent's Pass
  • The Drill
  • City of Walls and Secrets
  • The Tales of Ba Sing Se
  • Appa's Lost Days
  • Lake Laogai
  • The Earth King
  • The Guru
  • The Crossroads of Destiny

Book Three: Fire

  • The Awakening
  • The Headband
  • The Painted Lady
  • Sokka's Master
  • The Beach
  • The Avatar and the Fire Lord
  • The Runaway
  • The Puppetmaster
  • Nightmares and Daydreams
  • The Day of Black Sun, Part 1: The Invasion
  • The Day of Black Sun, Part 2: The Eclipse
  • TBA (Pending)
  • TBA (Pending)
  • TBA (Pending)
  • TBA (Pending)
  • TBA (Pending)
  • TBA (Pending)
  • TBA (Pending)
  • TBA (Pending)
  • TBA (Pending)

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