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A Typical Day
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From The Shadows

Northern Water Tribe, 100 AG

It was a typical day, which was good, because I was exhausted from rebuilding the Southern Water Tribe and had just arrived back yesterday. I woke up and realized I had overslept. I rushed out the door to make it to my waterbending lesson on time. Huffing and panting, I took my place in line. Pakku merely raised an eyebrow and began his instructions. I relaxed and began the practice duels, winning all of them. Then the lesson was over and I had to go home. My mom sent me out shopping. I quickly bought what she needed, and headed down to the beach to meet Hydros. He had some pretty big news for me. "I've just been chosen to succeed Chief Arnook." I gave him a big hug and then began to swim out past the breakers. Once there, I made a surfboard and proceeded to surf really, really well. I stopped when high tide came in, only to discover that everything I had bought was carried off. So it was back to the market to get everything. The really annoying part was when I had to search the market for half an hour to find my mother's favorite imported cabbages. Then the merchant wouldn't let them go, and I finally had to waterbend at him so he would drop the cabbages. I finally arrived back at my house after an hour of frantic shopping, to discover a surprise birthday party waiting for me. The best part was when Hydros took me out on the balcony and presented me with a bethotral necklace. I said yes and all the eavesdroppers let out a big cheer. It was, without question, the best day of my life.

Author's Notes

This chapter is designed to show a typical day in Sia's life.

She just turned sixteen and Hydros is seventeen.

The merchant with the cabbages is our lovable loser the cabbage merchant. He left the Earth Kingdom for the Fire Nation first, but came to the Northern Water Tribe when that didn't work out. Will he be back in this book? No. Why? He's headed for the Southern Water Tribe.

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