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A Story of Light and Hope
Empowering the Forgotten Nations
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A Story of Light and Hope is a tale of the olden days of the Avatar world, back in 1867 BG. The stories are based on roleplay events on a Minecraft Avatar RP server, called BendingAge.

It takes place on uncharted land (which is Earth Kingdom territory today) that was discovered by Fire Nation Colonials, who discovered tribes and clans of people who weren't aware of the outside world. The Fire Nation colonials are now teaching them about the outside world. However, some Fire Nation citizens seem to be taking advantage of the various tribes since they are oblivious of the ways of the outside world. That's until Siberlik, Vihn, Arosha, and Buniq of the Ruvik tribe meet a Fire Nation colonial, Aki, who joins them in their search for the truth behind the colonization.


In 1867 BG, or Yuan Zheng Era, Year of the Pig, 1403豬年 Tu Junzhu Calendar (AEK), many nations live up to their most abundant years in history! The division between Four Nations was beginning to become clear, until...

The Air Nomads seem to have almost attained the enlightenment they want to achieve, but people from the other nations feel that they need to be more involved in diplomatic actions. In this era, the male head elders are more involved in political affairs; Southern Elder Nitoroto and Northern Elder Gyatsen, along with many other monks, are trying to act as mediators at certain political meetings. Meanwhile, Western Nun Sereyna emphasized how the female Air Nomads don't wish to be involved in political affairs. Countless events give all airbenders concern. Will the Air Nomads change their ways like the wind, or remain isolated above the clouds, high atop mountains?

The Water Tribes are attempting to colonize the South Pole under the reign of Chieftess Aluki! With development in the Tribe and trades with the Earth Kingdom, the Tribe seems to be growing more than ever! However, people within the Tribe don't feel great about feminine injustice, as well as many of the other irrational laws the Chiefdom has proposed during its years in the North. With the idea of a Southern Colony, separatists emerge with ideas of a different kind of Water Tribe.

The Earth Kingdom has been growing economically. With the trades and growth of the nation, people seem more prosperous than ever. The Kingdom, however, stands with a new King, as Earth King Hiresh and his wife died in a boat crash, leaving his son, Faguang, to become monarch of the Kingdom. However, he is very unsure if he can take on this high responsibility, especially with the search of the new Avatar! The new king, however, is daring enough to risk their economic prosperity to expand the nation to all earthbending populations. The Hu Xin Empire, the Kingdom of Omashu, and the Kingdom of Gaoling are just a few of the countries threatened by this new ideal.

The Fire Nation is beginning to colonize uncharted land, the Southern Isles, after their scientists discovered that the earth was round. Led by Fire Lord Haruki, one of the many Fire Lords to feel the need to share and spread Fire Nation culture with others, established the Fort Dao colony, spreading across the eastern coast of Huoshan Island. However, the various native people who live there have no idea about the outside world

The Southern Isles consist of three large islands and thousands of smaller islands, which inhabit countless tribes. The "Tokkainu" belief is the one thing that all the tribes have in common. It consists of the belief of three great spirits: Hai'ra, the goddess of the Sky and the bearer of light (their version of Raava), Ru'ilo, the god of the Lava Realm and the bearer of darkness, and Navahi, the spirit of the ocean. Every tribe has their own diversity of lower guardian spirits as well. The people who inhabit the islands are mostly nonbenders, but earthbenders are born into families from time to time, for unknown reasons besides earthbending ancestors. Some tribes feel like the ability, known to them as toronolai (earth curse) is a curse from Ru'ilo, such as the Herutoq tribe, while others see it as a gift from Hai'ra, which they call torokinei (earth guide), such as the Ruvik tribe.

On the Northern side of Huoshan Island, lives the Ruvik tribe, a tribe that has close relations to the Fort Dao Colony. However, there is growing suspicion that the Fire Nation is manipulating the tribes and will soon enslave them and possibly kill them off. As five young men and women learn more about the world at a Fire Nation Monastery in a Fire Nation colonial city, they learn more about secrets that the Fire Nation has been keeping from them.


Kassuq, Siberlik : A 14-year-old waterbender who will be staying at a Fire Colony. He loves the art of calligraphy, and prefers to write down things that happen in his life on many different scrolls, so he can remember them, since he sometimes struggled with his memory.

Kassuq, Vihnruku : The biological older brother of Siberlik, Vihnruku is 15 years old. Vihn can give great advice, and is a better mediator than fighter. He always knows the moment when he has to strike, and is usually quiet, which coincides with his observant nature.

Kassuq, Arosha : Adoptive brother of Siberlik, Arosha was an airbender he wasn't born into the Air Nomads. He is 15 years old, like Vihn, but tries to act superior over his two brothers. He lives quite differently from most airbenders, since he likes to fight and is very impatient. He has, however, immersed into the Ruvik culture nicely.

Ikkuma, Buniq: Buniq is a family friend to the Kassuq family. She is currently training in the art of blocking a bender's chi, but was also a skilled sword fighter. She's not good at long range, but is excellent on stealth missions.

Nitai, Asami Aki: A friend of Siberlik and Buniq since the summer she moved to Ishidoro. She and her friends will go learn at a Fire Sage Monastery in Teihako, one of the first Fire Nation colonial cities.

Kassuq (Hibuni) Wito: Wito is the father of Vihn and Siberlik, as well as the adoptive father of Arosha. He is a nonbender, born somewhere on Huoshan Island, South of the Ruvik lands. He knows a technique to block a benders chi, and has taught this technique to many Ruviks, including Buniq and Asmita. Wito hasn't seen his parents and brother since they went to Omashu and never returned. He stayed with Buniq's grandparents before meeting his wife, Kanna.

Kassuq Kanna: Kanna is a waterbender from the Water Tribe Capital who was part of a small colonial group ordered by the Chieftess to scout the South Pole. During her trek, she stopped on Huoshan Island near Ishidoro and met Wito. They fell in love, and got married. The colonial group had left without her, and since then, she lived as a Ruvik. In Ruvik tradition, the wife gives the family name, so her two sons inherited her name. After he was adopted, Arosha inherited the name as well.

Asmita: Asmita is a young Ruvik skilled in the art of chi blocking, who could take down almost any bender. She is very defensive about the Ruvik lands, traditions, and rights. She was the Chieftess of the Ruvik tribe, and was good friends with the Kassuq family. Asmita doesn't trust the Fire Nation

Fire Lord Haruki: One of the many Fire Lords who believe in sharing and spreading their wealth around the world, Haruki colonized the eastern coast of Huoshan Island, first by building Fort Dao, and later creating an entire colony, with various outposts and towns on the western coast of the island.. They helped modernize the various tribes on Huoshan and Kaigan Island with the Lake Haruki Company, by trading different resources and tools with them. He has respect in the tribes, despite many Fire Nation citizens treating them like savages.

Admiral Yen Kasai: The Admiral of the Southern Fleet and the Fort Dao Colony, Kasai works very hard to maintain order in the colony while Haruki rules over the mainland. He doesn't agree with the Fire Lord's plans to treat the people of the Southern Isles as any other nation or kingdom. Kasai enjoys blaming the "savages" for any diplomatic or economic issue the Colony has.


Book 1:Thy Naivety

  • Chapter 1: The Clique (unreleased)
  • Chapter 2: Alteration (unreleased)
  • Chapter 3: (Title unknown, unreleased)

Book 2: Thy Sorrow

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