Aang's Birthday
A very very special day
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February 13, 2012






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It was about three or four months after the war that lasted for one hundred years had finally ended, and it was on Kyoshi Island. Aang, the Avatar, had saved the world already. Today was a much more relaxing occasion. It was a very very special day for him.

It was his birthday.

Today he would officially turn either 13 or 113 depending how you look at it, but who cares about technicalities like that. He was in the house of Suki and Oyaji for the celebration. He had guests, friends from all over the world. Team Avatar and company were united for the event.

Next to Aang sat Katara, his hot girlfriend who he made out with after Sozin's Comet. Also present were Sokka, Toph, Suki, Zuko, Mai, Ty Lee, Iroh, Pakku and Zhao. Now that the war was over and all differences were set aside, the day of Aang's birthday had become a national holiday across all four nations.

"Three cheers for the Avatar!" said Iroh. "Hip, hip-"

"Hurray!" said everyone else.

"Hip, hip-" said Pakku.

"Hurray!" said everyone else.

"Hip, hip-" said Zhao.

"Hurray!" said everyone else.

"Well now that that's over with how about we all eat some food?" said Sokka. "I'm starving!" With this everyone else at the table laughed really hard.

"I like the cake," said Ty Lee.

"So do I," said Toph. "By that I mean I like how it tastes. I can't see the cake you know, cause I'm blind."

"Meh, the cake's really boring and ordinary if you ask me," said Mai.

"ENOUGH!" said Katara. "Stop arguing about the cake."

"She's right," said Zuko. "We have more important things. Now that the war is over all nations are at peace. The Fire Nation are good guys. Right, Zhao?"

"Yes, I am a good guy now," said Zhao.

"This is so amazing," said Aang. "I always used to miss my people so much but now that I have you guys as my new family its all okay. I love you Katara!"

"I love you too Aang," said Katara. They walked off into the distance holding hands and the others were left behind.

"There they go to fool around in the bushes," said Iroh. "Ah, to be young again."

"Team Avatar for the win!" said Sokka.

"Here here," said everyone else.

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