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A Thousand Years


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26 March 2011

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A Thousand Years: Chapter 1

This is the prologue for A Thousand Years. It was written by Thebiguglyalien.


Hello. My name is Zhu. Zhu Rong. I am a forty year old Firebending master. Last year, I was assigned to teach a student Firebending. It was just like any other training session, except this student was the Avatar. His name is Jordaan. Here's what's happened over the many years:

1083 AG: Jordaan was born this year.

1088 AG: Jordaan Earthbends for the first time. He sent a rock flying through his house. He was grounded for a week because of this, but then his parents congratulated him on Earthbending.

1089 AG: During this year, Jordaan began training for Earthbending. He excelled right away. He was able to send multiple buildings crashing down.

1090 AG: There are protests in Omashu. Omashu's king, Borlas was asked to step down. He didn't, and the protests grew larger.

1091 AG: Borlas refuses to step down, and the protests turn into riots. The military had to be sent in. At eight years old, Jordaan begins to become a strong Earthbender.

1092 AG: Similar protests begin in the Fire Nation capital. The Fire Lord sent his guards out, and had them arrested. This caused an outbreak in violence across the nation.

1094 AG: The protests have been going on for a while. The Southern Water Tribe began to face problems too. Jordaan learned how to make a whirlpool out of land, and was considered one of the youngest Earthbending masters ever at eleven.

1095 AG: The Southern Water Tribe's government has been corrupted. The tribal chief has been assassinated, and the entire tribe has collapsed.

1096 AG: Jordaan was discovered to be the Avatar. He wasn't told yet though. The riots continue throughout the world. Gunshots are now a common sound in the Fire Nation.

1097 AG: The riots are getting bigger. Tanks have been sent in at this point... on both sides.

1098 AG: The most amazing thing happened this year! Jordaan took metal and bent it! There are legends of the great Toph Bei Fong bending metal, but I didn't believe them before this!

1099 AG: Jordaan was told he was the Avatar. He took the news very well. He was almost excited about it. He was already a great Earthbender, so I was assigned to be his Firebending teacher.

1100 AG: This is this year. Jordaan is doing better with his Firebending. He's almost mastered it. He got close to beating me in a fight a few weeks ago.

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