A Visit To My Sister
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Zuko and Mai's Wedding



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Chapter 2: A Visit to my Sister

Just yesterday, I had made my big move. Now today, I will make my next big move. I am going to the mental health facility to see how Azula is doing. I know this sounds weird but I want to start our brother/sister relationship over again.

I had been receiving letters over the past few weeks from Azula. The first one she had sent, she practically screamed on the letter. She had written this:

'Get me OUT of here!! I demand you to let me go Zuzu, or else I'll KILL you!!!!! Let me out NOW! You WILL be sorry!'

That was all I could read because the rest of the words were blurry and tear-stained. The second letter she had sent were nothing but swears and cuss words. If I had a swear jar, I would have over 500 gold pieces. The past few times I had visited her, she had attacked me and tried to kill me so I decided not to visit for a while. Now, I think that she's gotten better.

When I arrived at the facility, one of the workers greeted me.

"Good afternoon Your Majesty. Azula is just this way," she said leading me to her room. The worker opened the door and Azula saw me. She ran and threw her arms around me. I was stunned. Azula has never shown this much affection to me. I wrapped my arms around her.

"I'm so, so sorry for all the horrible things I have done to you and your friends," Azula apologized tearfully. I looked into her eyes and saw that she was sincere and pleading.

"I accept your apology," I said smiling. "Let's go home," I said and led her to the Royal Procession.

When we arrived at the Palace, I began telling her what has recently happened.

"Last week, I found Mom and yesterday, I proposed to Mai and we're getting married," I said. Azula looked thrilled.

"I'm so proud!" she exclaimed happily. I smiled.

"Let us get started on the guest list and invitations for the wedding, shall we?" I asked.

"Sure," Azula said. We decided to invite Aang, Katara, Sokka, Suki, Toph, Ty Lee and all the Kyoshi Warriors. I also invited the rest of my family except Dad (duh!) and invited the rest of Mai's family. This would be a great wedding and I could not wait.

Author's Note

I made Azula turn good because I think she deserved a second chance.

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