A Year Later
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Avatar: The Continuity of Aang





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July 7, 2012

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"Let's start the world over!"

A Year Later is the third chapter of the series, Avatar: The Continuity of Aang.


One year later, things change. Now, Zuko and Aang have a problem to face. Will they solve it or will the world be back to war?


The Attack at the Royal Palace

I was at my room sleeping with Mai, but I just couldn't sleep. I felt tension, worrying, nothing but if something was gonna happen to me. I felt a sound that was footsteps and a sound like "tick tick tick" and I thought, what? Or why? At least Mai didn't wake up so I went to the guards.

"Someone's here! I can feel it! Someone's trying to assassinate me!" I screamed to the guards.

"Fire Lord, please. Go back to sleep. We're in the most secure tower in the entire palace," one of guards spoke nicely.

"No one will get you tonight, I assure you!" the second guard said.

"Just like no one got to you last night, or the night before that, or the night before that," the first guard said.

"Do not mock me! There have already been five attempts on my life since I took the throne." I screamed.

"And that's why we moved you here! Please, you have to trust me--" the first guard spoke nicely while I hold his uniform.

A sword came and it was KONK!! I was frightened then I screamed without fear, "SHOW YOURSELF!!"


Zuko and Kori fighting

During the fight

She shot with a metal thing that I didn't know, seem familiar but I jumped and she became serious, Mai didn't even wake up, I led her to another hall. I fired at her, but she was good, I couldn't defeat, I kept jumping while she continued to throw, then I was caught by it. I fell and I felt a little pain, but then I fired at her hard as the dragons, strong as any firebender. Once I captured her, I took her mask off and told her, "Convince me not to take your life!"

She responded back in an angry way, "Go ahead! My family has been loyal to yours for generations! By getting rid of me, you would simply complete your betrayal!"

"Your family?" I wondered and asked.

"My father is the mayor of Yu Dao."

"Yu Dao... The first of the Fire Nation colonies."

"Yes, my home! And now you and the Avatar are going to destroy it with your precious Harmony Restoration Movement!"

I decided to stop right there and put her to a safe place to be okay and not leave from the palace till I said so. The next morning, Mai woke up and asked if I'm doing something.

"Mai, I'm going to Yu Dao, I have unfinished business there 'cause of a little girl that tried to assassinate me last night while you were asleep and she is the daughter of the mayor of Yu Dao. I must meet and check it out for this is important," I said warmly to her.

"Sure, Zuko. Who is this girl?"

"She tried to assassinate me last night, it wasn't fun, she tried to take me out of the picture, now I will take down the picture in Yu Dao."

"Just go calmly Zuko, don't go with too much anger. Remember those days!"

"Fine. But they must learn."

Visiting Yu Dao

I took the airships, it took hours and one day, and then I told my soldiers to take Kori.

As I enter, I hide while I tell a soldier to wait for the girl till her parents are there.

The person inside said, "STOP! STOP!" Then I saw the mayor and he ran to his daughter, she hit the soldier and ran to her father. The mayor spoke, "KORI! Where have you been?! Your mother and I were worried sick." Now I knew her name and I had questions in my head, but then he spoke again, "Wait, who are these men?! What are these chains?"

"I went to go see someone about our problem, father." Kori spoke.



"F-Fire Lord Zuko!" Kori spoke loudly.

"You must be Mayor Morishita, your daughter snuck into my home and tried to kill me!" I spoke with a high voice.

"Kori?!" The mayor spoke being afraid.

"SOMEONE had to SOMETHING!" Kori shouted in anger.

The mayor put himself down respecting me, "My sincerest apologies for my daughter's rash behavior, oh great Fire Lord! Have mercy! But...."

"But... what?"

"Why bother? The Harmony Restoration Movement will accomplish the same thing without you having to lift a finger!"

"Why can't you all people get it through your heads? The Harmony Restoration Movement is a means to PEACE between the four nations!"

"P-peace!" the mayor thought then he spoke, "Peace for whom with all due respect, Fire Lord, my family has lived in this land for generations and now you're gonna use your precious movement to take it all back. This city was built by blood and sweat. We have much a right to live here than anyone else."

"You're Fire Nation citizens, you guys need to live in the Fire Nation."

"Yes, Fire Lord, we are Fire Nation citizens, but there's more to it. I wouldn't say bad but your father wouldn't let the Earth King and the Avatar bully him just to do something bad for his own nation. This is foolish, Fire Lord."

Zuko attacking Morishita

I'm not my father!!!

"My father...?" I said then a flashback came of me and him talking in the prison cell. I fired on the mayor and pushed him. "I'm not my father!!!"

"No, young man, you're not, he may have many faults but he was never a traitor nor a coward."

My anger unleashed badly and I wanted to take down the mayor and the city for his behavior but I couldn't. I told the soldiers to seize him then a woman earthbent.

'Sorry Fire Lord, I apologize my husband and daughter's foolish behavior. My dearest apology," the Mayor's wife said.

"You're an earthbender, you are the mayor's wife," I said, shocked at her.

"Yes, as well as my daughter, even if we are earthbenders, we respect all Fire Nation citizen even Fire Nation history."

"Yeah, we respect you and the Fire Nation even though I came from my father's bloodline! My father taught me to always be loyal to the Fire Nation, to my people."

" seems I have gotten wrong."

"Your Majesty, would you like to stay a couple of days in Yu Dao? It would be a honor to show our ways of life in Yu Dao."

"I will."

So then I told the guards that I was gonna stay in Yu Dao, not go home and tell everyone that I withdraw my support in the movement.

Taking the colonies back to the Fire Nation

Katara and Sokka shocked

Katara and Sokka shocked.

I look down the ship, seeing Sokka and Katara, and became excited and enjoyed. I then... said to Mayor Nishi.

"Don't worry, Mayor Nishi of the Fire Nation." I spoke then I said more, "My team and I have helped send a lot of the colonies back to your homeland already. They've all loved coming back!"

"Those colonies were young. Their people had no roots in the Earth Kingdom." Nishi said.

"Things are gonna get for the better, Fire Lord Zuko is gonna bring back the original Fire Nation tradition." I started dancing and it was fun. Then I asked, "How fun was that?"

So then the ship arrived at the port then we did. I helped by transporting the things by airbending. Then when Nishi was taking them to their area, a soldier came saying...

"Return to the Earth Kingdom, by the order of the Fire Lord."

"What?!" I said.

"Fire Lord Zuko officially withdrew his support of the Harmony Restoration Movement."

Everyone was shocked. I was shocked. I decided to visit Zuko and talk as a friend and he made a PROMISE!

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