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Katara cries
A True Love Never Let Their Partner Disappear
Chapter information

Katara's Search



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Release date

April 23, 2013

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Aang's Location

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"Aang!!" I shouted.

I saw a man using an orange clothes.

"That's similar like Aang!" I thought. But he disappeared again.

I chased that man.

"Aang!!" I shouted again and again.

I gasped. It wasn't Aang! It was Azula, escaped from the mental medical care.

"Hi, Katara," she said.

"Here for a rematch?" I challenged her.

"Sure," she agreed.

I fought Azula. I used the old trick just like I used in Sozin's Comet.

"Where's Aang!?" I asked her.

"I kidnapped him while training. He's underground of Omashu. Find him if you are not afraid," she said.

"That's a lie!" I replied.

I tricked her again. I almost killed her. Azula gasped.

"Ha! Where's Aang!?" I asked.

"GRAA!!!!!!" Azula screamed.

"You've gone too far madam," I said.

"Find him!" Azula ordered, "Get lost!"

"I will never ever lose to you!" I yelled.

Azula fought me. Again and again and almost destroy the wooden floor.

"A true love never let their partner disappear!" I shouted to Azula.

Katara and Azula fight

In sunset of Omashu, Katara and Azula fight one last time in Omashu

I froze Azula and shoot her somewhere. What do you know. She splashed herself to a ground. She has gone mad.

"KATARA!!" someone shouted.

"That sound is the same like Aang's!" I thought.

I searched him everywhere.

"Katara!" Aang shouted.

"Aang!!" I replied.

Where is he?

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