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A War Hero
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The Saga of Kento


Book 1: Peace



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February 28th, 2013

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The Independents

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Yue City

A barfight leads to Kento and Spree making an unexpected ally.


"Take. Them. Off," the man said, leaning in close to Kento's face. The smell of alcohol reeked on the man's breath, but Kento didn't so much as blink, as he refused to back down.

"No," he replied, daring the man to make a move.

"Those pistols are reserved only for a veteran who fought in the war, you have no right to wear them," the drunk said. Kento's eyes flared with anger at this.

"Don't talk to me like you were there, like you know what I saw." After a few moments of tense silence, the man made a grab for the guns, determined to take them off himself. But Kento reacted first. He grabbed the man's extended arm and twisted, ignoring the sickening crack of bones breaking as he spun the man around and delivered a powerful kick to the back of the knee cap.

The man cried out, attracting the attention of the entire bar as he fell to the floor. Kento looked up from the man and let out a groan. He had come in here for something to eat, not a fight. In an instant, Spree was standing next to him, her hand on her hammer.

"You know they won't go any easer on you because you're a girl," he said as he drew his war club. All around the bar, men were pulling out knives and all other sorts of weapons.

"I look forward to it," she replied. Fast as lightning, Spree stomped her foot. A large rock shot out of the floor, and she swung her hammer like a baseball bat. The rock flew across the room and slammed into the gut of one of the men, forcing him back through the front door behind him.

Kento took a stance, showing he couldn't be moved. His club was almost an exact replica of his brother's, made of white bone with a leather rap around the handle and a blue ball held near the opposite end. Twirling it in his hand, he eyed the others, daring them to come to him.

An earthbender brought up a stone with his hand, intending to hit it toward Kento. But the young waterbender acted first, striking his hand outward like a snake. A ball of water smacked the earthbender in the face, freezing instantly around the man's head.

A man with a knife rushed Spree, intending to tackle her to the floor. He stopped however when she drove the head of her hammer into his gut and then his forehead. The man turned and fell, crashing through a table as he was knocked out cold.

"What in the name of the spirits is going on in here?" came a shout over the noise. Everyone froze where they were, looking toward the door where the shout had come from. A young man stood in the doorway, a musket grasped firmly in his hands.

Kento stood to his full height before twirling the club once in his hand. A bar fight was one thing, but a shootout was another. If he wanted to keep things from getting out of hand, he had to eliminate the newcomer as a threat. Slowly, he slid one foot in front of the other, creeping his way forward.

"Stay where you are," said the newcomer, cocking the musket and aiming at Kento. Slowly, he returned the club to his belt. For a half second, the two stared each other down. Then Kento lunched at him, rolling at the last second and coming up under the musket before the newcomer could react.

He forced the barrel upward before squeezing the trigger, discharging the weapon into the ceiling. The musket was then pried from its owner's hands before Kento used its butt stock to force the newcomer back through the door. Dropping the musket, he spun around and drew his pistols. The others who had been rushing him froze in place when they saw the black holes of the barrels.

"I fought at Ba Sing Se and at the Deadlock, do any of you doubt that now?" he asked. They could hold a doubt now, he may have been young but he could fight. Silence remained across the bar room, as everyone was tense, waiting to see what would happen.

"Spree, lets go," he said calmly, eyeing each of the men as Spree hurried out the door. Stepping backwards, Kento kept his guns leveled as if to dare them to follow. It wasn't until he was outside did he lower the pistols and turn.

The man Spree had forced out of the door lay on top of a few crushed crates across the street. The rock he had been hit with still lay in his lap.

"I take it we're not sticking around," said Spree as Kento approached his mount.

"I'd say we've worn out our welcome for a while. Besides, I still owe you that meal in Yue City," he said as he swung into the saddle and grinned at her. The two turned and began to ride up the street before the young man with the musket stepped out in front of them.

"Mind getting out of the way?" Kento asked. The newcomer swayed lightly on his feet for a moment.

"You, I have never seen fighting like what you've got," he said. Kento rapped his fingers through the reigns as he looked on at the newcomer.

"Don't you have some boat you're suppose to be watching?" he asked. The young man shook his head.

"Not after today I don't, the whole town just found out that I'm not a very good fighter, and now I'm out of a job," he said.

"And what do you want me to do about it?" Kento asked. The newcomer stood up straight and grinned slightly.

"I want to ride along side you, and learn some of those moves," he said. Kento looked at Spree, who shrugged in response.

"You got a name?" he asked.

"Well most everyone I know calls me Dutch," he said.

"Alright Dutch, find yourself a horse and try to keep up," the waterbender replied after a moment.

Authors Notes/Trivia

This is the first real glimpse we get at Kento and Spree's abilities as benders.

Dutch has made his debut as the first non bender amongst the group.

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