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A Trip to Kyoshi Island
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It was morning in the Fire Nation. It had been three weeks since Team Avatar's battle against Jun and The Rebels in Ba Sing Se. Everyone was awake. As soon as Suki saw Sokka, she noticed he was in an unusually good mood. He went up to her, trying to hide a big smile on his face. "Hey, Suki," he started. "You want to take a flight around the capital?" He asked.

Suki was puzzled. "Okay. Sure, Sokka," she answered.

As Suki began to walk outside, Sokka stopped her. "But, what morning would be complete without breakfast? Here, I'll make you some, Suki," Sokka offered.

Suki knew something was up. "Sokka, what is going on?" She asked.

"Going on? What makes you think something is going on?" Sokka asked, nervously as if he knew she was on to him. "It looks like all we have are some Fire Flakes," Sokka said.

"That's fine," Suki replied. She did not see Sokka put the sleeping spice on the food. Sokka brought her the Fire Flakes but did not sit down himself. "Aren't you having any?" She asked.

"Oh, no I'll just be waiting on Appa." He answered.

After breakfast, Suki found Sokka outside. Together, they both got onto Appa. "Yip, yip." Sokka said. Appa then flew off into the air. Suki started to feel tired which was strange because she just woke up before breakfast.

As Sokka and Suki continued flying, Suki noticed they were leaving the Fire Nation. "Sokka, I think we should turn ba-" Those were the last words she uttered before falling asleep.

Several hours later, Suki awoke. Her vision was blurry so she could not see. "Sokka, what happened?" She asked.

"Sorry, Suki, I put sleeping spice in your Fire Flakes this morning."

Suki knew he was up to something! "Sokka, why would you do that?" She asked, a bit angry. She could finally see clearly and was shocked to see where she was.

"Surprise!" Everyone yelled. Suki was very happy to see her home of Kyoshi Island.

"Happy anniversary, Suki! I told you I would take you to Kyoshi Island!" Sokka said. All feelings of anger were gone. Suki started to tear up. She went over to Sokka and kissed him. They shared a deep, passionate kiss. One boy was late to join the crowd and did not know what was happening. At the sight of Appa, the boy thought The Avatar must be here! He started yelling and foaming at the mouth before passing out on the ground.

One girl followed by many others walked up to Suki and Sokka. "Hey, guys! How have you been?" She asked.

"Ty Lee!" Suki said in excitement. The two Kyoshi Warriors hugged. "How have you been?" Suki asked Ty Lee.

"Really good!" Ty Lee answered. "It has been really fun here on Kyoshi Island. Everyone here is so nice!" She said cheerfully. "What about you? I heard that you guys are trying to stop that Jun guy. I was horrified when I heard what happened to Ba Sing Se."

"Yeah, it has been really hard to track him down," Suki responded. "He apparently left Foggy Swamp and we don't know where he or his minions are now," she finished. "Don't worry. I am sure you will find them eventually!" Ty Lee optimistically stated.

"Sooner than you think," said a voice both Sokka and Suki recognized. Before they could react, Hong Wu leapt out of the bushes and grabbed Suki. Sokka unsheathed his sword and Ty Lee and the other Kyoshi Warriors took out their fans. "You would be wise not to make a move." Hong Wu threatened, pulling out a knife and holding it near Suki's throat.

"Let her go!" Sokka shouted.

"Tell the Avatar if he ever wants to see his friend alive, he and his friends will surrender themselves to my master," Hong Wu said.

"Don't you dare kidnap her!!" Sokka yelled.

"What, are you going to stop me?" Hong Wu taunted.

"How are we going to surrender ourselves to Jun if we don't even know where he is?!" Sokka demanded.

"He will be here, this island tomorrow. If you do not return here by tomorrow, she dies," Hong Wu replied. He did not expect what came next. He was elbowed in the stomach by Suki. She then proceeded to throw the assassin over her shoulder. Hong Wu hit the ground with a thud. As Suki prepared to finish him, Hong Wu leapt up and grabbed his knife, swinging it at the Kyoshi Warrior.

Sokka, Ty Lee, and the other Warriors prepared to help her, but she signaled for them to stand back. "I don't need help. He's mine," she declared.

"You are about to realize what a grave mistake you have just made," Hong Wu said as he grinned. He grabbed another concealed knife and threw it at Suki who dodged it with ease. Hong Wu threw several more knives at Suki, but it was no use. Suki rushed towards him, but Hong Wu still had the original knife in his hand. The knife thrower swung his blade at Suki who continued to duck and dodge his attacks. Suki then gave Hong Wu an uppercut to the chin, and he fell down to the floor.

"Some assassin you are!" Suki taunted.

Enraged, Hong Wu leapt up and with a mighty yell, launching three knives at Suki from a very close range.

Suki did not have time to move. Sokka watched in horror as his girlfriend was about to get stabbed. "SUKI!!!" Sokka screamed. He ran to push her out of the way but was too late. Ty Lee was hit by one of them in the chest after pushing Suki out of the way. Suki and Sokka saw Ty Lee bleeding. The Chi Blocker fell to the ground. Suki attempted to help her friend, but Hong Wu leapt in front of her and swung his knife at the Kyoshi Warrior. With a furious yell, Suki preformed a spinning roundhouse kick on Hong Wu's face and sent him flying.

Hong Wu wanted to fight back, but Suki's kick had injured his face too badly for him to continue. "I will remember this. This is not over!" Hong Wu declared. He leaped away and vanished, out of sight.

Suki and Sokka ran over to Ty Lee. They were both very saddened by her serious injury. Oyaji ran over to them as well. "She is over here!" He shouted. Two medics came in with a stretcher. "Don't worry. It will be okay," One of the medics told them. They ran away with Ty Lee.

It was nightfall, and Sokka and Suki had enjoyed the rest of their anniversary. They tried not to think about Ty Lee. They were staring at the beautiful ocean in front of them. "How did Hong Wu manage to track us?" Suki asked suddenly. "I don't know, but let's not focus on that. Let's just enjoy the rest of our anniversary," Sokka replied.

"Shouldn't we be going back to the Fire Nation now?" Suki questioned. "Everyone will be wondering where we are."

"I already talked to everyone. Aang said we could stay here for a few days," Sokka answered.

"Thanks you so much, Sokka. This is really sweet of you," Suki said.

"No problem, Suki. I'd do anything for you," the warrior replied. It was then that Oyaji came to them.

"How is she?" Suki asked, afraid what the answer would be.

"She is going to be alright," Oyaji responded. "She is very lucky it was not a serious injury," he said.

"Thanks goodness," Suki said, relieved.

"Thanks for telling us, Oyaji," Sokka said. Oyaji nodded and walked away. Sokka and Suki sat and stared at the moon and the beautiful ocean in front of them for a lot longer that night, holding each other's hands and feeling the love in the air.

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