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Minecraft background
A Story of Light and Hope
Linking the Present with the forgotten Past
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A Story of Light and Hope is a tale of the olden days of the Avatar world, back in 1867 BG. The stories are based on roleplay events on a Minecraft Avatar RP server, called BendingAge. Despite being based on 1867 BG, people from the Modern Era tell the story, linking the past to the present.

Characters from the Ancient Era

Siberlik Kassuq: A 19-year-old waterbender who left his home on Huoshan Island to reconnect with his maternal family in the Water Tribe. This young man has an amazing future ahead of him. He loves the art of calligraphy, and prefers to write down things that happen in his life on many different scrolls, so he can remember them for later.

Southern Head Air Elder Arosha Kassuq: Adoptive brother of Siberlik and the youngest Air Elder in history, airbending master Arosha travels to many different places, usually with Siberlik, trying to aid the world in its crises. Despite being an Air Elder, he wasn't born into the Air Nomads. He lives quite differently from most monks, as he takes interest in worldly affairs, and favors the use of sarcasm!

Vihnruku Kassuq: The biological older brother of Siberlik, and an earthbender who has just joined the Earth Kingdom Military. Vihn can give great advise, and is a better mediator than fighter. He always knows when the right moment is to strike, and is the best mudbender you'll ever meet!

Buniq: The family friend of the Kassuq's, and Siberlik's first girlfriend. She was training in the art of blocking a benders chi, but was also a skilled swords fighter. She's not good at long range, but is excellent in stealth missions. She passed after a stabbing incident because of people who hadn't accepted her being pregnant without a husband.

Asami Aki: A friend of Siberlik and the gang since the summer they moved to Ishidoro. They spent three years at Fort Dao Collegiate in Teihako. After school ended, Aki decided to return to the Fire Nation, and no one knows what she has been up to for the passed few years.

Wito Kassuq: The father of Vihn and Siberlik, as well as the adoptive father if Arosha. He helped found the Rainforest Tribe on Huoshan Island, by blending the cultures of Ruviks, Water Tribe colonials, and Earth Kingdom refugees. Wito also helped create the first democracy recorded in history. He is a nonbender who has discovered a way to block a bender's chi flow with the use of pressure points, and has taught this technique to many Ruviks, including Buniq and Asmita.

Kanna Kassuq: A waterbender from the Water Tribe Capital who was part of a small colonial group. She ended up falling in love with Wito on the way to the South Pole, starting a family of two; Vihnruku and Siberlik, in the Water Tribe, and returning to the Ruvik Tribes on another colonial assignment, finally adopting a third son named Arosha. Kanna is an excellent healer and actual taught Siberlik, a male, some of the healing basics.

Asmita: A young Ruvik skilled in the art of chi blocking who could take down almost any bender. Is very defensive about Ruvik territories and rights. After the remainder of the Council of Rainforest Founders passed away (without Wito of course), she had to hold up the Tribe while Siberlik was away.

Fire Lord Haruki: One of the many Fire Lords who believe in sharing and spreading their wealth around the world, he colonized the Southern half of Huoshan Island, first by building Fort Dao, and later creating an entire colony. They helped modernize the Rainforest and Ruvik Tribes with the Lake Haruki Company, by trading different resources and tools to and from them.

Admiral Yen Kasai: The Admiral of the Southern Fleet and the Governor of Southern Huoshan, Kasai works very hard to maintain the colony while Haruki rules on the mainland. Has just concluded that the bombing of the Mumbiao, an important Fire Nation ship, wasn't attacked by either of the Tribes, and apologizes for suspicion.

Characters from the Modern Era

Chief Arnook Arnook was a non-bender chief of the Northern Water Tribe during the final stages of the Hundred Year War. He married into the Royal Family and became father of Princess Yue. He owned a copy of Siberlik's first journal, an ancient story that involved the Water Tribe Colonization centuries ago. He would tell stories from it to the Princess before she would go to sleep when she was still a little girl.

Princess Yue Yue is the five-year-old daughter of Chief Arnook and princess of the Northern Water Tribe. She can't bend, and learned became accustomed to the culture of the Northern Water Tribe by her father. Her father would read a journal to her before she would go to bed.

Kuvira: Earthbender and metalbender from Zaifu. Protogé of Suyin Beifong. She took Earth Kingdom matters into her own hands after the Red Lotus asphyxiated the Earth Queen. Now in 172 AG, she plans to unite more and more states under her protection, and she has a printed copy of Siberlik's second journal.


In 1867 BG, or Yuan Zheng Era, Year of the Pig, 1403豬年 Tu Junzhu Calendar (AEK), the nations live up to their most abundant years in history!

The Air Nomads seem to have almost attained the enlightenment they want to achieve, but people from the other nations seem to feel that they need to be more involved in diplomatic actions. In this era, the male Head Elders were more involved; Southern Head Air Elder Arosha, Northern Head Air Elder Gyatsen, and Northern Elder Nitoro Teku are extending the nation's reach to its highest potential. Western Head Nun Sereyna emphasized how the female Air Nomads don't wish to be involved in political affairs. More and more events cause the nomads to become more concerned. However, suspicion is rising as people think it was all planned out, just to pull the Air Nomads back down to Earth? Will the Air Nomads change their ways like the wind, or remain isolated above the clouds, high on the top of mountain ranges?

The Water Tribes are attempting to colonize the South Pole under the reign of Chieftess Aluki! With development in the Tribe and trades with the Earth Kingdom, the Tribe seems to be growing more than ever! However, people within the Tribe don't feel great about Feminine Injustice, as well as many of the other irrational laws the Chiefdom has proposed during its years in the North. With the idea of a Southern Colony, separatists emerge with ideas of a different kind of Water Tribe.

The Earth Kingdom has been growing economically. With the trades and growth of the nation, people seem more prosperous than ever. The Kingdom, however, stands with a new King, as Earth King Hiresh and his wife died in a boat crash, leaving his son, Faguang, to become monarch of the Kingdom. However, he is very unsure if he can take on this high responsibility, especially with the search of the new Avatar!

The Fire Nation is beginning to colonize uncharted land; the Southern Isles. Led by Fire Lord Haruki, one of the many Fire Lords to have the sensation to share and spread their culture with others, he and his nation created Fort Dao, and started colonizing on the southern parts of Huoshan Island. However, the natives who live there, known as the Ruviks, aren't too thrilled about it.

On Huoshan Island, 19-year-old Siberlik Kassuq, born to a Ruvik and Waterbender, leaves his home to return to the Water Tribe. He realizes that leaving his home on Huoshan Island will change his life, forever.

With a childhood filled with change and recent events of sorrow, Siberlik decided he needed to return to his other home; the Water Tribe. Now involved in diplomatic affairs, Siberlik needs to learn how to truly find hope despite all of the stress. The Avatar remains unannounced, and even if the world is living in such prosperity, balance is needed more than ever. "You don't have to be the Avatar to bring light!" Fire Sage Tatsumi's wisdom to Siberlik in this Era of change and prosperity. However, will Siberlik and his friends be able to help the world, or will change be too powerful for the world to uphold?


Book 1: Sorrow

  • Chapter 1: The Clique (unreleased)
  • Chapter 2: Acceptance (unreleased)
  • Chapter 3: Out With the Old (unreleased)
  • Chapter 4: (Title unknown, unreleased)

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