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August 31, 2014

It was a sunny day in Avatar World.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! A UFO!!!!" said a random citizen.

Zuko shot one fire blast before he was abducted by the mysterious object Who could be behind this destruction.

"Hello Suko, The Force, you have been captured by the Jedi," Yoda announced.


"SUKO, the ripest fruit."

Luke walked into the room of the spaceship.

"You have done much more than you think, you have stolen the silverware that is scared to the Sith."

"I thought Jedi hated the Sith."

"No Suko, you stole it from the Sun!"

"What, I never been to the sun?"

"Yes, Luke is right, your friend Azula told us about you."

"No, I've been framed!" Zuko yelled as he was being dragged through the ship that was bought off eBay. He was thrown into a cell with three other prisoners.

"The name's Hobo Bob. I like your mask, it looks a lot like that guy on the Avatar: The Last Airbender, Sokka or Suki or something."

"The name's Zuko and who is the fat orange blob and muscle woman."

"Hey, it's Garfield and this isn't fat it is pure muscle storage for lasagna."

"The name's Korra now shut up."

"Ohh I am the all powerful Avatar from the future... future... future..."

"Shut up Garfield or I will Waterbend you to the next starship armada."

"Wait you're the future Avatar? Maybe we can get out of here."

Hobo Bob forgot to mention that he was from Hobo 12, so he could unlock any prison, but he didn't think it was important because everyone looked like they were having fun.

"Hey, if you guys want to escape I need to come."

"Who the monkey are you?"

"I am Chief Ravilko; if you were wondering how I got here it was a sad sad tale. Dramatic flashback: It was felt like it was only yesterday."

"It was yesterday," Korra interrupted.

"Well I was cooking my special soup for the great Luke Skywalker except I accidentally dropped lava and worst of all I spilled sugar. Luke waited to eat the soup forever and when he did it was as hard as a rock and Luke started to puff up, and I was thrown in here to rot. Being away from my kitchen is like Romeo being away from Juliet."

Zuko got bored. "Umm we didn't really care, but thanks for the overly dramatic story."

Garfield started to think up a plan. "Yeah Zuko's right, we need a legit plan. More legit than carryout pizza."


The computer in the main docking pit was reading off a bunch of junk.

"Luke, did you get the next prisoner."

"Yes Yoda, I have found the girl, she is from Mars 2, the same planet as our last planet. According to my intro her name is July."

He continued to stare at the prisoner.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, throw her in prison until I figure out who she is."

"Let go of me you Skywalker."

The girl was dragged down the hall and thrown in the same cell with: Zuko, Garfield, Korra, and dust that stuck to the wall.

"Who are you?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?" Everyone said ominously.

To be continued...

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