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A Whole New World
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Darksome Knights: Resurrection


Book 1



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April 11, 2013

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A Whole New World is the first chapter of Darksome Knights: Resurrection, and the first chapter of Book 1.


Eight worlds around a realm of light...

A hundred years, this is far bigger than four nations squabbling over a few territories.

Far bigger.

I don't know who created the universe, or how, or why, but I do know one thing. They had plans. And I am not a fan of those plans.

Maybe it's best I start at the beginning.

The universe is generally described as a collection of stars, around which planets spin and on those planets all the cool, trivial stuff like wars and natural catastrophes and political intrigue take place. But it's better described as a collection of realms, each of them a collection of stars with planets and intrigue all their own.

For some reason, there are eight of these realms near the one where I live. Each of them is different in their own ways. One is fragmented into dozens of different worlds, and one has three different worlds on one planet. One has creatures that fight each other and one has all the intrigue of one planet spread out across hundreds.

All of these worlds seem separate, the lives of their inhabitants dominated by whatever conflicts they have to deal with. And most of the time, you would be right.

But on occasion, you would be dead wrong.

My friends and I study these worlds and we have found that each world gives off a particular type of energy. This elemental enrgy we have classified into nine different types: water, earth, fire, air, grass, magic, lightning, ice, and light. Their energies show where each realm is, what is happening there, et cetera, et cetera. These signals are usually crisp and clean. But sometimes, the boundaries between these signals get muddled. Because sometimes the boundaries between the worlds get muddled.

We call this "The Convergence."

"The Convergence" has only happened once. That was when we discovered a tenth element of energy.


Darkness exists in all of the realms, but usually it is overpowered by that realm's main element. But during "The Convergence" all the darkness in all the realms gathers together and attracts evil like moths to a flame. One man tried to take over the realms by harnessing the darkness. He called everyone who thrived on the darkness to him and launched an assault on the conjoined realms.

But he failed because of nine people who came together to defeat him. They wielded the elements of their homeworlds and together they became known as "The Darksome Knights." We became known as "The Darksome Knights." My friends and I.

After that, the realms split apart. My friends and I have been monitoring them ever since. For five years, we've been watching. Waiting. And it looks like what we thought couldn't happen again, is happening again.

Another "Convergence."

The realms are once again coming together. And it's happening faster than last time. The darkness is stronger than last time. The war will be harder than last time. But we're ready. I'm ready.

Who am I? You can call me Anshu.

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