A World Apart
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The Legend of the Monsters in a Different World


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What is a Digimon?


A mysterious man came to us. He said 'find the monsters in another world.' That was all he said. However, he gave us a map, to a sort of portal. We were told what to expect in this 'other world', and also given new clothes. Aang looked goofy, as all ways. But that's beside the point. The portal glowed extremely brightly, and had an odd coding on it. It defintely wasn't normal. Zuko was the first to enter, saying it was worth a try. We followed curiously, Toph being the last. ~~


"So, what are we supposed to do?"

"Takuya, if I knew, we'd have plan," I snaped.

"Well, we're the leaders. We need to do something!" Takuya shouts.

Someone snickered behind us, and the noise of destruction ran out. "Duskmon." Takuya growled.

"How'd you guess?" Duskmon jested.

"Oh no." I whispered.


  • Both POV's are told by the characters who control or have something to do with water.

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