A World Falling Away
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The Last of his Kind





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Lego lord


Lego lord, Theavatardemotivator

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27 2011

A World Falling Apart is a chapter of the The Last of his Kind overseeing the The Southern Air Temple episode of the canonical television series, Avatar: The Last Airbender, in Aang's perspective of the burden of being the Avatar. The next chapter I've made is Nowhere to be Found (TLOHK), but is not what this chapter follows to shortly afterwards.

Written chapter

Aang chased the flying lemur into a small opening covered by a tent of thin cloth. He gradually slowed his pace, swaying his right hand back across the cloth as he entered, and his eyes circled around the room searching for the lemur. A grin shined on his face whence he saw briefly the shadow of a tail run into a corner. Kneeling on the ground, Aang moved around the corner, the thought of soon embracing the lemur buzzing through his mind. He said aloud, "Now where are you?" Once he had reached the room, he focused upon the shadow of the animal running by, but his smile abruptly faded as he noticed a skeleton - a skeleton of a monk, clothed in bright robes, the colors barely visible through the dust and dark vines. Aang backed up gasping, frightened by this image. He couldn't believe what his eyes had seen; he attempted to look away but then noticed a necklace, with a symbol marking the monk's rank – Gyatso.

Aang felt as if the world had fallen away.

Monk Gyatso? He wondered. He bent forward, falling on his knees, sending clouds of dust into the air, and covered his teary eyes with his cold hands as he wept deeply, the tears pooling in his palms and dripping through cold fingers to splash soft onto the dusty ground. Multiple emotions struck Aang's thoughts like so many spears: Thoughts of memories, thoughts of dying, and thoughts of death. He remembered running away from home, away from Monk Gyatso and the rest of his nation; now in front of him lay the body of Gyatso. His life was gone, and nothing could change that now.

He felt the presence of Sokka running towards him; the older boy noticed Aang weeping on his knees, so he comforted him without a thought, placing his hand on his shoulder, believing that this was his fault because of his thought of even devouring the animal. "Aang, I wasn't really going to eat him; you know that." Soon afterwards his eyes were stunned at what was in front of him; he laid his eyes upon the skeleton and backed up an inch, still grasping onto Aang's shoulder, but now more tightly. "Aang, let's get out of here..." To his surprise, Aang's arrows began to alter colors, glowing in shades of bluish white. Dust shifted from the ground into the air. Aang's legs started sitting upright, as if he was flying into the air; his boots' edges were the only parts that were still touching the ground, but suddenly they came off from the surface. Dust clouds formed, blowing away. Sokka was pushed across the tiled floor. The cloth at the entrance blew away, and the rest of the tent destroyed by a sudden powerful shock of air. Aang elevated into the air as Katara rushed in, gasping.. Sokka backed up towards his sister, and they both hid behind a rock, staring at the young Avatar levitating in a sphere of turbulent wind and a terrifying gale.

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