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Duel at Omashu
Aang's Location
Chapter information

Katara's Search



Written by


Release date

April 23, 2013

Last chapter

Katara and Momo

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A True Love Never Let Their Partner Disappear

I returned to Kyoshi Island.

"Katara!" Sokka screamed.

"Hi!" I said.

"Where have you been, Sugar Queen?" asked Toph.

"North Pole. Girls know their stuff. Any information about Aang?" I asked.

"Yes!" Zuko said, "I heard the news that Aang was in Omashu."

"If he's in Omashu, why is his staff in the North Pole?" I asked.

"Avatar Aang went to the North Pole so people who were searching for him would get lost," Zuko continued telling the news.

"Oh that's why!" I yelled, "I'm leaving!"

"Katara!" Suki yelled.

"Just wait guys!" I replied.

Katara fighting Mai

Katara opening a blocking path with her waterbending.

I returned Momo to Kyoshi Island. Now, I have to go to Omashu!

"City of Omashu! Yay! I have to sneak in from a smelly hole." I thought.

I continued searching until I saw Omashu was a crowded, happy place! I was so happy. But, my destination is to find Aang. I opened a blocking path with my waterbending.

I hope this time I got it right. I saw an annoying man and I just waterbended at him. He was wearing a dark clothes.

"Bumi! Nice to see you! Where's Aang?" I asked.

"You have to open your mind in all possibilities, Katara," King Bumi replied.

"I'm serious, Bumi," I said.

"Search in this city, Katara. I know he's here," King Bumi said.

"If I have a child, I will name one of them, Bumi. Seriously," I thought.

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