Raava's spirit in Korra
A Tale (part one)
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Avatar Book 3: The Host





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Spirit Realm

Avatar Korra

We were walking around the Hai-Riyo Peak for several minutes when we heard some strange noises coming from nearby, Iroh pointed to sky. I looked up and realised that the clouds were more dense than before, like if evilness was growing within the Spirit Realm. Suddenly, I realised that no other spirit was around here, like if they knew something like this would happened, several minutes later we were a few steps to getting in the forest.

"Here we are," Iroh said, contemplating the big trees in front of us.

The forest was in beautiful tones of purple and pink, it looked amazing, but suddenly it started to change into dried trees with thorns around them. I knew that the energies in there were changing the peace in this world. I looked into the forest trying to see if there was something in there but I couldn't find out if I didn't step in it. I could perceive something evil fighting with another dark energy.

"Can you recognize that kind of power?" Iroh said before entering into the forest. I didn't know what he was talking about, what power? And why could I sense something bad was going to happen.

"That's the power of firebending," he sounded more uncomfortable than before, "maybe someone from the Material World came in and a spirit is trying to get him away from his territory."

"Well we have to stop them before they start to destroy each other," I said as I rushed deep into the forest.

As soon as I put a foot in the forest I heard the scariest sound I ever heard, thunder was shot and suddenly I saw one tree falling far away from our location. I looked behind me and Iroh was petrified by hearing that noise, he didn't react, he was just standing there on the grass. I went back for him.

I grabbed him by the arms, "Come on," I said shaking his body, "Please, wake up."

"No, it can't be," he said, snapping out of a trance. "It can't be," he murmured again.

"What?!" I shouted at him. "What's happening?"

"There is nothing we can do Korra," he said terrified, "they have come."

"Who?" I asked when I heard more thunder being shot.

I started to smell smoke and looked behind to the forest. I could see little flames covering the trees. I had to do something, otherwise it's going to be chaos if I let the flames expand in the forest. I looked back to Iroh.

"Call for help while I try to cease the fire," I said as I ran again into the forest

While I was getting into the forest, the smoke was making it impossible to breathe. I covered my nose with my right arm as I reached the fire, but when I was in front of a burned tree, I tried air control on it to cease the fire, but my wind didn't came out, I completely forgot that I can't bend in here. I realised that Iroh was right, there was nothing we could do to stop the fire. I fell on my knees feeling useless. I was just being a witness of the fire. I looked to the ground holding my anger by being so impotent. I decided to leave the forest to burn on its own. I stood up and turned around to leave, when something on the ground caught my attention, there was some sort of lemur lying on the ground a few steps of distance and surrounded by burned trees. I ran to his location to try to help him; when I was in front of him I carried him on my shoulders, he opened his bright yellow eyes looking at me, somehow he recognized me.

"Stinky?" he said weakly.

"What happened?" I said trying to know who was the responsible of this. We started to move away from the forest searching for shelter, we managed to get away from the burning area of the forest, but I knew the flames will slowly come to us.

"Urabach is back," he said barely walking at my right shoulder.

"Who?" I asked angrily.

"Urabach," the voice of Iroh came next to us from the left, he moved to aid me with the spirit, "the Elemental Fire Spirit, the true element."

"Wait, I thought the lion turtles gave the elements to the humanity," I said looking over my shoulder to Iroh.

"And who gave to the turtles the elements?" Iroh replied.

I didn't have a response to that question.

"Can we stop this conversation for a while?", the aye-aye said complaining, "We need to save the forest, or else the fire will continue its path," he said, stopping us to carry him on our shoulders.

"How do we do it? I mean it's obvious I can't bend in my spirit form," I said looking at them.

"That doesn't matter," the aye-aye spirit said, "Urabach was followed by this kid, at first he couldn't bend too," he said remembering his fight, "suddenly he burned my hands." He showed his hands to us and made sure of the burnings on his fur.

"That's nonsense," Iroh said, claiming to the spirit, "even if he managed to bend here, he can't harm spirits with his bending."

Iroh was right, even if he could bend in the Spirit World he can't harm spirits with his power.

"Yes," the aye-aye agreed with Iroh, "but it wasn't his power, it was from Urabach, the power to bend from a spirit and spirits can vanish each other," he said, looking at me.

"Well if I want to save this forest, how do I do it without my bending?" I said to the spirit.

"Oh, Stinky," he called me again like that.

"Hey!, big eyes, stop with the nicknames and first of all I take showers frequently," I interrupted him before he continued.

Iroh was in shock while the spirit started to laugh.

"Oh, that was a good one," he calmed his laughter several seconds later, "I call you, "Stinky", because you are an heir of the first Avatar, Wan, and I used to call him like that," he said looking calm to me. "And how do I know that?, because you have light in your body, the same light from Wan and of course you have Raava in yourself, you can call for the elements whenever you want," he said, crossing his arms waiting me for me to make a move.

He was right I have Raava to help me, but I didn't know if she could grant me the ability to bend in the Spirit World since she was weak from the past events. I closed my eyes trying to find Raava inside me. I thought about of light and warmness. I felt her pulse and how she covered my body, feeling illuminated and full of power. I opened my eyes looking around me and far away there was smoke. I lifted myself to the skies and started to gather the clouds by moving my arms, feeling my waterbending in my domain again. I stretched my arms in front of me and moved them down as rain drops fell on the forest, ceasing the fire. Several minutes later the fire was extinguished and the clouds cleared the skies. The sun was shining again and I went back with Iroh and the spirit.

"Thank you, Avatar," the aye-aye spirit thanked me, making a little bow.

I nodded at him and looked to Iroh. "So? How did the turtles gained the elements?" I asked to them.

The Aye-aye spirit sighed, "It's a long story," he said as he took a seat on the grass and invited us with his right hand to take a seat too.

I sat reluctantly and laid my head on my right hand; Iroh remained standing, ready to listen to the spirit.

"Well," he began to say, "How did the turtles had the bending control?" he looked at me. "After the world was created with all his fauna, flora, spirits and humans, the elements came to life by selecting 'hosts' to keep them in a form, otherwise they would be like we know them, either in the oceans or in the mountains, also in lava or high winds that reach to pull trees down, to remain as a form, they selected distinguished humans to bear the power that the elements have. It's not an easy task, to be honest, it's more than a burden than a gift, just like you, Avatar, all the problems that you have to deal with the world and add the problems of your life," he said looking at me with his yellow eyes, as if he was commiserating for me.

"After they found a worthy host of their power," the spirit resumed, "the spirits began to teach them all their techniques on the art of bending, and once they are ready, they will fuse with the spirit to become one. But the spirit is the one who controls the body and the human is a mere puppet of the will from the Elemental Spirit." The narration stopped for a second, as he changed the position of how he was sitting. "They are too different from you, Avatar, Raava chooses a worthy human to be her host and the host has free will on his life; in this case, the host lives chained to the spirit, until the spirit wants to, the Spirit may leave the host whenever he wants, but to do so, he needs another human."

"What happens to the other human?" I asked.

"Good question," the aye-aye said nodding, "Well, they are left just like empty shells," he said in a dry manner.

By hearing those words, I felt a lump in the throat. I realised that they have a worse destiny than I do, at least I can laugh, feel, love, enjoy life in a certain way apart from my duty with the world, but they just live to serve and when they are useless, they are left to fade away.

"After the elements found their first host, Raava and Vaatu send the elements to create the Spirit World; since the spirits and humans couldn't live together, they were always fighting for little issues, but the spirits can't die, the humans were considered the weakest in the world to endure a war versus the spirits. The lion turtles offered to protect the humans, until the Spirit World was ready to move in." He proceeded on his narration, "The Elemental Spirits used this protection of the lion turtles in their favor; they would have new shapes to change in the future if they wanted to, like if humans were a wardrobe, so they granted part from their power to the lion turtles, and left to the Spirit World using the south portal. They dedicated a lot of time in the Spirit World that Raava and Vaatu forgot entirely from them due to their constant fight. When Raava fused with Wan and closed the portals, at the same time the Elemental Spirits were ready to go back to the Material World. They didn't knew what happened between Raava and Vaatu for a long time as well, what a big surprise they got when they discovered the portals closed and there wasn't any chance to go back to the world, unless, the Avatar opens the portals once again," he said that making me responsible of the new threat to the world.

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